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Team Sheets

AFL Teams 2017: Round 14

Remaining weekend teams are in!

5:00pm Friday 23/06/2017

Sunday extended bench selections are in. Carnage continues. Jack Steele (Mid/Fwd $504,000) didnt make the cut.
Gary Ablett (Mid $676,000) out. Nat Fyfe (Mid $488,000) out. Kade Kolodjashnij (Def $488,000) out. Josh Kelly (Mid $660,000) out.
On the rookie side of things Zac Fisher (Mid/fwd $214,000) out. McKenzie Willis (Def/Mid $189,000) didn’t make the cut.

Only small mercy is Joshua Deluca (Mid/Fwd $150,000) and Jordan Cunico (Mid/Fwd $156,000) gives us a downgrade options, as well as Sean Darcy (Ruck $176,000) who we already knew would play.

Friday Updates

6:25pm Thursday 22/06/2017

Remaining weekend teams are in! We have a new debut in Alex Witherden (Def/Mid $206,000) and another to keep an eye on is Joshua Deluca (Mid/Fwd $150,000) but do check sunday extended bench selections, however Sean Darcy (Ruck $176,000) who will be freos primary ruck this week at least. Jasper Pittard (Def $453,000) is back, and we finally see the return of Max Gawn (Ruck $588,000). You have to sweat over extended bench selections if you have either of Jack Steele (Mid/Fwd $504,000), Touk Miller (Mid/Fwd $422,000) or Jarrod Harbrow (Def $490,000 )
Bit of carnage in the outs with Michael Barlow (Broken Leg), Aaron Hall (Hamstring), Zak Jones (Suspension) and a few rookie omissions with Matthew Scharenberg (Omitted), Harry Perryman (Omitted) and an injured Tom Williamson (Back).
*NB* Apologies for formatting issues tonight.

Fantasy relevant INs and OUTs

Grant Birchall (Def $439,000)
Luke Hodge (Def $518,000)
Jasper Pittard (Def $453,000)
Alex Witherden (Def/Mid $206,000)
Max Gawn (Ruck $588,000)

*Check Sunday extended bench selections 5pm Friday*
George Horlin-Smith (Mid $362,000 )
Sean Darcy (Ruck $176,000)
Joshua Deluca (Mid/fwd $150,000)
Jack Steele (Mid/Fwd $504,000)
Touk Miller (Mid/Fwd $422,000)
Jarrod Harbrow (Def $490,000 )
Jordan Cunico (Mid/Fwd $156,000)

James Cousins (Omitted)
Michael Barlow (Broken Leg)
Zak Jones (Suspension)
Jared Polec (Hamstring)
Josh Smith (Omitted),
Matthew Scharenberg (Omitted)
Harry Perryman (Omitted)
Lin Jong (Knee)
Tom Boyd (Calf)
Tom Williamson (Back)
Aaron Hall (Hamstring)

5:45pm Thursday 22/06/2017

Remaining weekend teams announced from ~6:25pm tonight. Darcy Macpherson (Fwd $290,000) has been upgraded for an unlucky Michael Barlow (Mid/Fwd $546,000) whose broken leg looks like putting him out for the rest of the season.
No signs of David Myers (Mid $284,000) on the flight up to Sydney. Josh Deluca (Mid/Fwd $150,000) has been upgraded from the rookie list and is therefore in contention for selection. Alex Witherden (Mid/Def $206,000) is looking a strong chance for debut for the lions.

Thursday Updates

6:25pm Wednesday 21/06/2017

Finally byes are over, and many leagues head to heads come back into vogue. Its another partial lockout though with Crows vs Hawks on Thursday night, and the teamsheet is in! Experience is back for hawks with inclusions of Luke Hodge (Def $518,000) and Grant Birchall (Def $439,000) but at the expense of popular rookie James Cousins (Mid $215,000)
Midweek news, ruckman Max Gawn (Ruck $588,000) is finally looking set for a return this Saturday. Scott Selwood (Mid $502,000) is yet to be ruled out for selection this weekend.

Early news and Wednesday Updates

Important times to Remember:

Crows vs Hawks team from ~6:25pm AEST Wednesday 21/06/2017
Late changes Crows vs Hawks ~6:20pm AEST Thursday 22/06/2017
Remaining weekend teams from ~6:25pm AEST Thursday 22/06/2017
Partial Lockout Crows vs Hawks 7:20pm AEST Thursday 22/06/2017
Sunday extended bench selections from ~5:00 AEST Friday 23/06/2017
Late changes Swans vs Dons ~6:50pm AEST Friday 23/06/2017
Full Lockout Swans vs Dons 7:50pm AEST Friday 23/06/2017

Thursday June 22

Adelaide v Hawthorn, Adelaide Oval (7.50pm)


B Rory Laird, Kyle Hartigan, Daniel Talia
HB Luke Brown, Jake Lever, Andy Otten
C Rory Atkins, Richard Douglas, Charlie Cameron
HF Rory Sloane, Josh Jenkins, Tom Lynch
F Jonathon Beech, Taylor Walker, Eddie Betts
FOL Sam Jacobs, Brad Crouch, Matt Crouch
I/C Jake Kelly, Hugh Greenwood, Wayne Milera, Brodie Smith
EMG Harrison Wigg, David Mackay, Reilly O’Brien
Luke Brown
Riley Knight (Omitted)
MILESTONES: Jonathon Beech – Played 1st game, Brad Crouch – Playing 50th game


B Taylor Duryea, Kaiden Brand, Blake Hardwick
HB Grant Birchall, Ryan Burton, Daniel Howe
C Isaac Smith, Tom Mitchell, Liam Shiels
HF James Sicily, Jack Gunston, Ricky Henderson
F Tim O’Brien, Jarryd Roughead, Luke Hodge
R Ben McEvoy, Shaun Burgoyne, Luke Breust
I/C Billy Hartung, Will Langford, Paul Puopolo, Ryan Schoenmakers
EMG Kurt Heatherley, Kade Stewart, James Cousins
Hodge, Birchall, Breust, Schoenmakers
Gibson (groin), Whitecross (omitted), Stewart (omitted), Cousins (omitted)

Shags’ Watchlist

Good rookies are hard to find this time in the season, so Jonathon Beech (Fwd $171,000) comes at a good time. He’s already become a bit of a cult figure at crows, and his debut was outstanding with a 72, the mature age rookie looks ready made for AFL. If you haven’t already grabbed him, this is the week to do so.

Friday June 23

Sydney Swans v Essendon, SCG (7.50pm)


B Nick Smith, Heath Grundy, Jake Lloyd
HB Callum Mills, Dane Rampe, Nic Newman
C Gary Rohan, Josh P. Kennedy, Isaac Heeney
HF George Hewett, Lance Franklin, Dean Towers
F Kieren Jack, Sam Reid, Tom Papley
FOL Sam Naismith, Dan Hannebery, Luke Parker
I/C Oliver Florent, Will Hayward, Lewis Melican, Callum Sinclair
EMG Shaun Edwards, Jordan Foote, Harry Marsh
Oliver Florent, Lewis Melican
Zak Jones (Suspension), Harry Marsh (Omitted)


B Mark Baguley, Michael Hartley, Andrew McGrath
HB Dyson Heppell, Brendon Goddard, Martin Gleeson
C Orazio Fantasia, Zach Merrett, James Kelly
HF James Stewart, Michael Hurley, Ben Howlett
F Tom Bellchambers, Joe Daniher, Josh Green
FOL Shaun McKernan, Jobe Watson, Travis Colyer
I/C David Zaharakis, Kyle Langford, Anthony McDonald-Tipungwuti, Conor McKenna
EMG Joshua Begley, Craig Bird, Matt Dea
Shaun McKernan, Kyle Langford
Cale Hooker (Hand), David Myers (Omitted)

Shags’ Watchlist

For those who already have him, Jake Lloyd (Def/Mid $509,000) has been a revelation this year. And now thanks to a score of 2 due to a concussion a few weeks ago, he comes nicely priced and will be traded in by many this week. With a BE of 110, you could hold 1 more week if you wanted, but 110 is well within his range this year.

Saturday June 24

Collingwood v Port Adelaide, MCG (1.45pm)


B: J.Howe, L.Dunn, T.Goldsack
HB: T.Langdon, B.Reid, B.Maynard
C: S.Sidebottom, S.Pendlebury, T.Phillips
HF: J.De Goey, A.Fasolo, W.Hoskin-Elliott
F: C.Brown, D.Moore, T.Broomhead
Foll: B.Grundy, T.Adams, A.Treloar
I/C: J.Aish, L.Greenwood, J.Crisp, B.Crocker
Emerg: M.Scharenberg, J.Smith, M.Cox
INS: T.Goldsack, B.Reid
OUTS: J.Smith, M.Scharenberg


B: D.Houston, T.Clurey, J.Hombsch
HB: M.Broadbent, T.Jonas, H.Hartlett
C: B.Ebert, O.Wines, J.Westhoff
HF: S.Gray, J.Trengove, S.Powell-Pepper
F: C.Wingard, C.Dixon, J.Neade
Foll: P.Ryder, R.Gray, T.Boak
I/C: A.Young, J.Pittard, J.Impey, D.Byrne-Jones
Emerg: M.White, D.Howard, B.Ah Chee
INS: J.Pittard
OUTS: J.Polec

Shags’ Watchlist

At 2.27% ownership, Steele Sidebottom (Mid $618,000) is a massive POD. He has a 5 round average of 121.8, and some of those scores have been huge. There have been a couple of games this season where he has gone missing which might put off some, but if you wanted a player to be unique each week he looks a great option. He also has the greatest name in AFL History.

Brisbane Lions v GWS Giants, Gabba (4.35pm)


B: D.Gardiner, H.Andrews, D.Rich
HB: S.Mayes, T.Cutler, A.Witherden
C: N.Robertson, D.Zorko, R.Lester
HF: L.Taylor, J.Berry, R.Bastinac
F: D.McStay, E.Hipwood, J.Barrett
Foll: S.Martin, T.Rockliff, D.Beams
I/C: H.McCluggage, R.Bewick, R.Mathieson, A.Smith
Emerg: C.Cox, M.Paparone, M.Close
INS: A.Witherden, R.Bewick
OIUTS: M.Paparone, R.Harwood


B: A.Corr, P.Davis, Z.Williams
HB: N.Wilson, A.Tomlinson, H.Shaw
C: T.Scully, D.Shiel, L.Whitfield
HF: S.Reid, J.Cameron, J.Kelly
F: S.Johnson, J.Patton, T.Greene
Foll: S.Mumford, C.Ward, M.Kennedy
I/C: Boer, N.Haynes, H.Himmelberg, T.Taranto
Emerg: J.Finlayson, D.Lloyd, T.Mohr
INS: N.Haynes
OUTS: H.Perryman

Shags’ Watchlist

Alex Witherden (Mid/Def $206,000) gives us a much needed defender rookie downgrade option, albeit a tad pricey for a rookie. Averaging 76 from 8 games in the NEAFL, isnt huge, but its solid.

Western Bulldogs v North Melbourne, Etihad Stadium (7.25pm)


B Dale Morris, Zaine Cordy, Jason Johannisen
HB Shane Biggs, Easton Wood, Matthew Suckling
C Lachie Hunter, Jack Macrae, Caleb Daniel
HF Tory Dickson, Jake Stringer, Luke Dahlhaus
F Bailey Dale, Jordan Roughead, Liam Picken
FOL Tom Campbell, Marcus Bontempelli, Tom Liberatore
I/C Mitch Wallis, Toby McLean, Mitch Honeychurch, Jack Redpath
EMG Clay Smith, Fletcher Roberts, Bailey Williams
Tom Campbell, Jack Redpath
Lin Jong (Knee), Tom Boyd (Calf)
MILESTONES: Shane Biggs – Playing 50th game


B: M.Williams, R.Tarrant, A.Mullett
HB: S.Atley, S.Thompson, L.McDonald
C: S.Gibson, B.Cunnington, R.Clarke
HF: N.Hrovat, J.Waite, T.Garner
F: M.Wood, B.Brown, S.Higgins
Foll: T.Goldstein, J.Ziebell, T.Dumont
I/C: A.Swallow, J.Macmillan, M.Daw, D.Mountford
Emerg: J.Anderson, L.Hansen, J.Williams
INS: A.Swallow, J.Macmillan, M.Daw
OUTS: L.Hansen, K.Turner, J.Anderson

Shags’ Watchlist

Maybe some time in the wilderness did Tom Liberatore (Mid $415,000) some good, because his first game back he smashes out a solid 109. He is super cheap if you think that form can continue, however he has played some shockers to get that low and get dropped in the first place. Definitely enough to watch for 1 more match, and if he tonnes again you have to consider.

West Coast Eagles v Melbourne, Subiaco Oval (7.40pm)


B: S.Hurn, E.Mackenzie, W.Schofield
HB: T.Cole, T.Barrass, B.Sheppard
C: A.Gaff, M.Priddis, E.Yeo
HF: L.Jetta, J.Darling, D.Sheed
F: L.Duggan, J.McGovern, D.Petrie
Foll: N.Vardy, S.Mitchell, L.Shuey
I/C: J.Cripps, M.Hutchings, J.Hill, M.Karpany
Emerg: C.Masten, S.Wellingham, J.Redden
INS: J.Hill, M.Karpany
OUTS: M.LeCras, J.Nelson


B: M.Hibberd, O.McDonald, N.Jetta
HB: J.Lewis, S.Frost, J.Hunt
C: C.Salem, C.Oliver, J.Melksham
HF: J.Harmes, C.Pedersen, C.Petracca
F: M.Hannan, T.McDonald, J.Garlett
Foll: M.Gawn, B.Vince, J.Viney
I/C: D.Tyson, B.Stretch, A.Neal-Bullen, T.Bugg
Emerg: S.Weideman, B.Kennedy, J.Wagner
INS: M.Gawn, B.Stretch
OUTS: N.Jones, J.Watts

Shags’ Watchlist

How could my watchlist player for this match be anyone else, one of the most anticipated player returns I can recall in AFL Fantasy.
Everyone should be watching to see how Max Gawn (Ruck $588,000) goes on his return, and with a massive BE of 176 due to a injury affected 32, his price be very nice in a couple of weeks.

Sunday June 25

Geelong v Fremantle, Simonds Stadium (1.10pm)


B: A.Mackie, T.Lonergan, Z.Tuohy
HB: T.Stewart, L.Henderson, J.Kolodjashnij
C: C.Guthrie, J.Selwood, M.Duncan
HF: S.Menegola, H.Taylor, J.Parsons
F: S.Motlop, T.Hawkins, D.Menzel
Foll: R.Stanley, M.Blicavs, P.Dangerfield
I/C (from): J.Bews, J.Cunico, G.Horlin-Smith, D.Lang, S.Selwood, J.Murdoch, Z.Smith
INS: T.Hawkins, M.Blicavs, J.Cunico, G.Horlin-Smith
OUTS: N.Cockatoo (hamstring)


B: L.Spurr, J.Hamling, L.Weller
HB: T.Sheridan, M.Johnson, D.Tucker
C: S.Hill, L.Neale, B.Hill
HF: M.Walters, S.Kersten, C.Blakely
F: H.Ballantyne, C.McCarthy, H.Crozier
Foll: S.Darcy, N.Fyfe, D.Mundy
I/C (from): G.Logue, S.Collins, E.Hughes, N.Suban, B.Cox, J.Deluca, L.Ryan
INS: H.Ballantyne, S.Darcy, G.Logue, E.Hughes, N.Suban, J.Deluca
OUTS: B.Grey (hamstring), J.Griffin (calf), C.Sutcliffe

Shags’ Watchlist

If he makes the Sunday extended bench selections, Josh Deluca (Mid/fwd $150,000) could be the $150k rookie we all want to get. Averaging averaging 23 disposals, six tackles and 4 inside 50s in the WAFL he is the sort of player that could score well in the AFL.

Richmond v Carlton, MCG (3.20pm)


B: D.Astbury, A.Rance, D.Grimes
HB: B.Ellis, B.Houli, K.McIntosh
C: S.Edwards, T.Cotchin, S.Grigg
HF: K.Lambert, S.Lloyd, J.Caddy
F: D.Rioli, J.Riewoldt, D.Butler
Foll: T.Nankervis, D.Martin, D.Prestia
I/C (from): J.Short, S.Bolton, C.Menadue, J.Castagna, O.Markov, B.Lennon, I.Maric
INS: O.Markov, B.Lennon, I.Maric


B: S.Docherty, L.Jones, J.Weitering
HB: L.Plowman, C.Marchbank, D.Thomas
C: K.Simpson, P.Cripps, M.Wright
HF: E.Curnow, L.Casboult, B.Boekhorst
F: J.Lamb, C.Curnow, J.Silvagni
Foll: M.Kreuzer, B.Gibbs, M.Murphy
I/C (from): B.Smedts, S.Kerridge, Z.Fisher, D.Cuningham, J.Pickett, N.Graham, S.Petrevski-Seton
INS: B.Smedts, S.Kerridge, J.Pickett, N.Graham
OUTS: T.Williamson

Shags’ Watchlist

Overshadowed by fellow teammate Sam Docherty this year, still doesnt mean Veteran Kade Simpson (Def/Mid $548,000) shouldnt be finishing out our backlines with a slot. His 137 last week after a little slow period indicates he could be back to big scores, and a couple of 70 scores recently mean his price is a bit under what his output can be.

St Kilda v Gold Coast Suns, Etihad Stadium (4.40pm)


B: J.Geary, N.Brown, D.Roberton
HB: J.Newnes, J.Carlisle, S.Gilbert
C: L.Montagna, K.Stevens, J.Billings
HF: J.Sinclair, N.Riewoldt, M.Weller
F: J.Gresham, J.Bruce, T.Membrey
Foll: B.Longer, S.Ross, J.Steven
I/C (from): S.Savage, L.Dunstan, B.Acres, J.Steele, J.Webster, J.Lonie, P.McCartin
INS: S.Savage, J.Steele, P.McCartin


B: J.Joyce, J.Leslie, K.Kolodjashnij
HB: J.Harbrow, S.May, A.Saad
C: A.Sexton, G.Ablett, P.Hanley
HF: J.Lyons, T.Lynch, C.Ah Chee
F: B.Ainsworth, P.Wright, J.Martin
Foll: J.Witts, B.Fiorini, D.Swallow
I/C (from): J.Lonergan, T.Miller, S.Lemmens, R.Thompson, M.Shaw, D.Macpherson, M.Willis
INS: J.Harbrow, C.Ah Chee, B.Fiorini, T.Miller, R.Thompson, M.Shaw, D.Macpherson
OUTS: M.Rosa (suspension), A.Hall (hamstring), M.Barlow (leg), B.Matera (foot)

Shags’ Watchlist

Fantasy Royalty Nick Riewoldt (Fwd $525,000) has had an up and down injury affected year this year. He was one of the mst expensive forwards at start of the year, but has dropped to an affordable price and could be well under his highest possible output. Nroo often finishes seasons strong. If you think he can do the same from now, its not a bad time to jump on.





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