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Inside the Fantasy Numbers – Round 14

More of a debate article this week rather than some key numbers, have a read with an open mind as this scenario might apply to your current team.

More of a debate article this week rather than some key numbers, have a read with an open mind as this scenario might apply to your current team.

Trying to extract money from the limited rookies remaining in your team at this stage of the season can leave coaches with a difficult decision, trading out rookies that have a genuine chance of increasing in value could restrict those crucial final few trades of the season and ultimately be the difference in achieving success or not.

The final bye week of the season this year could provide an opportunity to extract some much needed cash, allow Rookies to further increase in value and potentially provide a positive points trade scenario for the remaining 9 Rounds of the season.

Because we are narrowing in on the final weeks of the season, a greater emphasis can be placed on player match-ups and points in Wins vs Losses etc. almost placing your team in Match Day mode.


Patrick Dangerfield (3)

Patrick Dangerfield Trade or No Trade?

Extracting cash from a player such as Patrick Dangerfield and spending down to a similar type of premium option that is currently under-priced and playing this week could allow for much needed upgrades elsewhere, now understand that with any trade you are not buying an already established average but you are buying what is to come for the remainder of the year.


You have 17 or less players listed to play in Round 15 with possibly a limited amount of premiums.

You have limited cash reserves and rookies that need a little more time to mature or your team is hamstrung with poor non-playing rookies.

Cash Positive Trade scenario, here are some examples

Dangerfield > Ablett: Adds 96K to the bank, upgrade to an under price premium possible

Dangerfield > Vince: Adds 118K to the Bank, upgrade to an under price premium possible

Dangerfield > Montagna: Adds 146K to the Bank, in the range to upgrade to most premiums

Dangerfield > Gaff: Adds $220K to the Bank, upgrade to any Premium player (Don’t forget Gaff scored 100pts or more in 15 games in 2015 and opened the 2016 season with 5 of 7 games 100+, West Coast also play Essendon in Round 15)

  • Dangerfield Ave Points Wins: 125.5
  • Dangerfield Ave Points Losses: 99.8

Geelong next 5 weeks

  • R15 Bye (Dangerfield 0 Points)
  • R16 v Sydney SS
  • R17 v Fremantle DS
  • R18 v Adelaide SS
  • R19 v Western Bulldogs SS


No Trade

You simply don’t trade out the scoring ability for a player such as Dangerfield.

Being on top of your League or in a position of power, it is incumbent for your opponents to take all the risks.

You have a minimum of 19 players this week, therefore holding Dangerfield is more optimal long term.

You simply don’t agree or want to entertain the thought of trading out Dangerfield.



Points Positive or Negative at the end of the season?

Regardless whether or not you pull the trigger on a Dangerfield trade this week, track the player/s you did or did not go with for the remainder of the season and review at the end of the year.


Posing the question for trading Dangerfield this week

Being a contrarian can be highly successful, opposing popular opinion can cause heated debates but not entertaining all opinions can more be detrimental.

Are you a ruthless fantasy coach willing to optimise your line-up which every way possible or do you sit down at the table and eat vanilla ice cream over summer?

Will be interested in reading some constructive opinions relating to Dangerfield.

Patrick Dangerfield (2)


Who Am I?

I am a defender

I am priced under $250K

I have played fewer than 50 Career Games (Rules out McKenzie)

I have averaged 71.0 in the last 2 games I have played

I have just returned from injury in recent weeks

I have pretty good job security for the remainder of the season

Post your best guess in the comments, will acknowledge the correct answer.


Good Luck for Round 15





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