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2016 Prices

Western Bulldogs AFL Fantasy Prices 2016

The full prices and positions for Western Bulldogs and’s top five potential targets for 2016.

With each AFL Fantasy team price reveal, Peter from takes a look at five potential targets from each club. Click here to read Warnie’s look at the Dogs over on

Marcus Bontempelli MID $511K

In only his 2nd year of AFL Bontempelli averaged 92.9pts, he exceeded 100pts or more in 5 games with 3 going over 120pts or more. More importantly Bontempelli only fell short of 80pts in 4 games, it appears that he is going to be a safe option over his career still accumulating points on the not so good days. Bontempelli increased his average disposals from 15.9 in 2014 to 21.1 last season, there should be a fair bit more scope to increase his average in 2016. Based on what we have seen so far in Bontempelli, he has elite skills and ability to find the ball in confined spaces similar to Scott Pendlebury. There are not many questions relating to Bontempelli, there was no drop off in form or fitness in the back end of his second season which provides assuredness that he can be a long term sustainable option in 2016.


Jack Macrae MID $579K

Despite missing some early season games in 2015 Macrae responded in his last 14 games averaging 109.1pts upon his return to the team , this included an 8 games streak in which he scored over 100pts or more. Macare has averaged over 100pts in his last 2 seasons, considering he is only entering his 4th season of AFL it would appear that he will continue to be a strong player in AFL Fantasy for quite a long time to come. If you select Macrae in your 2016 line-up, take comfort in the fact he has scored 100pts or more in 22 of his last 41 games with 9 of those games exceeding 120pts or more. Macrae should be one to be considered amongst your premium options this season.


Tom Liberatore MID $443K

Unfortunately Liberatore suffered a knee injury ending his 2015 campaign around this time last year, coming off back to back seasons in which he averaged just under 100pts we should have had a solid understanding of his capacity to score under new Coach Luke Beveridge if not for the injury. There is no doubt  Liberatore will be a big part of the Bulldogs midfield and a popular AFL Fantasy player to start the 2016 season but expectations probably need to be tempered in the short term. Players returning from serious knee injuries do often take time in the first few games back on the ground if not all of a season to return to their previous output, additionally under the previous McCartney regime Liberatore was one of the players that thrived in a contested game plan due to inside game style. Knowing all the risks Liberatore is still a solid choice if his pre-season form is good, there is likely more upside than the negative in selecting him.


Lukas Webb DEF $258K

If you are looking for value selections in your backline then Webb could be the guy for you, absolutely there are no guarantees in game time at this point and yes a must watch in pre-season games to confirm any heightened interest but considering what most coaches spent on Defenders in 2015 with little return he could be part of a different strategy next season. Looking at Webb in 2015 he had a little opportunity to show us what could be possible, 6 of his 10 games exceed 10 Disposals or more but given an opportunity for consistent game time this season most games would range between 12-17 Disposals which would no doubt help to improve on his 46.6 AFL Fantasy average of 2015. Webb caught the eye in the U18’s Championships to be a future talent and from what was witnessed last year he could be a player than can generate some good coin in your AFL Fantasy team in 2016, if his game time and numbers are solid in the pre-season then seriously consider taking him with the knowledge he comes at a price that poses little risk.


Liam Picken MID $559K

From Fantasy obscurity to a genuine option last year Picken should actually be a unique pick considering his status in 2016, last year he averaged over 100pts for the first time in his career which was a remarkable turnaround considering his highest single season previously was 75.9 back in 2012. Picken thrived losing his tagging duties under 1st year head coach Luke Beveridge accumulating points with ease in 2015, between Rounds 4-17 he averaged 116.3pts which placed his average among the elite in AFL Fantasy. Don’t hesitate in making Picken one of your premium target options to start the 2016 season, he had 10 games that hit 100pts or more last season with 6 going for 120pts or more which was the most totalled at the Western Bulldogs in 2015.



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First NameSurnameClubPositionGamesAveragePrice
JackMacraeWestern BulldogsMID20104.6$579000
MatthewBoydWestern BulldogsDEF18104.44$578000
LiamPickenWestern BulldogsMID20101.05$559000
LukeDahlhausWestern BulldogsFWD/MID2297.64$540000
MarcusBontempelliWestern BulldogsMID2092.35$511000
MitchWallisWestern BulldogsMID1989.47$495000
KobyStevensWestern BulldogsMID1283.5$462000
MatthewSucklingWestern BulldogsDEF/FWD2180.19$444000
TomLiberatoreWestern BulldogsMID$443000
RobertMurphyWestern BulldogsDEF2079.75$441000
LachieHunterWestern BulldogsMID1278.25$433000
JasonJohannisenWestern BulldogsDEF2076.95$426000
JakeStringerWestern BulldogsFWD2175.71$419000
EastonWoodWestern BulldogsDEF2173.14$405000
ShaneBiggsWestern BulldogsDEF973.11$392000
StewartCrameriWestern BulldogsFWD1769.65$385000
WillMinsonWestern BulldogsRUC971.44$384000
ToryDicksonWestern BulldogsFWD2269.05$382000
LinJongWestern BulldogsFWD/MID1263.33$351000
JedAdcockWestern BulldogsFWD/DEF2161.71$342000
JordanRougheadWestern BulldogsDEF/RUC1659.88$331000
MitchHoneychurchWestern BulldogsFWD1059$327000
JackRedpathWestern BulldogsFWD1157.09$316000
TomCampbellWestern BulldogsRUC/FWD661.83$301000
DaleMorrisWestern BulldogsDEF1352.23$289000
CalebDanielWestern BulldogsFWD953$285000
TomBoydWestern BulldogsFWD1450.64$280000
TobyMcLeanWestern BulldogsFWD461$277000
NathanHrovatWestern BulldogsFWD754.43$274000
LukasWebbWestern BulldogsDEF1046.6$258000
JoelHamlingWestern BulldogsDEF1046$255000
JoshPruddenWestern BulldogsDEF452$236000
FletcherRobertsWestern BulldogsDEF1138.27$212000
BaileyDaleWestern BulldogsFWD/MID1033.3$184000
ClaySmithWestern BulldogsFWD/MID340.33$176000
JoshDunkleyWestern BulldogsMID$162000
MarcusAdamsWestern BulldogsDEF/FWD$155000
BaileyWilliamsWestern BulldogsDEF/MID$136000
KieranCollinsWestern BulldogsDEF$136000
RoarkeSmithWestern BulldogsDEF131$125000
ZaineCordyWestern BulldogsDEF219$125000
BradLynchWestern BulldogsDEF$125000
DeclanHamiltonWestern BulldogsFWD/MID$125000
LukeGoetzWestern BulldogsRUC$125000

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