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Inside the Numbers

Inside the Numbers – Rd. 2

Pete goes inside the Fantasy numbers from round two.

After a pretty thin Round 2 for most coaches the attention now turns toward a trading strategy that will set your team apart from the pack, for those that slipped a bit last week a different & better path could be taken by looking at some intriguing situations that might pay off in the short term and provide flexibility long term.

The positive focus this week is on Port Adelaide, early signs are that they will be a completely different fantasy team in 2018 compared to last year. From the opening JLT games through to Round 2 of the H&A season the Power Disposal numbers are on the rise, last year they averaged 377.0 Disposals during the H&A season and already they are averaging 403.0 Disposals from 2 games this year (+26.0).

In Round 1 last year Port Adelaide recorded 339 Disposals in a win over Sydney, they defeated Sydney again in Round 2 at the SCG on Sunday and recorded 367 Disposals (+28.0). We are still in the range of a small sample size, but with 2 games of the JLT Series & 2 games of the 2018 AFL season there has been a notable change. Will it be sustainable? How best to fit players in a trade scenario with an early Bye?

Round 2 High Team Disposals

Adelaide 439
Collingwood 407
Fremantle 399

Season High Team Disposals

Adelaide 418.0
GWS Giants 409.5
Port Adelaide 403.0

Round 2 Low Team Disposals

Richmond 309
Hawthorn 323
Brisbane 339

Season Low Team Disposals

Richmond 324.5
West Coast 349.5
Western Bulldogs 350.0

Round 2 High Team Fantasy Points FOR

Adelaide 1820
Fremantle 1718
West Coast 1664

Season High Team Fantasy Points FOR

Port Adelaide 1713.0
GWS Giants 1711.0
Gold Coast 1670.0

Notable Players

Rory Laird (R2: 141) recorded his 2nd career highest score
Dustin Martin (R2: 127) has averaged 107.8pts from his last 5 games against Adelaide

Todd Goldstein (R2: 117) has averaged 102.5pts from his last 4 games
Blake Acres (R2: 92) has averaged 108.0pts from 2 games this year

Ed Curnow (R2: 160) recorded a career high score against Gold Coast
Tom Lynch (GC) (R2: 139) kicked a career high 8 Goals, he is averaging 112.1pts when he kicks 5 Goals or more over his career

Taylor Adams (R2: 82) has averaged 83.3pts from his last 3 games
Lachie Whitfield (R2: 123) is averaging 30.0 Disposals this season

Dayne Beams (R2: 73) is averaging 85.0pts this season
Clayton Oliver (R2: 125) has scored fewer than 90pts in 1 of his last 17 games

Michael Walters (R2: 120) has scored 100pts or more in 5 of his last 8 games (62.5%)
Devon Smith (R2: 115) is averaging 103.0pts from 2 games at Essendon

Jack Macrae (R2: 134) has averaged 127.0pts from his last 4 games
Shannon Hurn (R2: 118) has scored 100pts or more from 6 of his last 11 games (54.5%)

Isaac Heeney (R2: 88) has scored 100pts or more from 1 of his last 13 games (7.7%)
Justin Westhoff (R2: 104) has averaged 118.0pts from his first 2 games this year

Gary Ablett (R2: 138) has averaged 124.6pts from his last 14 games
Tom Mitchell (R2: 137) has averaged 128.4pts from his last 14 games

Good Luck for Round 3



  1. Euman

    April 4, 2018 at 1:44 pm

    adams gotta go?

  2. Whitelies

    April 4, 2018 at 4:01 pm

    What trade would you do?

    Option 1
    M. Crouch -> J. Selwood
    J. Siciliy -> Z. Tuohy (has the ability to be another headache, e.g. last year)
    This option means I keep Rayner in my team but he only has a BE of 51 (he is vsing Port this weekend so he could go down even further)

    Option 2
    M. Crouch -> J. Selwood
    C. Rayner -> Bowers
    Bench Siciliy and play A. Pearce or A. Naughton (yuck)
    Cash: 118,000 to upgrade someone next week

    Option 3
    M. Crouch -> J. Selwood
    C. Rayner -> Fresh meat (hopefully a good rookie is named this week)
    Bench Siciliy and play A. Pearce or A. Naughton (yuck)
    Cash: Generating even more than option 2

    • Angus

      April 6, 2018 at 1:12 am

      im in a similar conundrum, except with Hibberd, Caddy and Rayner, the similarity being that Caddy is reported for one week as well. I’m in this instance choosing to move Hibberd and Rayner on and holding Caddy a week, although it will force me to play either Venables or Waterman against Geelong. I like option two, and a lot of people are hyped about Higgins, so he is an alternative too I suppose, but you probably cannot go wrong downgrading Rayner at this point, he is massively underperforming. Bowers is safer since you have seen him play, but Higgins is a risk people seem happy to take at this point.

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