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Magoos News – Rd. 9

Ben has the Magoos News you need for this week.



Matthew Leuenberger (RUC, $519K) won 51 hitouts and kicked a goal for 107 points. If he comes in, he’s one to look at in draft if you’re ruckman is struggling, but Bellchambers is well ahead of him. Darcy Parish (MID/FWD, $488K) got dropped and racked up 32 touches and 5 marks for 104 points. It’s hard to see him coming back in after Essendon’s great win against Geelong. But with Hurley, McGrath and Myers all expected to return, I find it hard for him to come back in. Aaron Francis (DEF/FWD, $259K) is going well after suffering from some personal issues, with 6 marks, 9 tackles and 100 points. Trent Mynott (MID, $170K) was very good with 21 touches, 8 tackles and a goal. I doubt he’ll play this year but is one to look at in the future.



Gryan Miers (FWD, $170K) had a huge game which could’ve been bigger, with 21 touches, 7 marks, 10 tackles and 0.3! He played in the JLT and was quite good, but Selwood, Parfitt, Ratugolea and Fogarty all expected to be available, I can’t see him coming in anytime soon. Wylie Buzza (RUC/FWD, $304K) kicked 3 goals and took 8 marks, but you wouldn’t be paying that much for someone like him. Ryan Abbott (RUC, $170K) was good again, with 23 hitouts, 18 touches, 6 marks and a goal for 98 points. Stanley and Smith are ahead of him though, obviously. Mark O’Connor (DEF/MID, $209K) managed 12 touches and 6 marks for 64 fantasy points. I don’t think he’ll be coming in anytime soon.


Melbourne Demons (Casey Demons)

Cameron Pederson (RUC/FWD, $541K) had a HUGE day, with 21 touches, 10 marks, 8 tackles, 8 hitouts, 6 goals and 163 fantasy points! Let’s hope he stays out though because we don’t want him affecting Gawn. Tomas Bugg (FWD, $457K) kicked 5 goals and laid 9 tackles for 139 fantasy points. Not really fantasy relevant though. Jay Kennedy-Harris (MID, $383K) has been great in the VFL this year, and was good again with 20 touches and 10 tackles. Don’t get sucked into him, like a lot of people did last year. Harley Balic (FWD/FWD, $346K) had 15 touches, 5 tackles and a goal for 65 points. Still on the radar for the Demons but we may have to wait a little longer before he plays.

Hawthorn (Box Hill)

Jon Ceglar (RUC, $342K) was huge with 28 disposals, 28 hitouts, 10 marks and 6 tackles for 158 fantasy points. I don’t think he’ll come in however. Kieran Lovell (MID, $210K) had 30 touches, 7 marks and a goal for 115 points. With James Cousins in doubt for this week, he could be the ideal replacement, especially after a 56-point loss to the Lions. If Cousins gets up, he could come in for Worpel who hasn’t done much since making his debut. Brendan Whitecross (FWD, $477K) put his hand up for a recall after having 24 touches, 7 marks and 2 goals for 104 points. He’s not fantasy relevant but is in the mix for this week. Teia Miles (DEF/FWD, $266K) had 25 touches and 8 marks for 91 points, and actually is DPP with defender and forward status, which is handy, but I don’t think he will play and is probably too expensive at that price anyways.


Carlton Blues (Northern Blues)

Jacob Weitering (DEF, $338K) had 17 touches, took 14 marks and racked up 97 fantasy points. He’s probably due for a call-up, especially after

a 109-point belting. Don’t let his VFL numbers suck you in. Jack Silvagni (FWD, $342K) was decent with 14 touches, 5 tackles and a goal, but doesn’t really ‘flag’ a recall for mine. Cameron Polson (MID/FWD, $186K) did what he does best, racking up 39 fantasy points and 3 tackles but the Blues “liked his forward line pressure”. Matthew Lobbe (RUC, $338K) was decent with 26 hitouts and a goal, but as a Kreuzer owner, I hope he stays in the VFL. The Carlton VFL side was pretty dry in terms of AFL listed players.


North Melbourne

Nathan Hrovat (FWD, $401K) was good with 21 touches, 7 marks and 9 tackles. North could use some fresh legs with a trip to Perth, straight after a game down in Launceston, but I cannot guarantee anything. Brayden Preuss (RUC, $445K) was good again with 39 hitouts and 15 touches for109 points, but Goldstein was good on the weekend and will survive another couple of weeks. Luke Davies-Uniake (MID, $259K) was decent with 79 points, including19 touches, 6 tackles and a goal. They may look to give him another opportunity later in the year, but probably not this week. Mitchell Hibberd (DEF, $235K) was good again with 20 touches and 77 points and will be one to consider if he does play, still at rookie price.



Anthony Miles (MID, $517K) was the Tigers top scorer with 92, including 25 touches and 3 tackles. He seems to be disliked by the Richmond selection panel but isn’t relevant in classic anyways. Callum Moore (FWD, $195K) impressed again with 2.3 and 6 marks for 89 points. Jack Higgins is expected to return after being a late out so he’s behind him at the moment but could feature at some stage if he continues this form. Mabior Chol (FWD, $170K) continues to get it done in the Magoos with 12 touches, 5 tackles and 2 goals for 86 points. Ivan Soldo (RUC, $332K) was on the extended bench and was actually predicted to line up against the Tigers, but he didn’t and it proved costly with the Eagles dominating in that department, anyhow, he played VFL and scored 65 points from 18 hitouts and 5 tackles. He could get a game at some stage this year, with the Tigers saying they could rest Nankervis at some point.


Saints (Sandringham)

Billy Longer (RUC, $473K) had a big game with 39 hitouts and a goal for 97 points. He played 2 AFL games for 32 and 24….so I’d pass. Ben Paton (DEF, $180K) was on the extended bench but Bailey Rice got the nod over him. He and 19 touches and 6 tackles for 81 points in the VFL. Nathan Freeman (MID, $170K) – just when you thought he was on track for an AFL debut and his injury run couldn’t get any worse, he dislocated his shoulder in a tackle on the weekend. At least it wasn’t his troublesome hamstring, and hopefully, we see him sometime this season.


Collingwood Magpies

Josh Daicos (FWD/MID, $318K) had 29 touches, 7 marks and 0.2 for 114 points. He played a couple of games this year but is not worth it at his price if he plays this year. He could come in for Alex Fasolo this week though. Rupert Wills (MID, $446K) always plays well in the VFL, and the weekend was no different. He had32 touches and laid 8 tackles for 106 points. He’s at a very awkward price. Brody Mihocek (DEF, $170K) must’ve had a bit of a role change because he kicked 1.3 and is boosted his scoring. He had 21 touches and took 9 marks for 102 points, and was looked at during the off-season, so if he does play, he is one to consider. Brayden Sier (MID, $170K) came extremely close to debut when he was on the extended bench multiple times, and impressed in the VFL, with 35 touches and 6 tackles for 102 points. Sam McLarty (DEF, $170K) has been my pick of the Pies reserves but was a little under par on the weekend with 16 touches, 10 hitouts and a goal for 76 points. He is a utility for the reserves, playing a mixture of defender, ruckman and forward.

Western Bulldogs

Tim English (RUC/FWD, $425K) had a huge game, with 26 touches, 5 tackles and 29 hitouts for a tally of 129 fantasy points. The Dogs selectors may look to him after a couple of good games in the two’s, which would please the 31% of coaches who still have him. Lin Jong (FWD/MID, $481K) laid 8 tackles and kicked a goal for 95 fantasy points. He’s not relevant in classic and is too mid-priced. Josh Schache (FWD, $326K) must be close to a debut, after tallying 7 marks, 3 goals and 80 points. He’s averaging 2 and a half goals but only 59 points so isn’t relevant.




Dawson Simpson (RUC, $439K) dominated the NEAFL with 46 hitouts, 7 marks and 22 touches for 129 points. I feel like h should be playing AFL but there obviously isn’t room in the side for him. Rory Lobb did suffer an arm injury on the weekend though, so he could be in the mix if he doesn’t recover. Zac Sproule (FWD, $170K) was good with 29 touches, 11 marks and a goal for 126 fantasy points but probably won’t feature anytime soon. Matt Buntine (DEF, $244K) was great with 26 touches and 9 marks for 112 points. I expect him to play at some point, but probably not this week. Nick Shipley (MID, $170K) had 27 touches and 95 points, and with Sam Ried in doubt for this week, it opens up a position for someone like Shipley to give it another crack. Jon Patton (FWD, $457K) kicked 3 goals for 73 points so probably will come back in this week.

Sydney Swans

Darcy Cameron (RUC, $170K) this is becoming beyond a joke, he racked up 35 hitouts, 11 marks, 5 tackles, 19 touches, 2 goals and 146 fantasy points for the Swans reserves, moving his average to 127. He is shredding the NEAFL apart and has to be close to making his well-deserved debut. Nic Newman (MID, $567K) continues his pig-like NEAFL form, but was actually 6 points below his average this week – he scored 138 from 32 touches and 2 goals, and his average is 144. Daniel Robinson (FWD, $341K) got dropped for the clash against the Dockers, and went back to his abnormal scoring with 138 from 38 touches. Colin O’Riordan (DEF, $170K) has some unreal NEAFL numbers, averaging 103 points, and the weekend was no different, as he tallied 28 touches, 10 marks and 105 points.


Gold Coast

Michael Barlow (MID/FWD, $654K) was back in the NEAFL, tearing it up, with 41 touches, 9 marks and a goal for 146 fantasy points. He’s probably too expensive to pay considering his job security and is a little overpriced anyways. Kade Kolodjashnij (DEF, $562K) had a field day with 32 touches and 14 marks for 136 points. He’ll probably come back in soon but I wouldn’t be touching him. Jacob Dawson (MID, $170K) continues his fine form with 31 touches and 100 points on the weekend. He could be looked at by the Suns later this season.

Brisbane Lions

Josh Walker (DEF/FWD, $358K) kicked 6 goals and 3 behinds for 130 points and isn’t going to do that at AFL level, so is not an option. Corey Lyons (MID, $170K) has been amazing in the NEAFL this season, and had 22 touches, 6 tackles and 98 points, and could be looked at later in the year but I doubt they’ll make any changes after a 56-point win over Hawthorn. Archie Smith (RUC/FWD, $444K) had 37 hitouts and a goal for 88 points, but let’s just hope he stays away, and with McInerney doing so well, I doubt he’ll be needed this season.



Fremantle Dockers (Peel Thunder)

Stefan Giro (MID, $170K) had a standout performance with 27 touches, 9 tackles and goal for 117 points. He is my pick of the week to make his debut, possibly at the expense of Mitch Crowden or maybe something to go with Joel Hamling and swing someone back. Luke Strnadica (RUC, $170K) won 18 hitouts and kicked 2 goals for 87 points. Michael Apeness (FWD, $170K) played as the main ruckman with 32 hitouts and kicked a goal for 70 points. He didn’t score very well at AFL level, but if he plays as a second ruck then his scoring may increase, but I doubt he’ll be required. Taylin Duman (DEF, $238K) got dropped last week and went back to the Magoos and scored 61 points from 15 possessions. Harley Bennell (FWD, $249K) continues to play WAFL and is managed, and he scored 46 points from 8 touches, 6 marks and a goal on the weekend. Hopefully, we see him soon.


West Coast (East Perth)

Brayden Ainsowrth (MID, $234K) responded well after getting dropped, with 27 touches, 9 marks and 2 goals for 123 points. He did quite well in the AFL though, with 78 points on debut, and we could see him again at some stage this year. Francis Watson (DEF, $170K) is a well-known name in fantasy land, and he scored 102 points from 17 touches, 9 marks and 7 tackles on the weekend. He could get a game soon as the main reason he didn’t get one last year was injuries. Luke Partington (FWD, $273K) played well with 23 touches and 5 tackles for 84 points. He is probably a little too pricey to pick though.




Adelaide Crows

Riley O’Brien (RUC, $365K) was great with 36 hitouts, 6 tackles and 18 touches for 109 fantasy points. I don’t think he will play this year but could come in to support Jacobs, who is struggling but is unlikely. Patrick Wilson (MID/FWD, $170K) I have talked about him every week, and he just continues to get the job done. He had 29 touches and kicked a goal for 108 points but averages 99 for the season. We could see him come in for either Poholke or Galluci, but a lot of Crows are set to come back soon from their ‘hamstring crisis’. Curtly Hampton (MID, $430K) contributed great defensive pressure to the side after having 12 tackles and 17 touches for 100 points.


Port Adelaide

Jackson Trengove (MID, $376K) was great with 33 touches and 7 tackles for 123 points, but was quiet when Powell-Pepper and Rockliff were playing reserves. William Snelling (MID, $325K) played a couple of games last year, and managed 34 touches and 8 tackles for 122 points in the SANFL. Not an option at his price. Joe Atley (MID, $248K) has impressed this season, and on the weekend, was no different. He had 26 touches for 71 points. William Frampton (RUC/FWD, $170K) had another good game with 29 hitouts and 69 points, but I doubt he’ll get a game this season.


As per request, here are my top candidates to make their debut/return this week, based on injuries, performance, and output of bottom line players:


Top 5

  1. Stephan Giro (Fre)
  2. Kieron Lovell (Haw)
  3. Nick Shipley (GWS)
  4. Brayden Sier (Coll)
  5. Jacob Weitering (Car)




Number 5 is a bit of a throwaway position, and Weitering wouldn’t be considered in classic, but I am fairly confident that Giro will make his debut for the Dockers as a basement priced midfielder. He’s averaging 83 in the WAFL but is coming off a 117, and his first game was managed after returning from injury.


Feel free to leave questions below!



  1. Killerbees

    May 23, 2018 at 9:08 pm

    Wrong Trengove for port, abd the port one actually went 150 when Rocky played Anzac Day… he’s not quick enough for AFL however

  2. j

    May 24, 2018 at 2:00 am

    Talks about English coming back, when he has been ruled out this week for a heap of time with a foot injury

  3. AF Rising Star

    May 24, 2018 at 11:45 am

    where’s Jamaine Jones?????

    • McGlovins

      May 25, 2018 at 6:40 pm


  4. Daniel

    May 24, 2018 at 3:22 pm

    Mutch chance of Kobe coming back?

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