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2016 Prices

West Coast AFL Fantasy Prices 2016

The full prices and positions for West Coast and’s top five potential targets for 2016.

With each AFL Fantasy team price reveal, Peter from takes a look at five potential targets from each club. Click here to read Warnie’s look at the Eagles over on

Matt Priddis MID $570K

Priddis has elevated his game under Eagles coach Adam Simpson to a new level, the 2014 Brownlow Medallist had yet another impressive season averaging 103.0pts in 2015. Priddis has also proven to be very durable missing only 3 Home & Away games in the last 5 years, he has not missed a Home & Away game since Round 19 2013. After a relatively slow start in 2015 Priddis averaged just 86.7pts from his first 3 games, his next 5 games he averaged 116.8pts with 5 straight 100pt games. Priddis exceeded 100pts in 11 games in 2015 with 5 going over 120pts or more. Considering his very good durability and scoring ability Priddis in a pretty safe premium option to build your team around, the Eagles were ranked No.3 in AFL Fantasy scoring last year and are not slowing down anytime soon therefore Priddis can enjoy another healthy scoring season in 2016.


Andrew Gaff MID $579K

Gaff was a surprise packet last year averaging over 100pts for the first time in his 5 year career, midway through the 2015 season he was only owned by approximately 4% of AFL Fantasy coaches. Considering Gaff exceeded 100pts or more in 15 games last season 4 of which went for 120pts or more his ownership rate is set to increase in 2016, if you like Priddis as an option this year then also consider Gaff as he will likely increase on his average of 104.6pts in a high scoring Eagles team. If you want durability and a very good up and coming premium option then gaff could be the play for your team this year, he has not missed a game since Round 16 2011 (104 consecutive games).


Elliot Yeo DEF/MID $436K

Many AFL Fantasy coaches will think long and hard about investing in Yeo at Round 1 this year, he finished the 2015 Home & Away season averaging 78.7pts but it was a rollercoaster of a ride. Yeo started the 2015 season averaging 62.0pts from his first 4 games, between Rounds 5-17 he averaged 97.9pts making him a top Defensive prospect but it was his final 6 games that left a bitter taste for many coaches averaging just 54.7pts. With a fully fit backline at West Coast it is expected that Yeo could be a middle 90’s average player thus providing a solid option to build around, the risk for him will eventuate if injuries again impact the Eagles defence thus rendering him to more of a lockdown role. Considering his mid-range price and the potential upside for Yeo, he could be a risk worth taking in 2016.


Luke Shuey MID $524K

We all know the Eagles like to score heavy in AFL Fantasy and with Gaff emerging last year along with the arrival of Jetta the scoring potential for Shuey could be optimal in 2016, what mostly caught the attention on Shuey was his last 5 games of the 2015 Home & Away season in which he averaged 108.2pts. Shuey has been a solid AFL Fantasy accumulator without elevating himself in to premium status as yet but this season could be his break-out year, he scored 100pts or more in 12 games last year (1 More than Priddis) with a season high 121pts against Gold Coast in Round 7. Shuey has to be considered some type of value entering the 2016 season, have him at the top of your players to watch and consider throughout the AFL Fantasy pre-season.


Nic Naitanui RUCK $489K

We are yet to see a break-out year for Naitanui in AFL Fantasy, last season he averaged 88.3pts which included 6 of 20 Home & Away games exceeding 100pts or more and none above 120pts or more. The difficulty for Naitanui to elevate himself in to the premium Ruck options are that he does not accumulate enough disposals during play, he did however average 34.0 hit-outs in 2015 (Including Finals) which was a career high. With Sinclair now gone from the Eagles squad Naitanui could see a spike in his numbers, he is right in the zone for when Ruckmen finally mature entering his 8th year in the AFL. Consider Naitanaui as an option for your team in 2016, if he can average somewhere near 96.0pts like he did in his final 12 Home & Away games of 2015 then he will be a good return on investment.


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First NameSurnameClubPositionGamesAveragePrice
AndrewGaffWest CoastMID22104.64$579000
MattPriddisWest CoastMID22102.95$570000
JackReddenWest CoastMID1797$537000
LukeShueyWest CoastMID2294.68$524000
NicNaitanuiWest CoastRUC2088.3$489000
ChrisMastenWest CoastMID2085.15$471000
Josh J.KennedyWest CoastFWD2284.95$470000
MarkLeCrasWest CoastFWD2183.76$464000
JamieCrippsWest CoastFWD2280.68$447000
LewisJettaWest CoastMID2279.14$438000
ElliotYeoWest CoastDEF/MID2178.71$436000
SamButlerWest CoastDEF1472.71$402000
MarkHutchingsWest CoastFWD/MID1071.8$397000
JackDarlingWest CoastFWD1270.67$391000
DomSheedWest CoastFWD/MID2070.3$389000
SharrodWellinghamWest CoastDEF2170.24$389000
BradSheppardWest CoastDEF2268.55$379000
JoshHillWest CoastFWD1965.63$363000
ShannonHurnWest CoastDEF2263.82$353000
XavierEllisWest CoastDEF1261.83$342000
ScottLycettWest CoastRUC/FWD668.17$332000
JeremyMcGovernWest CoastDEF1758.53$324000
JonathanGilesWest CoastRUC373$319000
WillSchofieldWest CoastDEF1849.67$275000
FraserMcInnesWest CoastFWD753.43$269000
LiamDugganWest CoastFWD/MID1245.25$250000
TomBarrassWest CoastDEF352.67$244000
JacksonNelsonWest CoastDEF1143.09$238000
JamieBennellWest CoastDEF941.44$222000
PatrickMcGinnityWest CoastFWD840.25$209000
EricMacKenzieWest CoastDEF$205000
TomLambWest CoastFWD152$194000
BrantColledgeWest CoastMID131$183000
MitchellBrownWest CoastDEF14$183000
ThomasColeWest CoastDEF/MID$163000
LukePartingtonWest CoastMID$162000
SimonTunbridgeWest CoastFWD134$137000
AlecWatermanWest CoastMID$125000
CoreyAdamsonWest CoastDEF/MID$125000
DamienCavkaWest CoastFWD/MID$125000
JordanSnaddenWest CoastMID$125000
KaneLucasWest CoastMID$125000
KurtMutimerWest CoastMID$125000
MalcolmKarpanyWest CoastFWD/MID$125000
MatthewAllenWest CoastFWD$125000
PaddyBrophyWest CoastDEF$125000

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