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  • My Team 2019: Version 1.1 (250)
    • Cripps: Goldy and m crouch or Jacob’s and cripps
    • Monday: 1.Welsh + menagola 2. Hanners/miles + worpel? 1 or 2
    • Cripps: Macrae n neale or Kelly n cripps?
    • jack: Thoughts folks? I know the midfield looks a little weak, but I figure with Danger in...
    • Iridium192: He is a better option than Clarke, longer or a rook. Could be the leg up until...
    • Gus Bus: Dylan Roberton and A. Hall Vs T. Adams and Burgess (RDT not AF if that makes a...
    • Iridium192: There is worse selections around Greg. But I do remember you paying out on me...
    • Jordan: AFL Fantasy, 21k left over DEF: Lloyd, Sicily, Witherden, B.Smith, Williams, Hore...
    • Terry: Jamie Elliot (F4) & Libba (M6) Or James Worpel (F4) & Perryman (D5)
    • Cripps: 1. M crouch and 170k F3 2. Hanners and worpel F3 3. 170k M7 and gola. 1 2 or 3
    • Gus Bus: Team Name: Gus Bus (RDT) Def: Lloyd, Sicily, Simpson, Witherden, Roberton, Collins...
    • yagobombers: Rocky could be the seasons most valuable POD.