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2016 Prices

St Kilda AFL Fantasy Prices 2016

The full prices and positions for St Kilda and’s top five potential targets for 2016.

With each AFL Fantasy team price reveal, Peter from takes a look at five potential targets from each club. Click here to read Calvin’s look at the Saints over on

David Armitage MID $592K

Armitage started the 2015 season in blistering style averaging 117.1pts from his first 10 games, his final 11 games yielded an average of 97.8pts per game.  It was the first time in an 8 year career that Armitage had averaged over 100pts for a season, he is certainly worth a look as a premium starter but keep in mind those first 10 games of 2015. Armitage exceeded 30 Disposals or more in 7 of his first 9 games of 2015 and only once in his last 12 games, fortunately he maintained a healthy score at the back end of the season with a steady diet of tackles when the Disposals started to dry up. Tackles equated for 22.3% of Armitage’s overall score in 2015, it is unlikely he will dip below a 100pt average in 2016.


Leigh Montagna MID/FWD $603K

How many players can you remember having on your Fantasy roster entering their 15th year in the AFL? Montagna is as steady as they come and a very durable option in 2016, even though he played just 17 games last season not one of his games fell below 80pts being the only St Kilda player to achieve this.  Montagna hit 100pts or more in 11 of his 17 (64.7%) games 5 of which exceeded 120pts or more last season, if fully fit at Round 1 he is a must consider as a premium option.


Nick Riewoldt FWD $520K

This could be the year we need to play a forward in the forward line (Shout out to Roy) due to the limited opportunities we have this year for premium MID/FWD players, AFL Fantasy coaches will be keen to forecast which players can get an upgrade throughout the year but we need options to maintain a solid score until the upgrade rounds. Nick Riewoldt could be one very good option despite entering his 16th season, why not go with a Riewoldt/Montagna stack in your forward line combining for 31 AFL years. Riewoldt is very durable and a fitness machine, he exceeded 100pts or more in 8 games 2 of which exceeded 120pts or more last season. If you can get over the age of Riewoldt , then he should be a must consider.


Jack Steven MID $618K

If you are looking for a player who can go big in any game then Steven is a very wise choice in 2016, last season he hit 100pts or more in 14 games 8 of which exceeded 120pts or more. Steven averaged over 100pts for the first time in his 7 year career, entering 2016 he is primed to be a consistent accumulator. Steven was ranked 4th for average tackles in 2015 with 6.9 per game, tackles equated to 24.6% of his overall AFL Fantasy score. Given a fully fit Steven at Round 1, he might challenge for the No.1 AFL Fantasy player in 2016.


Dylan Roberton DEF $459K

Had to do some deep digging around the numbers to find what would be a very unique option in 2016, Roberton averaged a solid 82.9pts last season with 4 games exceeding 100pts or more. Finding the right option down back could pose some problems again for AFL Fantasy coaches in 2016, 12 of Roberton’s 20 games exceeded 80pts or more which does place him in the range of a potential target. A good one to keep an eye on in pre-season games, a definite consider if his numbers start to spike.



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First NameSurnameClubPositionGamesAveragePrice
JackStevenSt KildaMID22111.68$618000
LeighMontagnaSt KildaFWD/MID17109$603000
DavidArmitageSt KildaMID21107$592000
NickRiewoldtSt KildaFWD1793.94$520000
JackNewnesSt KildaMID2285.36$472000
DylanRobertonSt KildaDEF2082.85$459000
JackBillingsSt KildaFWD984.11$452000
SamGilbertSt KildaDEF/MID1175.82$420000
MaverickWellerSt KildaFWD/MID2074.95$415000
JarrynGearySt KildaDEF2073.9$409000
SeanDempsterSt KildaDEF2172.33$400000
SebastianRossSt KildaMID1071.2$394000
SamFisherSt KildaDEF1870.72$391000
LukeDunstanSt KildaMID1970.26$389000
ShaneSavageSt KildaDEF2069.35$384000
JoshBruceSt KildaFWD2267.91$376000
BillyLongerSt KildaRUC1866.94$371000
JakeCarlisleSt KildaDEF/FWD1766.71$369000
JimmyWebsterSt KildaDEF1759.59$330000
CameronShentonSt KildaDEF1056.7$314000
TomHickeySt KildaRUC/FWD1155.82$309000
JackLonieSt KildaFWD1754.76$303000
TimMembreySt KildaFWD1252.08$288000
JackSinclairSt KildaFWD/MID1848.89$271000
PaddyMcCartinSt KildaFWD648$249000
BlakeAcresSt KildaMID747.29$238000
NathanWrightSt KildaDEF548$226000
DarrenMinchingtonSt KildaFWD547.8$225000
HughGoddardSt KildaDEF841.38$215000
EliTempletonSt KildaFWD643.17$210000
DanielMcKenzieSt KildaMID740.71$205000
LukeDelaneySt KildaDEF1137.09$205000
JasonHolmesSt KildaRUC344$192000
JadeGreshamSt KildaMID$187000
BrodieMurdochSt KildaFWD340.67$178000
TomCurrenSt KildaFWD241$172000
BrandonWhiteSt KildaDEF$156000
NathanFreemanSt KildaMID$148000
BaileyRiceSt KildaDEF$136000
JoshSaundersSt KildaFWD216$125000
BrentonPayneSt KildaFWD/MID$125000
LewisPierceSt KildaRUC$125000
NickCoughlanSt KildaDEF$125000
NickO'KearneySt KildaMID$125000
TomLeeSt KildaDEF$125000

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