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2016 Prices

Port Adelaide AFL Fantasy Prices 2016

The full prices and positions for Port Adelaide and’s top five potential targets for 2016.

With each AFL Fantasy team price reveal, Peter from takes a look at five potential targets from each club. Click here to read Roy’s look at the Power over on

Brad Ebert MID $564K

If you are looking for a quality midfielder that is likely to get a fast start to the year then look no further than Bard Ebert, in his first 11 games he averaged 111.6pts to start the 2015 season with an even more impressive average of 118.8pts from his first 5 games. Ebert had a very similar start to the 2014 season, he averaged 108.8pts from his first 12 games that year again with an early hot streak of 117.8pt average from his first 6 games. The back end of each year has been a significant drop off for Ebert, he averaged just 92.3pts from his final 11 games last year and 87.1pts from his final 10 games of 2014. If you are willing to play the numbers game and Ebert does get off to another fast start you will have a great point of difference against your opponents, just choosing when to trade him maximising your return on investment will be the key.


Charlie Dixon FWD $329K

Unusual to throw up a key forward but Dixon comes in at a very low average making him an intriguing potential selection, his highest average for a single season was 71.2pts back in 2013; compare that with last year’s 59.4pt average and you can see the chance for a price spike. Additionally the move for Dixon to Port Adelaide provides a good opportunity to increase his average significantly, the Power scored the 3rd most 100pt games (11) in 2015 despite missing the Finals whilst his former team (Gold Coast) scored just 3 for an entire season. Dixon has never come close to completing a full season due to injury setbacks, he has all but acknowledged a lack of full commitment in his training standards something of which should be rectified at Port Adelaide. Dixon has the added opportunity to score free points through hit-outs, his value would definitely increase if Lobbe was overlooked at any stage during the season. Dixon is a slightly risky pick, but given the potential return it might be worth taking a punt on him in 2016.


Sam Gray MID/FWD $427K

Sam Gray will be a popular pick for many AFL Fantasy coaches at the start of the 2016 season, he was given an opportunity late in the year to run around in the midfield and averaged 35 Disposals in his final 3 games. Most will be bullish about Gray’s chances to deliver on points and cash at the start of the year, there is very little evidence other than those final 3 games to go one plus his reduced scores do to multiple sub vest games early on that restricted his scoring. The risk of selecting Gray however does seem to be justified given what should be little downside given the removal of the sub rule and Port Adelaide looking to develop and increase midfield depth this season. Gray is an absolute must watch in Pre-season games, if his numbers remain quite healthy then go ahead and lock him in.


Jimmy Toumpas MID $319K

Toumpas never really got his career started with injuries restricting him to just 27 games from a possible 66 in his 3 years at the Demons, a change of clubs could provide an opportunity for him to showcase his contested ball winning ability. Not blessed with good speed, Toumpas will get the majority of his points as an inside midfielder which could spike his Fantasy points significantly given that he is also likely to be a tackling machine. In 2015 Toumpas exceeded 100pts in only 2 of his 9 games played, in both games he averaged 23 Disposals, 2 Goals & 7.0 Tackles. If Toumpas can force his way in to the Port Adelaide team early on in 2016 expect an increase on his 59.4pt average of 2015, definitely one to monitor in the pre-season as he is likely to have a very low ownership rate. Toumpas is a risky pick, but one that can pay handsome dividends if all falls in to place correctly.


Ollie Wines MID $513K

Wines had an injury interrupted 2015 season missing 9 games but still managed to average a solid 92.6pts, 5 of his games exceeded 100pts or more with 2 jumping over 120pts or more. Wines will be entering his 4th year at Port Adelaide, given a healthy season he should be pushing to break through the 100.0pt average. Most coaches taking Wines early on in the season will be hoping he turns in to a premium player by years end, next year is a contract year for Wines and as it stands now he remains unsigned for 2017. In US Sports when a player is in a contract year quite often outstanding numbers are achieved, let’s hope for those taking Wines this plays out the same way rewarding many fantasy teams in the process.


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First NameSurnameClubPositionGamesAveragePrice
BradEbertPort AdelaideMID22101.95$564000
RobbieGrayPort AdelaideMID2196.81$536000
HamishHartlettPort AdelaideMID2296.45$534000
TravisBoakPort AdelaideMID2296.14$532000
OllieWinesPort AdelaideMID1392.62$513000
JustinWesthoffPort AdelaideFWD2289.55$496000
ChadWingardPort AdelaideFWD2289.5$495000
MatthewBroadbentPort AdelaideDEF2179.14$438000
MatthewLobbePort AdelaideRUC1777.82$431000
SamGrayPort AdelaideFWD/MID1077.1$427000
PatrickRyderPort AdelaideRUC/FWD1876.5$423000
JasperPittardPort AdelaideDEF2075.85$420000
JaredPolecPort AdelaideMID573.8$393000
JaySchulzPort AdelaideFWD2067.6$374000
AngusMonfriesPort AdelaideFWD1964.42$357000
MattWhitePort AdelaideFWD/MID1862.67$347000
KaneMitchellPort AdelaideMID864.25$334000
NathanKrakouerPort AdelaideDEF1459.64$330000
CharlieDixonPort AdelaideFWD1659.38$329000
CamO'SheaPort AdelaideDEF1058.8$325000
JackHombschPort AdelaideDEF2258.45$324000
JimmyToumpasPort AdelaideMID959.44$319000
BrendonAh CheePort AdelaideMID1156.73$314000
SamColquhounPort AdelaideMID664.33$313000
JakeNeadePort AdelaideFWD1056.1$310000
JarmanImpeyPort AdelaideDEF1751.88$287000
TomJonasPort AdelaideDEF1750.76$281000
JacksonTrengovePort AdelaideDEF1546.73$259000
KarlAmonPort AdelaideFWD/MID750.29$253000
AlipateCarlilePort AdelaideDEF1245.58$252000
AaronYoungPort AdelaideMID1145.36$251000
PaulStewartPort AdelaideFWD649.83$243000
TomClureyPort AdelaideDEF843.13$224000
JohnButcherPort AdelaideFWD543.2$203000
RileyBonnerPort AdelaideDEF$158000
AidynJohnsonPort AdelaideMID$136000
BillyFramptonPort AdelaideRUC$125000
CameronHewettPort AdelaideDEF/MID$125000
DanHoustonPort AdelaideFWD$125000
DarcyByrne-JonesPort AdelaideDEF$125000
DougalHowardPort AdelaideFWD$125000
JessePalmerPort AdelaideFWD$125000
LoganAustinPort AdelaideDEF$125000
WilliamSnellingPort AdelaideMID$125000

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