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2018 Prices

Hawthorn AFL Fantasy Classic Prices 2018

Prices, positions & tips for the Hawks.

Despite an awful start to the 2017 H&A season Hawthorn remained fantasy relevant throughout the majority of the year, in the opening 4 games the Hawks averaged 1564.0 fantasy team points and closed out their remaining 18 games averaging 1704.8pts (Collingwood Rank 1: 1725.1 Ave). Hawthorn averaged 1721.8pts from their final 6 games of the 2017 H&A season, they should be a more settled line-up at Round 1 in 2018 compared to 2017.

Tom Mitchell was the only Hawk to average more than 25 Disposals in 2017 (Disposal Average: 35.8), considering the Hawks will likely be very fantasy relevant again in 2018 there is likely to be a decent amount of value about.


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Tom Mitchell MID $896K

2017 was a staggering fantasy year by Mitchell, he averaged 127.2pts scoring 100pts or more in 90.9% of games & 120pts or more in 68.2% of games. Mitchell did average 114.8pts from his final 5 games of the season, coaches not willing to take Mitchell at Round 1 with an enormous price tag could grab him at a discount after a few games but how often do trades really pan out the way you want. Take Mitchell at Round 1 and have peace of mind or wait and hopefully there are no other issues to deal with at a possible cheaper price?

Jaeger O’Meara MID $438k

Yes O’Meara has had knee injuries, yes he has not played a substantial amount of games in recent years, yes he did burn most of us in 2017 but at his low price he can’t be ignored. Ensure you have a back-up plan if you are selecting O’Meara (Playing MID Bench & DPP options), otherwise it could be quite painful & decision time on the odd Thursday night.

James Sicily DEF/FWD $523K

Sicily averaged 74.3pts in the 2017 H&A season, a role change mid-year resulted in plenty of defensive time averaging 89.8pts between Rounds 14-23 & 93.3pts between Rounds 18-23 which included a low score of 24pts and 4 games over 100pts. There is value remaining in the price tag for Sicily, but if you are considering selecting him then you need to track his pre-season defensive positioning throughout the JLT Series. A split Forward/Defensive role could destroy his value.

Ryan Burton DEF $594K

After a breakout 2017 season averaging 84.4pts Burton appears to be on his way to a decent AFL Career, when recording 20 Disposals or more he averaged 92.9pts & 25 Disposals or more that average jumped to 101.8pts in 2017. With Hodge having departed Hawthorn the role for Burton across half-back should be further enhanced which could see his numbers further spike in 2018, 45.0% of Burton’s scores in 2017 were sub 80pts and that should decrease as his career extends.  Burton should be strongly considered at Round 1.

Harry Morrison DEF $396K / David Mirra DEF $170K

Morrison made his debut in Round 23 and recorded 21 Disposals & 75pts, “Harry Morrsion has been a standout, the way he’s comeback in the condition he has” Alastair Clarkson in early December at a NZ pre-season camp. One to watch over the pre-season.

Mirra (26) was selected in the 2017 Rookie Draft by the Hawks, he averaged 19 Disposals & 5 Marks in 2017 for Box Hill in the VFL. Grab him if/when he is named for the Hawks.

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Mitchell, TomMID127.1822$896000
Smith, IsaacMID92.4522$651000
McEvoy, BenRUC91.4122$644000
Shiels, LiamMID90.8121$640000
Henderson, RickyMID87.2818$615000
Gunston, JackFWD84.9522$598000
Burton, RyanDEF84.420$594000
Roughead, JarrydFWD84.1822$593000
Burgoyne, ShaunMID81.3622$573000
Rioli, CyrilFWD59.577$543000
Howe, DanielMID75.8918$534000
Sicily, JamesDEF/FWD74.3219$523000
Breust, LukeFWD71.1921$501000
Langford, WillMID/FWD70.2520$495000
Whitecross, BrendanFWD60.388$487000
Birchall, GrantDEF68.85$485000
Puopolo, PaulFWD66.7315$470000
Duryea, TaylorDEF/FWD65.0715$458000
O'Brien, TimFWD63.4416$447000
Brand, KaidenDEF62.9417$443000
O'Meara, JaegerMID70.676$438000
Hardwick, BlakeDEF61.2119$431000
Frawley, JamesDEF628$410000
Impey, JarmanFWD57.2619$403000
Morrison, HarryDEF751$396000
Schoenmakers, RyanFWD52.9111$373000
Stratton, BenDEF53.58$354000
Ceglar, JonathonRUC00$342000
Vickery, TyFWD54.676$339000
Glass, ConorDEF536$328000
Heatherley, KurtDEF48.754$312000
Cousins, JamesMID55.333$308000
O'Rourke, JonoMID00$277000
Willsmore, DallasMID512$273000
Miles, TeiaDEF/FWD464$266000
Lovell, KieranMID00$210000
Pittonet, MarcRUC00$196000
Worpel, JamesMID00$182000
Nash, ConnorDEF00$170000
Moore, DylanMID00$170000
Jones, HarryMID00$170000
Ross, JacksonMID/FWD00$170000
Hanrahan, OliverFWD00$170000
Lewis, MitchFWD00$170000
Jiath, ChangkuothFWD00$170000
Mirra, DavidDEF00$170000

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