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AFL Teams 2016: Round 11

Late changes for Roos vs Tiges are in GOLDSTEIN IS OUT!


5:30pm Friday 03/06/2016

Sunday extended benches are in! Matt Crouch didn’t make the cut, adding to the DT nightmare that is the Crouch brothers. Rookie listed players Kane Lucas (Mid.),Tom Lee (Def), and Bailey Williams (Def/Mid) didn’t make the cut, and Thomas Cole (Def/mid) who some picked up last week is omitted.
Logan Austin (Def $125,000 AF $128,200 DT) gives us another def rookie to watch, Matthew Goodyear (Mid. $132,000 AF $128,200 DT) is back for the pies and slightly pricier but on watchlists for awhile is Hugh Goddard (Def. $215,000 AF $ 239,800 DT) is in, although too expensive for my liking.

6:30pm Thursday 02/06/2016

Teams are IN! Looks like boom time with new rookies. On top of those mentioned below we have Kade Stewart (Mid. $125,000 AF $105,800 DT), Jesse Joyce (Def/Mid $125,000 AF $105,800 DT), a return of Darcy Tucker (Def $184,000 AF $121,300 DT), and a few possible options on sunday games (lets wait for sunday selections. Rory Laird (Def.) is FINALLY back, Kade Kolodjashnij (Def) and Matt Rosa (Def/Mid.) for the suns, and Matthew Leuenberger (Ruck/Fwd) back for bombers. Mundy, Rockliff, Yeo, Gaff in as confirmed. An annoying resting for some with James Kelly (Mid/Def) who has been a solid def POD premium.
As a Sam Frost (Ruck/fwd) owner, Im glad he is back, and hope he is playing through the byes. I’ll be happy for the extra 20 points.
There are few rookie outs with Ben Kennedy, Liam Sumner, Michael Hartley, Rhys Mathieson, and for those who still have them a few rookies in with Daniel Howe, Clayton Oliver, Ciaran Byrne, Lincoln McCarthy, Tom Ruggles confirmed in.
Biggest news of all, Travis Cloke is back :P.

5:30pm Thursday 02/06/2016

Round 11 Teams to be named shortly at ~6:15pm tonight! Rookie Debuts with Will Hams (Fwd. $155,000 AF $137,200 DT) and Jarrad Jansen (Mid. $125,000 AF $128,200 DT). Not a rookie, but definitely rookie priced in RDT Jack Trengove (Mid. $332,000 AF $180,800 DT) is making a well publicised return from a long stint on the sidelines. Those who held, Tom Rockliff (Mid.) is pretty much confirmed to play this week against the blues, and David Mundy (Mid.) looks a likely inclusion for Freo. Jack Viney (Mid.) has accepted a 1 week suspension, which is irrelevant as he is out for 3-4 weeks with a fractured knucklebone.
Those who had Marc Murphy (Mid.) as a POD will have him missing for 4-5 weeks with an ankle injury. Taylor Adams (Mid.) is out for 4-6 weeks with a hammie.
There are question marks over Todd Goldstein (Ruck) but he is expected to play at this stage. Elliot Yeo (Def.) Is touch and go as to whether he will be named tonight, but it looks like teammate Andrew Gaff (Mid.) will be back. Terrible news for those who have high hopes for rookie Darcy MacPherson (Mid.) returning any time soon. Not only is he is out for 8 weeks with a knee injury adding insult to injury he has been returned to the rookie list for a returning Mitch Hallahan.
Brad Crouch (Mid.) owners would be mortified to learn he is playing in SANFL this week and not on the Crows field.

Important times to remember:

Weekend game Teamsheets released ~6:15pm Thursday 02/06/2016
Sunday games Extended bench selection ~5:00pm Friday 03/06/2016
Late changes to Roos vs Tiges ~7:00pm Friday 03/06/2016
Lockout Roos vs Tiges 7:50pm Friday 03/06/2016

DT Relevant INs and OUTs

* Check Sunday extended benches ~5pm Fri.
Kade Stewart (Mid. $125,000 AF $105,800 DT)
Daniel Howe (Def.)
Jack Trengove (Mid. $332,000 AF $180,800 DT)
Sam Frost (Ruck/Fwd)
Clayton Oliver (Mid)
Nick Graham (Fwd/Mid)
Ciaran Byrne (Def)
Tom Rockliff (Mid.)
Jarrad Jansen (Mid. $125,000 AF $128,200 DT)
Lincoln McCarthy (Fwd.)
Daniel Menzel (Fwd.)
Tom Ruggles (Def.)
David Mundy (Mid.)
Darcy Tucker (Def $184,000 AF $121,300 DT)
Matthew Leuenberger (Ruck/Fwd)
Will Hams (Fwd. $155,000 AF $137,200 DT)
Jesse Joyce (Def/Mid $125,000 AF $105,800 DT)
Kade Kolodjashnij (Def)
Matt Rosa (Def/Mid)
* Brent Macaffer (Mid)
* Jonathon Marsh (Def)
* Matthew Goodyear (Mid.)
* Logan Austin (Def $125,000 AF $128,200 DT)
* Bailey Williams (Def/Mid)
* Elliot Yeo (Def.)
* Andrew Gaff (Mid.)
* Kane Lucas (Mid. $125,000 AF $144,900 DT)
* Rory Laird (Def),
* Matt Crouch (Mid)
* Hugh Goddard (Def)
* Tom Lee (Def)
* Jack Billings (Fwd)

Alex Neal-Bullen (Omitted)
Ben Kennedy (Omitted)
Jack Viney (Hand)
Marc Murphy (Ankle)
Liam Sumner (Foot)
Rhys Mathieson (Omitted)
James Kelly (Rested)
Michael Hartley (Hamstring)
Taylor Adams (Hamstring)
Thomas Cole (Omitted) *NEW*


Jack Trengove (Mid. $332,000 AF $180,800 DT)

Sam Skinner (Def/Fwd $136,000 AF $121,300 DT)

Will Hams (Fwd. $155,000 AF $137,200 DT)

Jarrad Jansen (Mid. $125,000 AF $128,200 DT)

Sunday June 5

*Extended benches updates ~5pm Friday

Collingwood v Port Adelaide at MCG (1.10pm)


B Alan Toovey, Jack Frost, Jeremy Howe
HB Ben Sinclair, Ben Reid, Josh Smith
C Travis Varcoe, Adam Treloar, Steele Sidebottom
HF Jordan De Goey, Travis Cloke, Jesse White
F Ben Crocker, Mason Cox, Jarryd Blair
FOL Brodie Grundy, Scott Pendlebury, Jack Crisp
I/C Levi Greenwood, Matthew Goodyear, Brayden Maynard, Adam Oxley
EMG Brent Macaffer, Jarrod Witts, Jonathon Marsh
Ben Sinclair, Travis Cloke, Matthew Goodyear
Darcy Moore (Collarbone), Taylor Adams (Hamstring), Alex Fasolo (Shoulder)
MILESTONES: Matthew Goodyear – Played 1st game


B Darcy Byrne-Jones, Logan Austin, Jasper Pittard
HB Nathan Krakouer, Cam O’Shea, Jarman Impey
C Sam Gray, Ollie Wines, Brad Ebert
HF Jake Neade, Justin Westhoff, Hamish Hartlett
F Aaron Young, Charlie Dixon, Chad Wingard
FOL Jackson Trengove, Travis Boak, Robbie Gray
I/C Matthew Broadbent, Paul Stewart, Jared Polec, Dougal Howard
EMG Karl Amon, Alipate Carlile, Brendon Ah Chee
Logan Austin, Matthew Broadbent
Jack Hombsch (Hamstring), Karl Amon (Omitted)
Logan Austin

Shags’ Watchlist

Going with a bit of an outthere one with a definite smokey, and a tad risky for this time of the year, this one is for the punters. Scoring wise Jeremy Howe (Def/Fwd. $415,000 be 38 AF $446,600 be 44 DT) has stood up the last few weeks with a 3 round average of 98, capped off with 117 last week. Risky as he has had some low scores this year, although you might argue he was finding his feet at a new club, and he is really cheap with a low BE. That Def/Fwd status could come in handy as well.

Western Bulldogs v West Coast Eagles at Etihad Stadium (3.20pm)


B Matthew Boyd, Marcus Adams, Matthew Suckling
HB Shane Biggs, Dale Morris, Easton Wood
C Lachie Hunter, Tom Liberatore, Tory Dickson
HF Liam Picken, Jake Stringer, Luke Dahlhaus
F Tom Campbell, Jack Redpath, Caleb Daniel
FOL Jordan Roughead, Jack Macrae, Marcus Bontempelli
I/C Mitch Wallis, Toby McLean, Fletcher Roberts, Josh Dunkley
EMG Mitch Honeychurch, Will Minson, Bailey Williams
No Change

B Brad Sheppard, Eric MacKenzie, Will Schofield
HB Elliot Yeo, Jeremy McGovern, Shannon Hurn
C Chris Masten, Matt Priddis, Mark Hutchings
HF Josh Hill, Jack Darling, Jack Redden
F Scott Lycett, Josh J. Kennedy, Mark LeCras
FOL Nic Naitanui, Andrew Gaff, Luke Shuey
I/C Sharrod Wellingham, Liam Duggan, Jamie Cripps, Sam Butler
EMG Lewis Jetta, Thomas Cole, Kane Lucas
Elliot Yeo, Andrew Gaff
Lewis Jetta (Omitted), Thomas Cole (Omitted)

Shags’ Watchlist

I must have drunk something funny this afternoon as Im going for yet another smokey and another Def/Fwd. Matthew Suckling (Def/Fwd. $413,000 be 103 AF $421,000 be 133 DT) is pretty cheap thanks to an injury induced score of 15. He has consistently scoring 90s which isnt bad for a defender, and he should go up some value. Wait and watch 1 more week in DT with his huge BE.

Adelaide v St Kilda at Adelaide Oval (4.40pm)


B Kyle Cheney, Kyle Hartigan, Ricky Henderson
HB Luke Brown, Daniel Talia, Brodie Smith
C Wayne Milera, Rory Sloane, Paul Seedsman
HF Scott Thompson, Josh Jenkins, Rory Atkins
F Eddie Betts, Taylor Walker, Tom Lynch
FOL Sam Jacobs, Jarryd Lyons, Richard Douglas
I/C Jake Lever, Charlie Cameron, Rory Laird, Mitch McGovern
EMG Nathan Van Berlo, David Mackay, Matt Crouch
Rory Laird
Nathan Van Berlo (Omitted)


B Jarryn Geary, Sean Dempster, Brodie Murdoch
HB Dylan Roberton, Hugh Goddard, Jack Newnes
C Shane Savage, David Armitage, Leigh Montagna
HF Maverick Weller, Nick Riewoldt, Tim Membrey
F Josh Bruce, Paddy McCartin, Jade Gresham
FOL Tom Hickey, Sebastian Ross, Jack Steven
I/C Luke Dunstan, Jack Billings, Sam Gilbert, Daniel McKenzie
EMG Tom Lee, Jimmy Webster, Jack Sinclair
Hugh Goddard, Jack Billings
Sam Fisher (Hamstring), Jack Sinclair (Omitted)

Shags’ Watchlist

David Armitage (Mid $462,000 AF be 45 $475,400 DT be 10) had a breakout year last year averaging 107.5. He has been…less than perfect this year. Smashing out a 158 though last week makes you sit up and take attention. Could he be back to form? He is so cheap at the moment that punters may take a risk, even conservative types have to take notice if he goes huge again this week.

Friday June 3

North Melbourne v Richmond at Blundstone Arena (7.50pm)


B Shaun Atley, Robbie Tarrant, Luke McDonald
HB Michael Firrito, Scott D. Thompson, Nick Dal Santo
C Jack Ziebell, Daniel Wells, Jamie Macmillan
HF Sam Gibson, Jarrad Waite, Brent Harvey
F Ben Brown, Drew Petrie, Lindsay Thomas
FOL Todd Goldstein, Andrew Swallow, Ben Cunnington
I/C Brad McKenzie, Sam Wright, Robin Nahas, Mason Wood
EMG Trent Dumont, Aaron Mullett, Majak Daw
Mason Wood
Trent Dumont (Omitted)


B Dylan Grimes, David Astbury, Alex Rance
HB Kane Lambert, Taylor Hunt, Brett Deledio
C Steven Morris, Shaun Grigg, Trent Cotchin
HF Jake Batchelor, Dustin Martin, Daniel Rioli
F Jack Riewoldt, Sam Lloyd, Shane Edwards
FOL Shaun Hampson, Brandon Ellis, Ben Griffiths
I/C Nick Vlastuin, Anthony Miles, Ty Vickery, Corey Ellis
EMG Oleg Markov, Troy Chaplin, Connor Menadue
No Change

Shags’ Watchlist

With a great many teams wanting to move on Stef Martin, Todd Goldstein (Ruck $548,000 AF be 91 $581,000 be 95 DT) is once again on my watchlist. More than 1 quarter of the league already have him, and rightly so. The concern is he is carrying an injury, however if you have the luxury a Stef>Goldi is a good call IMO, indeed almost any underperforming ruck > Goldi is a good call, and he has dropped a bit in price from his highest potential, the way the rucks are going this year, everyone will have him by season end.

Goldi is OUT!

Saturday June 4

Hawthorn v Melbourne at MCG (1.45pm)


B Taylor Duryea, James Frawley, Ben Stratton
HB Shaun Burgoyne, Josh Gibson, Grant Birchall
C Isaac Smith, Jordan Lewis, Bradley Hill
HF Luke Breust, Tim O’Brien, Jack Gunston
F Paul Puopolo, James Sicily, Cyril Rioli
FOL Jonathon Ceglar, Sam Mitchell, Liam Shiels
I/C Daniel Howe, Kade Stewart, Billy Hartung, Ben McEvoy
EMG Kaiden Brand, Teia Miles, Angus Litherland
Daniel Howe, Kade Stewart
Will Langford (Managed), Matt Spangher (Hamstring)
Kade Stewart
MILESTONES: Josh Gibson – Playing 200th game


B Jayden Hunt, Tom McDonald, Neville Jetta
HB Tomas Bugg, Oscar McDonald, Josh Wagner
C Dean Kent, Jack Trengove, Bernie Vince
HF Billy Stretch, Jack Watts, Jeff Garlett
F Christian Petracca, Jesse Hogan, Chris Dawes
FOL Max Gawn, Nathan Jones, Dom Tyson
I/C Clayton Oliver, Sam Frost, Aaron Vandenberg, James Harmes
EMG Cameron Pedersen, Viv Michie, Jack Grimes
Jack Trengove, Chris Dawes, Clayton Oliver, Sam Frost, Aaron Vandenberg
Alex Neal-Bullen (Omitted), Ben Kennedy (Omitted), Colin Garland (Cheekbone), Jack Viney (Hand), Ben Newton (Omitted)
MILESTONES: Max Gawn – Playing 50th game

Shags’ Watchlist

Simply cannot go past the good news story this week for the dees that is the inclusion of Jack Trengove (Mid. $332,000 AF $180,800 DT) the odd punter might take a chance on him in AF, but really this is one more for RDT as he is too cheap to ignore. Watch his first couple of games closely.

Carlton v Brisbane Lions at Etihad Stadium (2.10pm)


B Zach Tuohy, Sam Rowe, Jacob Weitering
HB Dale Thomas, Lachie Plowman, Simon White
C Sam Docherty, Patrick Cripps, Ed Curnow
HF Jed Lamb, Levi Casboult, Matthew Wright
F Sam Kerridge, Andrew Walker, Andrejs Everitt
FOL Matthew Kreuzer, Nick Graham, Bryce Gibbs
I/C Ciaran Byrne, Daniel Gorringe, Kade Simpson, Dennis Armfield
EMG Andrew Phillips, Kristian Jaksch, Jason Tutt
Nick Graham, Ciaran Byrne
Marc Murphy (Ankle), Liam Sumner (Foot)


B Ryan Harwood, Daniel Merrett, Jackson Paine
HB Daniel Rich, Daniel McStay, Sam Mayes
C Tom Rockliff, Allen Christensen, Tom Bell
HF Pearce Hanley, Lewis Taylor, Nick Robertson
F Trent West, Josh Schache, Ryan Bastinac
FOL Stefan Martin, Dayne Zorko, Mitch Robinson
I/C Ben Keays, Jarrad Jansen, Tom Cutler, Jonathan Freeman
EMG Claye Beams, Josh Clayton, Rhys Mathieson
Tom Rockliff, Jarrad Jansen
Ryan Lester (Leg), Rhys Mathieson (Omitted)
Jarrad Jansen

Shags’ Watchlist

With Rhys Mathieson out, an opportunity for yet another Lions rookie (seriously how many do they have this year!) with Jarrad Jansen (Mid. $125,000 AF $128,200 DT).
Was on many peoples watchlists already during the years preseason comp, he could be a very solid cashcow option, but Id say one more for your benches.

Geelong v GWS Giants at Simonds Stadium (4.35pm)


B Lachie Henderson, Tom Lonergan, Andrew Mackie
HB Corey Enright, Harry Taylor, Jake Kolodjashnij
C Mark Blicavs, Joel Selwood, Steven Motlop
HF Shane Kersten, Zac Smith, Josh Caddy
F Jimmy Bartel, Tom Hawkins, Darcy Lang
FOL Rhys Stanley, Cameron Guthrie, Patrick Dangerfield
I/C Mitch Duncan, Lincoln McCarthy, Daniel Menzel, Tom Ruggles, Jordan Murdoch NEW
EMG Cory Gregson, Jordan Murdoch, Billie Smedts, Nathan Vardy
Lincoln McCarthy, Daniel Menzel, Tom Ruggles
Jordan Murdoch (Omitted), Billie Smedts (Omitted), Cory Gregson (Omitted)


B Phil Davis, Nick Haynes, Lachie Whitfield
HB Nathan Wilson, Joel Patfull, Heath Shaw
C Adam Tomlinson, Jacob Hopper, Josh Kelly
HF Steve Johnson, Jonathon Patton, Stephen Coniglio
F Jeremy Cameron, Rory Lobb, Callan Ward
FOL Shane Mumford, Tom Scully, Dylan Shiel
I/C Jack Steele, Matt Buntine, Zac Williams, Toby Greene
EMG Matthew Kennedy, Tom Downie, Sam J. Reid
Phil Davis, Matt Buntine
Adam Kennedy (Shoulder), Rhys Palmer (Toe)
MILESTONES: Nick Haynes – Playing 50th game

Shags’ Watchlist

Perennial DT favourite for years, Mr versitile is now a defender in Jimbob Jimmy Bartel (Def/Mid $493,000 be 79 AF $520,800 be 86 DT), who lets face it had a bit of a shocker of a start to the season with many scores in the 70s, has now had a 5 week average of 106.8. Consider in Fantasy (remembering DPP changes are around the corner) but looking a must have more and more in RDT with the limited def premium options.

Gold Coast Suns v Sydney Swans at Metricon Stadium (7.25pm)


B Nick Malceski, Steven May, Mackenzie Willis
HB Jarrod Harbrow, Keegan Brooksby, Kade Kolodjashnij
C Callum Ah Chee, Michael Rischitelli, Matt Rosa
HF Alex Sexton, Tom J. Lynch, Jack Martin
F Brandon Matera, Peter Wright, Ryan Davis
FOL Tom Nicholls, Gary Ablett, Dion Prestia
I/C Touk Miller, Aaron Hall, Jesse Lonergan, Jesse Joyce
EMG Trent McKenzie, Matt Shaw, Seb Tape
Kade Kolodjashnij, Callum Ah Chee, Matt Rosa, Alex Sexton, Touk Miller, Jesse Joyce
Seb Tape (Omitted), Matt Shaw (Omitted), Henry Schade (Omitted), Luke Russell (Omitted), Sean Lemmens (Ribs), Clay Cameron (Omitted)
Jesse Joyce


B Nick Smith, Heath Grundy, Dane Rampe
HB Zak Jones, Jeremy Laidler, Callum Mills
C Dan Hannebery, Josh P. Kennedy, Isaac Heeney
HF Jarrad McVeigh, Lance Franklin, Gary Rohan
F Luke Parker, Kurt Tippett, Ben McGlynn
FOL Callum Sinclair, Kieren Jack, Tom Mitchell
I/C Harry Cunningham, George Hewett, Jake Lloyd, Harrison Marsh
EMG Brandon Jack, Toby Nankervis, James Rose
No Change
MILESTONES: Tom Mitchell – Playing 50th game, Harrison Marsh – Played 1st game

Shags’ Watchlist

Is the little master Gary Ablett (Mid. $497,000 be 93 AF $500,500 be 84 DT) Back? It is true last week after a weeks rest was the best score he has for weeks, and the first tonne he has had since round 3. On the flipside, if he is back, this will be the cheapest he will be. Conservative coaches will want to see a week or two of good scores, but its not too bad a punt if you want to jump on this week (if you dont already have or traded him out).

Fremantle v Essendon at Subiaco Oval (7.40pm)

B Sam Collins, Zac Dawson, Lee Spurr
HB Danyle Pearce, David Mundy, Cameron Sutcliffe
C Hayden Crozier, Nick Suban, Connor Blakely
HF Michael Barlow, Matt Taberner, Michael Walters
F Chris Mayne, Matthew Pavlich, Hayden Ballantyne
FOL Jonathon Griffin, Stephen Hill, Lachie Neale
I/C Tommy Sheridan, Lachie Weller, Darcy Tucker, Michael Apeness
EMG Ed Langdon, Matt de Boer, Tendai Mzungu
David Mundy, Darcy Tucker, Michael Apeness
Ed Langdon (Omitted), Matt de Boer (Omitted), Garrick Ibbotson (Wrist)
MILESTONES: Sam Collins – Played 1st game


B Courtenay Dempsey, Patrick Ambrose, Shaun Edwards
HB Anthony McDonald-Tipungwuti, James Gwilt, Matt Dea
C Jackson Merrett, David Zaharakis, Will Hams
HF Brendon Goddard, Mitch Brown, Darcy Parish
F Mark Baguley, Joe Daniher, Adam Cooney
FOL Matthew Leuenberger, Ryan Crowley, Orazio Fantasia
I/C Zach Merrett, Martin Gleeson, Craig Bird, Kyle Langford
EMG James Polkinghorne, Mark Jamar, Sam Michael
Jackson Merrett, Will Hams, Matthew Leuenberger
James Kelly (Rested), Michael Hartley (Hamstring), Mark Jamar (Omitted)

Shags’ Watchlist

Bit of excitement down at bomberland with the inclusion of rookie Will Hams (Fwd. $155,000 AF $137,200 DT). You would hope the bombers will keep playing their rookies once they get a game, (if they play well.) The other reason Hams could be a popular trade in this week is simply the complete lack of good fwd rookie downgrade options and quite a few fwd cashcws about to burst, and its reached the stage that a good cheap slow burn option on your bench at m8 could be good. You may want to watch 1 week in AF for form and JS first (and a couple in RDT of course).





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