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AFL Fantasy – 2015 Venue Scores

Peter from ranks the best grounds to score AFL Fantasy points at from 1 to 17.

Looking back at the 2015 AFL Season should play a part in your planning this off-season, every little bit of information acquired will be useful in setting up your Round 1 Team. Comparing venue scores can be a bit misleading due to the quality of teams playing and the number of games played in a season, here are the AFL Fantasy venue average scores ranked in order for 2015.

1. Aurora Stadium – Launceston

AFL Fantasy Total Average Points: 3247.3pts
Games:  4

No surprise here as the Hawks were also the No.1 Ranked AFL Fantasy Team in 2015, the scores in 4 games were amazingly consistent with the highest being 3260 and the lowest being 3230.

2. Domain Stadium – Perth

AFL Fantasy Total Average Points: 3187.4pts
Games:  22

Both the Eagles & Dockers scored well at their home ground, 11 of the 22 games produced 3,200pts or more. Only 3 games in 2015 fell below 3,000pts: R4 Fremantle vs Sydney, R10 Fremantle vs Richmond & R20 Fremantle vs West Coast.

3. SCG – Sydney

AFL Fantasy Total Average Points: 3155.3pts
Games:  8

The Swans home ground comes in at No.3 in 2015, the scores were very consistent over the season with the lowest score coming against yes you guessed it Richmond in Round 13. It was the only score to fall below 3,000pts of the 8 games played at the SCG last season.

4. Simonds Stadium – Geelong

AFL Fantasy Total Average Points: 3148.6pts
Games:  8

The Cats home ground slides in at No.4 in 2015, the scores were anything but consistent with 3 scores falling below 3,000pts & 4 scores hitting the mark of 3,200pts or more of the 8 games played last season.

5. Spotless Stadium – Sydney

AFL Fantasy Total Average Points: 3142.5pts
Games:  8

Get used to the idea that this Giants home ground will produce good AFL Fantasy numbers in the future, scores at Spotless Stadium were very consistent with all 8 games producing 3,000pts or more. As the Giants improve so could the scoring at this ground.

6. Etihad Stadium – Melbourne

AFL Fantasy Total Average Points: 3134.0pts
Games:  45

The roof wasn’t on fire in 2015, unfortunately for the AFL’s speed ground there was a couple of poor scoring teams. Expect things to change in 2016 with 2 new head coaches at the Bombers & Blues, 2016 could be a bumper year for Etihad Stadium.

7. Metricon Stadium – Gold Coast

AFL Fantasy Total Average Points: 3114.5pts
Games:  11

A little bit of a surprise that the Suns home ground still produced good numbers in 2015, with the injuries sustained to the Gold Coast midfield Metricon Stadium was very consistent with only 1 game falling below 3,000pts; R22 Gold Coast vs Port Adelaide.

8. MCG – Melbourne

AFL Fantasy Total Average Points: 3096.6pts
Games:  46

Only 11 of the 46 games played at the MCG hit 3,200pts or more, with the Tigers only hitting 3,200pts or more once combined with their opponents all season it easy to see why the home of football ranked so low. Richmond played 14 times at the MCG in 2015, they were ranked last in producing AFL Fantasy points combined with their opponents.

9. ANZ Stadium – Sydney

AFL Fantasy Total Average Points: 3086.7pts
Games:  3

2016 could spell the last year a game of AFL is played at ANZ Stadium, if there are no games scheduled from next season onwards the Swans at the SCG are likely to increase their output.

10. Adelaide Oval – Adelaide

AFL Fantasy Total Average Points: 3076.9pts
Games:  21

Low scoring games were the order of the day in Adelaide last season, more games hit below 3,000pts than hit over 3,200 points. It will be interesting to see the change in 2016 with a new coach at the Crows and an expected better season from the Power.

11. Westpac Stadium – Wellington New Zealand

AFL Fantasy Total Points: 3070pts
Games:  1

Only 1 game at this venue last season between the Saints & Blues, no games are scheduled at Westpac Stadium in 2016.

12. TIO Traeger Park – Alice Springs

AFL Fantasy Total Points: 3044pts
Games:  1

Melbourne & Port Adelaide battled it out in Alice Springs for 3044pts in 2015, they are scheduled for a rematch again in 2016 at this venue.

13. GABBA – Brisbane

AFL Fantasy Total Average Points: 3035.6pts
Games:  11

Concerns here looking for value players at the Lions, the GABBA produced 5 games short of 3,000pts and only 1 above 3,200pts. The same can be expected again in 2016.

14. Cazaly Stadium – Cairns

AFL Fantasy Total Average Points: 3025pts
Games:  1

Someone should bring a ‘Slippery When Wet’ sign in 2016 when the Bulldogs play a home game in Cairns. It was the 2nd lowest total points score involving a Bulldogs games in 2015 at Cazaly Stadium.

15. Star Track Oval – Canberra

AFL Fantasy Total Average Points: 2942.3pts
Games:  3

It’s a pity for AFL Fantasy Coaches that the Giants play home games in Canberra, 2 of the 3 games played in the Capital scored below 2,900pts last season.

16. Blundstone Arena – Hobart

AFL Fantasy Total Average Points: 2928.3pts
Games:  3

The highest score at Blundstone Arena was 3037pts involving Nth Melbourne & St Kilda late in 2015, certainly a complete turnaround from Aurora Stadium in Northern Tasmania. Expect similar numbers again in 2016, games involving the Kangaroos were ranked 16th for AFL Fantasy Total Points last season.

17. TIO Stadium – Darwin

AFL Fantasy Total Points: 2869pts
Games:  1

The humidity for the Champion Data guys must also impact their ability to hit the keyboard, players just struggle to score in AFL Fantasy in seasonal humid conditions.





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