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Taking stock – Ep. 210

PODCAST: We’re on the other side of the byes, let’s finish the year well.

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Finally, the bye rounds are over and Fantasy coaches around the country are looking forward to ‘normal’ rounds of footy for the next nine weeks… with a sprinkling of Thursday night games.

Following the three multi-bye rounds, coaches approached the challenging weeks with two things in mind; fielding 18 players each week and making their teams better without sideways trading.

The Traders had that goal and, as a whole, they’ve achieved their aim with their nine trades.

This year, Warnie is enjoying the most success of the trio. Prior to round 12, the Warne Dawgs were ranked at 2373rd and almost halved their ranking to 1203rd during the three-week stretch. Jack Macrae’s injury and Jack Billings’ omission were his only sideways trades, but the other seven were about moving on cash cows.

His team is now down to one rookie, Tom Doedee, on the field with only a couple of underperformers he wishes to move on.

If it wasn’t for a sub-1600 score this week, Roy would have played the byes to perfection.

The coach of destROY took his team from 2730th to 1517th overall without trading one premium out of his squad. He is down to two rookies on field, including Bayley Fritsch who, in Roy’s words, isn’t going anywhere with his recent form.

Staying strong with his trading philosophy has helped his recent rankings rise.

It hasn’t been Calvin’s year. While his overall ranking has improved slightly, 9136th to 8780th, he has continued to be dealt an ordinary hand. Many of the rookies he took a punt on didn’t earn the desired cash and therefore his ability to upgrade players on his field across the byes was limited.

Team Calvinator now has some MID/FWD links for extra flexibility within his squad and while he still has some rookies on field, things are looking up. Holding Billings could possibly see luck swing back in his favour if he remains on the wing.

The boys take stock of their teams as they approach the five weeks before finals on this week’s episode of the Official AFL Fantasy podcast.





  1. Chatta

    June 25, 2018 at 9:53 pm

    I have ended up excellent after the byes – Def: Yeo, Lloyd, Simpson, A Brayshaw, Laird & Whitfield (Mihocek/Smith) Mids: Mitchell, J Kelly, Curnow, Merrett, Fyfe, Neale, Dusty & Parker (Phillips/Clarke) Rucks: Gawn & Martin Fwds: Smith, Sicdog, McLean, Rocky, Wingard & Fritsch (Florent/Ahern) Next job is to upgrade Dusty, Parker, Wingard & maybe Rocky. Pretty happy atm.

  2. ShanePan

    June 25, 2018 at 9:59 pm

    Hey traders good work again fellas. I averaged around 1720 over the 3 bye rounds . My Ranking went from 1700 to 600.
    I’m around 860 off the pace. Do u think at this stage there’s any chance of coming back to win the comp? I was ranked 40,000 after round 2 with a special thanks to The Zerrett concussion and replacing him with a Ceouch hammy the following week. There was one thing I was wondering if you could do. I’m keen to see who is in the top 10 fantasy caches from round 4 until now? My trajectory has seen my get better I’m every single round from round 2 and I feel like I could end up in the top 50 giving me a shot at the ultimate with a few magical trades.

  3. Kingzy

    June 26, 2018 at 9:05 am

    Great podcast fellas!

    I moved up 440 rank to 332 over the byes.
    Scored 1654, 1755 and 1709 equals 5118

    5 worst players are Nic Nat, Hurn, Rocky, Fritsch and Sicily.

    Certainly looking to get Nic Nat to Grundy in 2 week, Hurn to Crisp.

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