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Inside the Numbers

Inside the Numbers – Round 3

Pete goes inside the Fantasy numbers for this week.

The story that has unfolded at Essendon over the last 2 weeks has negatively impacted fantasy coaches especially for those that own Zach Merrett, the Bombers have averaged 341.0 Disposals from their last 2 games which includes 323 Disposals against the Bulldogs in Round 3.

In the 2017 H&A season Essendon averaged 398.0 Disposals per game (Rank 3), from 3 games this year the Bombers are averaging 357.7 Disposals per game (Rank 14). Last year (Incl. Finals) there were 5 players that averaged 25.0 Disposals or more (Z.Merrett, Goddard, Heppell, Zaharakis & Hurley), only 2 players are averaging 25.0 Disposals or more in 2018 (Zaharakis & Heppell).

Now to the pressing issue facing over 15% of coaches this week, while 85% of coaches consider whether to target Zach Merrett in the coming weeks.

Merrett has averaged 17.0 Disposals from 2 non-injury games this year (Ave: 69.0pts), more importantly for fantasy coaches to be aware of is that Essendon lost both of the games. In 2017 (Incl. Finals) Merrett averaged 125.8pts from winning games & 103.6pts from losing games, even though averaging over 100pts is pretty decent the difference in points is significant especially from a premium MID.

The quality midfield support may not be available at the Bombers this year therefore players such as Merrett are likely to underperform in certain situations, however we still don’t have a large sample size to make a definitive call on Merrett & the concussion from Round 1 does blur the picture somewhat.

It will be a brave call to hold Merrett this week as another poor game will be costly for those chasing overall ranking, it will also make it more difficult if trading him out to face a decision of possibility trading him back in later in the year if his numbers return to a premium level.

More courageous will be those that stare down those Merrett numbers and trade him in this week or next, it’s not crazy to think this is a scenario many are contemplating. Merrett has averaged 132.3pts from his last 3 games against Port Adelaide, however a tag could be coming his way this week again.

Correctly anticipating when & what John Worsfold will implement to get his best player back in the mix needs to be taken into consideration, it is highly likely after 2 poor losses that things will change.

High Team Disposals FOR Round 3

417 Collingwood
417 Western Bulldogs
399 Melbourne

High Team Disposals FOR Season

411.0 Adelaide
396.7 Port Adelaide
395.7 Collingwood

Low Team Disposals FOR Round 3

314 Nth Melbourne
323 Essendon
324 Gold Coast

Low Team Disposals FOR Season

341.3 Nth Melbourne
346.7 Richmond
347.0 West Coast

High Team Fantasy Points FOR Round 3

1799 Western Bulldogs
1793 Adelaide
1772 Collingwood

High Team Fantasy Points FOR Season

1706.0 Adelaide
1666.3 Port Adelaide
1660.3 GWS Giants

Low Team Fantasy Points FOR Round 3

1326 Essendon
1331 Nth Melbourne
1403 Carlton

Low Team Fantasy Points FOR Season

1439.7 Nth Melbourne
1447.7 Richmond
1481.0 Brisbane

Click here for Fantasy points against stats thanks to Morts from @DFSAustralia

ADE 1705.74.72.71487.32.71

Notable Players

Steele Sidebottom (R3: 130) has averaged 100.7pts from his last 152 games
Marc Murphy (R3: 139) has scored 100pts or more in 6 of his last 7 games (Ave: 109.0)

Jared Polec (R3: 132) scored a career high against Brisbane
Stefan Martin (R3: 177) scored a career high against Port Adelaide

Max Gawn (R3: 114) is averaging 48.3 Hit Outs in 2018 (AFL Rank 1)
Ben Cunnington (R3: 96) kicked 2 Goals vs Melbourne, he has a career average of 105.3pts when kicking 2 Goals or more in a game

Jarryd Lyons (R3: 151) has averaged 142.5pts from his last 2 games
Nat Fyfe (R3: 144) has averaged 133.5 from 2 games at Optus Stadium this year

Callum Sinclair (R3: 123) has averaged 44.5 Hit Outs from his last 2 games
Jonathon Patton (R3: 123) has scored 100pts or more in 2 of his last 12 games (16.7%)

Seb Ross (R3: 132) has scored 120pts or more in 2 of 3 games this year
Bryce Gibbs (R3: 129) is averaging 127.0pts from his first 3 games as an Adelaide player

Trent Cotchin (R3: 103) has scored 100pts or more in 2 of his last 11 games (18.2%)
Tom Mitchell (R3: 148) has scored 140pts or more in 7 of 25 games at Hawthorn (28.0%)

Lachie Hunter (R3: 148) has averaged 105.3pts from his last 9 games
David Zaharakis (R3: 91) 100pt game streak snapped at 6

Andrew Gaff (R3: 120) has averaged 106.2pts from his last 6 games
Sam Menegola (R3: 120) has scored 120pts or more in 5 of his last 10 games (50.0%)


Good Luck for Round 4



  1. JungleMuffin

    April 11, 2018 at 1:03 am

    All eyes on Merrett this week. If he has a big or even a just good one and coaches will be like flies to a turd. The delete button is going to cop a hammering one way or another, depending on the coin toss between who kept the faith or who jumped ship.

    I’m not sure if I want him to score big so I can feel justified to jump on, or watch him drop and become even juicier.

  2. midgetgotgame

    April 11, 2018 at 9:47 am

    Can anyone tell me Lyons’ BE, thanks boys

  3. DBoms

    April 11, 2018 at 10:09 am


    • DBoms

      April 11, 2018 at 10:10 am

      That is Lyons’ BE, replying to midget.

      • midgetgotgame

        April 11, 2018 at 10:36 am

        Cheers DBoms, much appreciated

  4. Will


    April 11, 2018 at 10:43 am

    Zerrett owner here. I’ve been scouring DT talk, facebook, twitter, forums, everything for some explanation or reason behind Zach’s poor form. Concussion? Taggers? Everything is basically just speculation. There is no solid explanation or logic outside of bomberland that will help us fantasy coaches. I just have to weigh up the potential regret in each of my options and go from there.
    I’ll regret keeping zach if he spuds up again more than trading him for gibbs and having zach ton up…. i think

    • AFLFantasy2k18

      April 11, 2018 at 1:45 pm

      the best reason I’ve got: Jackson Merrett is a shapeshifter. Zach is dead. Jackson is now Zach.

    • JungleMuffin

      April 11, 2018 at 5:02 pm

      Concussion definitely would have impacted his output over the last few weeks, which has also coincided with Essendon recieving a few touch ups and amplified his sudden price drop.

      Last time I played he was a rookie, so I’m not really sure if he’s a tried and true gun over a number of years, but I’m sure you picked him for a reason.

  5. Fooz


    April 11, 2018 at 8:24 pm

    I can’t remember ever seeing Freo so high in the ‘points for’ list

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