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Moneyball’s $5K Saturday Special – Rd.13

Is your team rubbish like Cal’s? Then Moneyball will make you feel better. Check out Calvin’s best tips for today.

It’s Saturday and with only 3 games on the cards, it’s a little trickier than normal. I love a challenge and have hunted down some rippers for you today.

It’s the big $5,000 with the winner taking $650 in their pocket

Carlton v Fremantle 1:45pm AEDT
Gold Coast v St Kilda
Hawthorn v Adelaide 7:25pm AEDT


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Now for my best and sneaky best options for today…

Jarrod Witts (RUC, $8,600)

With only 6 ruckman available today, the pickings are rather slim. However, big Witts gets the tick here as the Saints bleed points to opposition ruckman. In fact, they give up the most points to ruckman this year.

Witts looks the good here and should get the job done. He has scored 110, 80, 125 and 131 in his last four runs and should be locked in as your main option.

Jack Billings (FWD, $7,100) 

Serious Cal? Or am I just hoping here?

Ok… fresh off a huge 186 in the VFL, expect Billings to be back in the midfield this week and not in the forward pocket (where he is named ha ha).

He has been terrible this year, don’t get me wrong but today in Moneyball he will be unique.

If he can even show a glimpse of what he did last year against the Suns, he is a worthy pick.

Mark my words… there is 100 coming you way if you want to back him in. You heard it here first.

Luke Ryan (DEF, $7,400)

Our mate Tbetta has been crunching the numbers on this lad and loves the way he looks.

10 marks, 114 AF

10 marks, 104 AF

10 marks, 124 AF

8 marks,   74 AF

9 marks, 107 AF

He must be in your side today based on this. He is only against the Blues, but be warned, they give up the lest amount of points to opposition defenders. I’m not turned off by this though and will be backing him I today.

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Patrick Wilson (MID, $3,500)

At the age of 23, the kid/man finally gets his chance.

He’s against the Hawks tonight and has been knocking on the door for a while now after averaging 100+ in the SANFL.

Although he’ll be a popular pick, he’s good for a 70+ here and at that price, you can’t go wrong.

Ben Ainsworth (FWD, $5,800)

After a dominate start last week, Benny Boy slowed down and ended the day on just 78. For his price we take that everyday of the week.

Before that though, he scored 84 and 92, reaping the rewards for his move into the midfield for the Suns.

Tom Mitchell (MID, $11,100)

I don’t care that it’s obvious.

I don’t care that his price is through the roof because you won’t win and cash today, unless you are rocking with the PIG.

Firstly he is averaging 140+ in his last 3 games and his record against the Crows is rock solid.

Add to this, the Crows give up sh*tloads at the moment to midfielders ranking them #2 overall for points conceded to this position.

He scored two tons against them last year and last week… Freo even had 6 guys in triple figure. Freo! Yep Freo.

Brace yourself for a huge 150+ here because the writing is on the wall for something special.

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