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2018 Prices

Sydney Swans AFL Fantasy Classic Prices 2018

Prices, positions & tips for the Swans.

Fantasy coaches will be targeting quite a few Sydney players this pre-season as there appears to be some value about after an underperforming 2017 season, the Swans averaged 1493.3 fantasy team points (Rank 17) between Rounds 1-6 and were languishing on the bottom of the ladder with an 0-6 record. Sydney averaged 1641.8 fantasy team points (Rank 6) between Rounds 7-23 and finished the H&A season with a 14-2 record, they averaged 1601.3 fantasy team points for the 2017 H&A season (Rank 14).

In 2016 & in a year when Sydney eventually played in a Grand Final they averaged 1662.6 fantasy team points (Rank 3), the Swans averaged 1496.3pts in 2017 against their opening 3 opponents of the 2018 H&A season. Sydney play 5 of their 2018 opening 6 games against 2017 Final 8 teams, despite the difficult start it is hard to imagine a repeat of the poor early 2017 form.

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2018 Potential Targets:

With fantasy coaches focusing in on JPK, Hanners & Parker as starting MID options, here are some splits that may be of use.

Josh P. Kennedy MID $690K

In 2016 Kennedy averaged 108.7pts (Incl. Finals) scoring 100pts or more in 64.0% of games and 120pts or more in 28.0% of games

In 2017 Kennedy averaged 97.0pts (Incl. Finals) scoring 100pts or more in 57.1% of games and 120pts or more in 9.5% of games, he averaged 99.2pts between Rounds 7-23 (Sydney 14-2 record).

Dan Hannebery MID $665K

In 2016 Hannebery averaged 107.4pts (Incl. Finals) scoring 100pts or more in 69.2 % of games and 120pts or more in 30.8% of games

In 2017 Hannebery averaged 93.9pts (Incl. Finals) scoring 100pts or more in 39.1% of games and 120pts or more in 8.7% of games, he averaged 97.6pts between Rounds 7-23 (Sydney 14-2 record).

Luke Parker MID $693K

In 2016 Parker averaged 107.1pts (Incl. Finals) scoring 100pts or more in 57.7% of games and 120pts or more in 30.8% of games

In 2017 Parker averaged 96.7pts (Incl. Finals) scoring 100pts or more in 37.5% of games and 120pts or more in 8.3% of games, he averaged 101.5pts between Rounds 7-23 (Sydney 14-2 record).

Lance Franklin FWD $677K / Isaac Heeney MID/FWD $649K

Franklin averaged 96.1pts in the 2017 H&A season which included a Round 23 score of 171pts, he scored 100pts or more in 37.5% of games & 120pts or more in 16.7% of games (Incl. Finals). Franklin averaged 95.2pts with Issac Heeney & 100.3pts without him during the 2017 H&A season.

Heeney averaged 92.2pts during the 2017 H&A season, he scored 100pts or more in 35.0% of games & 120pts or more in 10.0% of games (Incl. Finals). Heeney was hampered late in the 2017 pre-season with glandular fever.

Jake Lloyd DEF $649K / Kieren Jack MID/FWD $526K

These are the numbers you need to be aware of, Lloyd averaged 105.5pts between Round 1-14 (2pts from Round 10 not included). When Jarrad McVeigh put together a lengthy game streak of 11 games to finish off the year (Incl. Finals) Lloyd averaged 85.0pts.

Jack was severely limited with a hip injury in the early part of 2017 which included missing 5 games between Rounds 6-10, Jack averaged 86.8pts from his final 11 games of the season (Incl. Finals). Maybe not enough value but the MID/FWD DPP status might have a few interested.

Darcy Cameron RUCK $170K / Alex Johnson DEF $170K

Cameron is highly rated at Sydney and despite being very low on the depth chart right now he is likely to see action in 2018, a very solid R4 to begin the season with.

Johnson was re-drafted as a rookie during the off-season, he has not played since the 2012 Grand Final and 2018 appears to be a make a break season. One to monitor throughout the pre-season.


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Parker, LukeMID98.4122$693000
Kennedy, Josh P.MID9819$690000
Franklin, LanceFWD96.0922$677000
Hannebery, DanMID94.4321$665000
Heeney, IsaacMID/FWD92.1718$649000
Lloyd, JakeDEF92.1921$649000
Newman, NicMID86.6118$610000
Tippett, KurtRUC/FWD62.339$578000
Jones, ZakMID7921$556000
Papley, TomMID/FWD78.8318$555000
Hewett, GeorgeMID/FWD75.9122$535000
McVeigh, JarradDEF75.2711$530000
Jack, KierenMID/FWD74.6517$526000
Sinclair, CallumRUC74.5317$525000
Reid, SamFWD69.6520$490000
Mills, CallumDEF69.3622$488000
Rampe, DaneDEF66.815$470000
Towers, DeanFWD63.2917$446000
Grundy, HeathDEF62.2722$439000
Cunningham, HarryFWD63.569$434000
Rohan, GaryFWD60.7914$428000
Naismith, SamRUC58.8513$414000
Rose, JamesFWD341$383000
Smith, NickDEF52.3622$369000
Marsh, HarrisonDEF53.789$367000
Robinson, DanielFWD43.65$358000
Hayward, WillFWD50.7617$357000
Aliir, AliirDEF49.333$333000
Melican, LewisDEF46.8817$330000
Fox, RobbieMID513$284000
Florent, OliverFWD39.899$272000
Foote, JordanMID/FWD42.45$257000
Dawson, JordanMID/FWD481$254000
Ling, MatthewDEF00$244000
McCartin, TomFWD00$206000
Amartey, JoelRUC00$170000
Stoddart, RyleyDEF00$170000
Ronke, BenFWD00$170000
Bell, JamesMID00$170000
Styles, AngusDEF/MID00$170000
Pink, TobyFWD00$170000
Maibaum, JackDEF00$170000
Brown, JakeMID/FWD00$170000
O'Riordan, ColinDEF00$170000
Cameron, DarcyRUC00$170000
Johnson, AlexDEF00$170000

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