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Competition: Name Trev’s Fantasy team

It has been 15 years with the same bland team name fro Trev, so he is offering up a Prospectus as a prize for someone creatively coming up with a new team name for him. WINNER ANNOUNCED. CHECK POST.

WINNER: ChickenDinner with “Jack to the Future”.

The name is Trevor. I’ve been an AFL DT coach since my brother introduced the fantasy game to me back in  2002 and I’ve had the team name “AFL Saints” ever since. I’m not interested in having a generic team name for the next 15 years either, so I’m throwing it open to the public for a name that will last a lifetime.

What am I looking for in a name? In a word or two… Humour, wit, but there’s a fine line between being silly and funny. Nothing wrong with a good pun either, something like… Monte Carlo bikkies becoming Monte Barlow’s. Need a little more info? I’m a Saints supporter and have a mini man crush on Jack Billings but nothing that compares to @RoyDT with a certain ‘Fantasy Pig’.

Overall, let rip with a great pun, unleash your funny side, use your imagination, have a laugh, throw your best team names out there and you could take home a brand new AFL Prospectus for your troubles. @Trevor_DT

ENTRIES: Must be posted in the comments here. Feel free to chat about them on Twitter with @Trevor_DT, but all official entries must be posted here to be eligible for the AFL Prospectus.






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