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2016 Prices

North Melbourne AFL Fantasy Prices 2016

The full prices and positions for North Melbourne and’s top five potential targets for 2016.

With each AFL Fantasy team price reveal, Peter from takes a look at five potential targets from each club. Click here to read Calvin’s look at the Roos over on

Todd Goldstein RUCK $630K

Last year was a break out year for Goldstein, it was the first time he averaged over 100.0pts in a single season over his 8 year career. Goldstein exceeded 100pts or more in 15 of 22 games with 9 going over 120pts or more, he had a 10 game stretch scoring over 100pts between Rounds 9-19 in which he averaged 130.5pts. Since the start of the 2010 Home & Away season Goldstein has missed only 6 games, his durability is an added bonus therefore he is likely to save you on forced trades. Goldstein is clearly the No.1 Ruck option at Nth Melbourne with very little threat of any other player reducing his points output, it’s just a decision starting him at Round 1 or waiting for a potential cheaper upgrade situation.


Jack Ziebell MID $500K

Ziebell would be a very unique option in what is otherwise a very underwhelming Nth Melbourne midfield from an AFL Fantasy perspective, the one thing he should provide you with is consistency over an entire season. If Ziebell starts the 2016 season slowly then pencil him in as a potential upgrade knowing that he could deliver a mid 90’s average, last year he averaged 90.5 which included a low score of 7 (Round 3) which if removed provided him with an average of 94.7pts. Ziebell did hit 100pts or more in 6 games last season 2 of which exceeded 120pts or more, he is not likely a top choice for many AFL Fantasy coaches but with a solid year he could provide a good point of difference.


Daniel Wells MID/FWD $293K

Many AFL Fantasy coaches will debate long and hard whether or not to select Wells at Round 1, his price will play a big part in making a final decision based on the likely return on investment. Wells will be one of the riskier selections made in 2016, he has played only 9 Home & Away games in the last 2 years. No doubt many will be casting a close eye on Pre-Season games when Nth Melbourne are involved, if there is any word out of the Kangaroos that they are managing his time on the field that should send alarm bells ringing everywhere. Wells would indeed be a great opportunity to make some good coin, but weigh that up against making a tricky forced trade with only minimal opportunities at his value & position.


Brant Harvey FWD $451K

With the perceived limited Forward line opportunities Brent Harvey should not be entirely overlooked based on his age, he can bring to a team durability saving much needed trades and can score well above 80 in any given week. Harvey did not miss a game in what was his 19th year in the AFL in 2015, he has not averaged under 80pts in a single season since 2004. Harvey exceeded 100pts or more in only 3 games in 2015 down from 8 games in 2014, of course there are many other options in 2016 but even at his age he will still find the footy with ease.


Shaun Higgins FWD $472K

Higgins can be a frustrating player to own but with tempered expectations he can certainly be an asset to any AFL Fantasy coach willing to call his name out at Round 1, his career has been littered with injuries but in the last 2 years he has missed only 3 Home & Away games. Finding his way at Nth Melbourne Higgins averaged 85.3pts in his first year, he could exceed a 90.0pt average in 2016 as he settles down in to his 2nd season. In 2015 Higgins exceeded 100pts or more in 7 games but had zero 120pt games, he failed to reach 80pts in 9 games with 2 falling short of 60pts. The Kangaroos don’t throw up that many AFL Fantasy relevant players, Higgins could provide a great point of difference especially if he can achieve a 90pt average in 2016.


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First NameSurnameClubPositionGamesAveragePrice
ToddGoldsteinNorth MelbourneRUC21113.90$630000
JackZiebellNorth MelbourneMID2190.38$500000
AndrewSwallowNorth MelbourneMID1987.95$487000
ShaunHigginsNorth MelbourneFWD2185.33$472000
NickDal SantoNorth MelbourneMID1284.25$466000
BenCunningtonNorth MelbourneMID2183.57$463000
BrentHarveyNorth MelbourneFWD2281.45$451000
JamieMacmillanNorth MelbourneDEF1478.86$436000
DrewPetrieNorth MelbourneFWD2178.19$433000
JarradWaiteNorth MelbourneFWD2074$410000
SamWrightNorth MelbourneDEF2171.29$395000
SamGibsonNorth MelbourneMID2269.45$384000
RobinNahasNorth MelbourneFWD1767.59$374000
BenJacobsNorth MelbourneDEF/MID2065.55$363000
FarrenRayNorth MelbourneMID869$359000
ShaunAtleyNorth MelbourneDEF2062.45$346000
LachlanHansenNorth MelbourneDEF1361.38$340000
LindsayThomasNorth MelbourneFWD1860.17$333000
Scott D.ThompsonNorth MelbourneDEF2159.95$332000
RobbieTarrantNorth MelbourneDEF2058.95$326000
BenBrownNorth MelbourneFWD1958.63$324000
MichaelFirritoNorth MelbourneDEF2054.6$302000
DanielWellsNorth MelbourneFWD/MID238.5$293000
LukeMcDonaldNorth MelbourneDEF1351.54$285000
MasonWoodNorth MelbourneFWD/MID756.14$283000
BradMcKenzieNorth MelbourneMID173$266000
MajakDawNorth MelbourneRUC/FWD262.5$263000
KayneTurnerNorth MelbourneFWD1146.91$260000
TrentDumontNorth MelbourneMID845.5$237000
TaylorGarnerNorth MelbourneFWD844.5$232000
JedAndersonNorth MelbourneFWD/MID449.25$224000
MitchellHibberdNorth MelbourneDEF/MID$165000
RyanClarkeNorth MelbourneMID$164000
AaronMullettNorth MelbourneDEF435.75$162000
AaronBlackNorth MelbourneFWD335.67$156000
BenMcKayNorth MelbourneDEF$156000
CoreyWagnerNorth MelbourneMID$136000
JoelTippettNorth MelbourneDEF329.67$130000
BraydonPreussNorth MelbourneRUC$125000
DanielNielsonNorth MelbourneDEF$125000
DeclanMountfordNorth MelbourneMID$125000
EdVickers-WillisNorth MelbourneDEF$125000
SamDurdinNorth MelbourneDEF$125000
WillFordhamNorth MelbourneMID$125000

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