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2016 Prices

Gold Coast AFL Fantasy Prices 2016

The full prices and positions for Gold Coast and’s top five potential targets for 2016.

With each AFL Fantasy team price reveal, Peter from takes a look at five potential targets from each club. Click here to read Calvin’s look at the Suns over on


Top 5 Potential Targets – Gold Coast

Gary Ablett MID $581K

Ablett should be a walk-up start in many AFL Fantasy teams in 2016, although his last 2 years have been severely interrupted by injury his ability to go big in multiple games has to outweigh the possibility of another injury related season. A look at back at Ablett’s 2014 season can underline his importance to your team, in the 14 games prior to injuring his shoulder against Collingwood he hit 100pts or more in 11 of 14 games 8 of which exceeded 120pts or more. An early comeback in 2015 restricted his scoring with a couple of poor scores but upon his return again in Round 14 scored 3 straight times over 100pts including a 176pt monster against the Giants in Round 16, a good pre-season should result in a no-brainer of a decision.


Kade Kolodjashnij DEF $464K

Hands up if your defensive players constantly let you down last season with a distinct lack of consistency? To overcome this problem in 2016 you may want to invest in Kolodjashnij, despite a poor start to the 2015 season averaging 54.8pts in his first 4 games KK was very consistent averaging 90.4pts in his remaining 18 games falling below 80pts only 4 times whilst exceeding 100pts in 5 games. Kolodjashnij is entering his 3rd AFL season, he averaged 68.3pts in 2014 & 83.8pts in 2015.


Aaron Hall FWD/MID $422K

Hall’s finish to the 2015 season didn’t go unnoticed, he averaged 109.0pts in his final 6 games of 2015 exceeding 100pts or more in 5 of those games. Now the Suns had an enormous injury toll last year so there are inevitable questions relating to his points ceiling with a full complement of midfielders returning for the Suns in 2016, a must watch in pre-season games and certainly needs to be on your radar.


Dion Prestia MID $496K

Prestia has not reached his potential as a Fantasy accumulator yet, he like many other top line Gold Coast players was subjected to a 2015 season cruelled by injury. In his 8 games last year Prestia hit 100pts or more in 3 games, you can expect a minimum 50% strike rate hitting 100pts next season with an injury free run. Prestia will be a unique option and be off the radar for many closing out the number of premium players in a Round 1 team, there is very little risk here and plenty of upside in selecting him.


Michael Rischitelli MID $528k

If you had Rischitelli in the early part of 2015 you were pretty happy with an average of 102.2pts from his first 13 games, again the injury toll weighed heavily on most players all season at the Suns and this eventually was telling when he averaged just 84.3pts from his final 8 games of the season. Rischitelli is a potential target but that does come with a fair amount of risk, given that he is entering his 13th AFL season and the return of a quality midfield for Gold Coast this could impact on his scoring ability in 2016. Rischitelli will be an option and a unique one at that, just not sure he can push aside your premium starters and claim a spot in a Round 1 team.


First NameSurnameClubPositionGamesAverageRounded Price
GaryAblettGold CoastMID694.5$581000
MichaelRischitelliGold CoastMID2195.38$528000
DionPrestiaGold CoastMID895.38$496000
KadeKolodjashnijGold CoastMID2283.77$464000
DavidSwallowGold Coast MID684$459000
Tom J.LynchGold CoastFWD2079.45$440000
MitchHallahanGold CoastMID1277.58$429000
AaronHallGold CoastFWD/MID1576.27$422000
JarrodHarbrowGold CoastDEF/MID1575.4$417000
JaegerO'MearaGold CoastMIDNANA$415000
MattRosaGold CoastDef/MID1474.29$411000
TomNichollsGold CoastRUC1573.93$409000
BrandonMateraGold CoastFWD1970.84$392000
ToukMillerGold CoastFWD/MID2270.14$388000
NickMalceskiGold CoastDEF1667.63$374000
JackMartinGold CoastFWD1264.17$355000
AdamSaadGold CoastDEF1664$354000
JesseLonerganGold CoastDEF/MID1862.5$346000
MattShawGold CoastMID1562.4$345000
JarradGrantGold CoastMID1858.78$325000
LukeRussellGold CoastFWD/MID1454.71$303000
DannyStanleyGold CoastFWD857.75$300000
StevenMayGold CoastDEF1852.61$291000
TrentMcKenzieGold CoastDEF1651.94$287000
AlexSextonGold CoastFWD/MID1348.23$267000
SeanLemmensGold CoastDEF1845.94$254000
KeeganBrooksbyGold CoastRUC/FWD359$244000
SamDayGold CoastDEF/FWD1442.86$237000
HenrySchadeGold CoastDEF1539.8$220000
SebTapeGold CoastDEF447$213000
JarrodGarlettGold CoastFWD936.56$196000
CallumAh CheeGold CoastFWDNANA$194000
RoryThompsonGold CoastDEF1234$188000
BraydenFioriniGold CoastMIDNANA$166000
JoshuaSchoenfeldGold CoastMIDNANA$164000
PeterWrightGold CoastFWD333.33$146000
JackLeslieGold CoastDEF329$127000
ClayCameronGold CoastDEF624.17$125000
CameronLoerschGold CoastRUC/FWDNANA$125000
DanielCurrieGold CoastRUCNANA$125000
DarcyMacPhersonGold CoastMIDNANA$125000
JesseJoyceGold CoastDEF/MIDNANA$125000
McKenzieWillisGold CoastFWD/MIDNANA$125000
RyanDavisGold CoastMIDNANA$125000
TomKeoughGold CoastFWD/MIDNANA$125000

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