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2016 Prices

GWS Giants AFL Fantasy Prices 2016

The full prices and positions for GWS and’s top five potential targets for 2016.

With each AFL Fantasy team price reveal, Peter from takes a look at five potential targets from each club. Click here to read Warnie’s look at the Giants over on

Stephen Coniglio MID $499K

The direct beneficiary of Treloar departing the Giants might be Coniglio, he has been very consistent in his 4 year career without a single breakout season. Coniglio has provided a few glimpses of premium possibilities by going large in 2015 hitting 100pts or more 5 times with 3 of those games exceeding 120pts or more. Coniglio had a career high 23.4 Disposal average last season and increased his tackle average to 5.4 per game up from 4.6 in 2014, with more opportunities in a settled midfield his numbers could spike in 2016. The Giants midfield set-up is a must watch in the pre-season as most players start to mature, Coniglio is a potential hidden gem and is likely to have a very low ownership rate.


Heath Shaw DEF $532K

Most AFL Fantasy coaches will want more consistency from the defenders in 2016, Heath Shaw can provide you with a solid platform each week while your premiums get to work throwing up large numbers.  Shaw is very durable having not missed many games over his career through injury, he hit 100pts or more in 8 games last season with 4 of those games exceeding 120pts or more. Shaw is unlikely to see a positional change in 2016 so we pretty much know what were are going to get from him regarding game style and average points, the only downside is that he will likely be a popular pick thus reducing your ability to have a good point of difference against your opponents. But after a 2015 season in which most AFL Fantasy coaches struggled in their backline, Shaw will be a safe option which will allow you to build your team in other areas rather than having to fix a potential problem.


Dylan Shiel MID $512K

Really like Shiel as a player and a genuine AFL Fantasy premium option in 2016, 6 of his opening 8 games in 2015 went for 100pts with 3 exceeding 120pts or more. Shiel averaged just 92.2pts by the end of his campaign last season and has the potential to break through the 100.0pt average in 2016, like Coniglio he may be a healthy beneficiary of Treloar departing for the Magpies allowing for the midfield to be more relied upon his services. Shiel averaged a career high 26.1 Disposals in 2015, next season could see that average closer to 30.0 Disposals which would greatly benefit his AFL Fantasy scores.


Devon Smith FWD $476K

Smith is one of the quiet achievers at the Giants and also in AFL Fantasy, last season he actually regressed to an 85.9pt average down from 94.0pts compared to 2014. Smith has the ability to hit the scoreboard whilst racking up a good disposal count, he has averaged just a tick over 17 goals per season since beginning his career in 2012. Like many others at the Giants, Smith’s numbers could spike in a more settled team void of any development strategy and genuinely focused on playing Finals in 2016. Smith is a must watch in pre-season games for any type of positional adjustments, safe to say he can provide your team with a 90.0pt plus average in 2016.


Callan Ward MID $555K

Since moving to the Giants 4 years ago, Ward has hovered around the 100.0pt average mark providing solid fantasy numbers for those who invested in his services. Ward has missed only 5 of his possible 88 games at the Giants, he is a very safe and durable option if you select him as a premium player next season. Ward started 2015 in style averaging 105.5pts from his first 11 games, he had the most (11) 100pt games at the Giants combined with the most (5) 120pt games. If you can find the cash to add an extra premium in to your team, then selecting Ward for a solid base each week could be a very good decision.


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First NameSurnameClubPositionGamesAveragePrice
CallanWardGWS GiantsMID22100.36$555000
HeathShawGWS GiantsDEF2296.05$532000
ShaneMumfordGWS GiantsRUC1194.73$524000
DylanShielGWS GiantsMID1492.5$512000
StephenConiglioGWS GiantsMID1890.11$499000
SteveJohnsonGWS GiantsFWD2086.6$479000
DevonSmithGWS GiantsFWD2086.05$476000
TobyGreeneGWS GiantsFWD/MID2285.45$473000
TomScullyGWS GiantsMID1784.29$467000
LachieWhitfieldGWS GiantsMID2183.24$461000
RyanGriffenGWS GiantsMID2178.71$436000
JoshKellyGWS GiantsMID1873.28$406000
RhysPalmerGWS GiantsFWD1470.29$389000
JeremyCameronGWS GiantsFWD2270.14$388000
ZacWilliamsGWS GiantsDEF1264.67$358000
AdamTomlinsonGWS GiantsDEF/FWD864.75$337000
NickHaynesGWS GiantsDEF1759.65$330000
JackSteeleGWS GiantsFWD/MID764.43$324000
RoryLobbGWS GiantsRUC/FWD955.11$296000
AdamKennedyGWS GiantsDEF757.14$288000
MattBuntineGWS GiantsDEF1151.64$286000
TomDownieGWS GiantsRUC755.86$281000
CamMcCarthyGWS GiantsFWD2050$277000
JamesStewartGWS GiantsFWD1350.08$277000
WillHoskin-ElliottGWS GiantsFWD1150$277000
JoelPatfullGWS GiantsDEF1649.63$275000
PhilDavisGWS GiantsDEF1248.17$267000
NathanWilsonGWS GiantsDEF1348.08$266000
JacobHopperGWS GiantsMID$255000
JonathonPattonGWS GiantsFWD350.67$238000
AidanCorrGWS GiantsDEF1937.53$208000
DawsonSimpsonGWS GiantsRUC443$195000
HarrisonHimmelbergGWS GiantsFWD$188000
JarrodPickettGWS GiantsFWD$183000
MatthewKennedyGWS GiantsMID$183000
CalebMarchbankGWS GiantsDEF537$174000
PaulAhernGWS GiantsFWD/MID$140000
MatthewFlynnGWS GiantsRUC$136000
JakeBarrettGWS GiantsMID130$125000
DanielLloydGWS GiantsFWD$125000
JeremyFinlaysonGWS GiantsDEF$125000
PatMcKennaGWS GiantsFWD$125000
Sam J.ReidGWS GiantsFWD/MID$125000
TimMohrGWS GiantsDEF$125000

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