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NBL Dream Team: Round 6 Preview

It was another big scoring round where most of our stars delivered the goods. It will be a reality check this week though with only 5 matches being played.


It was another big scoring round where most of our stars delivered the goods. It will be a reality check this week though with only 5 matches being played.


Reviewing Round 5

Round 5 Champions

A triple double against Melbourne sees Cedric Jckson‘s name up above rather than Julian Khazzouh who also scored 102. Chris Goulding (96) was the only other player to get higher than AJ Ogilvy despite AJ having only the single game. Dion Prewster (52) is making the most of starting on court and was second for value, while the value trend continued at Townsville with Nick Kay (76) third.

Round 5 Disasters

With so many good score being delivered this week it was crushing if you had a disaster player. Thankfully there weren’t other high value players besides Beal and Gibson who scored poorly. The remainder were bench spots like Mirko Djeric (8).


Get Ready for Round 6

Round 6 Premium TT

With a bunch of high scores being rolled out, all these premiums are players who have a low break-even and are the sort of player you can just lock into your team for the rest of the season. If you’re after someone with the double match then premiums with value could be Nate Jawai or Jerome Randle.

Round 6 Bargain TT

All these bargain players have been selected for their low break-even and ability to make money. Garrett Jackson misses out on this list only because of the uncertainty around a return date for Warrick. If you’re looking for someone to score points with a double match, as well as hopefully make money, then Lucas Walker or Jarrod Kenny are your best options. Ebi Ere could also be worth a look after a big round 5.

Round 6 Captains

With only Adelaide and Perth playing double matches this round, finding a captain is a touch harder, although we’re lucky to have to still have 3 of the 10 highest averaging players available. If you’re keen take a gamble instead you could put the C on Adam Gibson and hope he’ll bounce back after a shocking round, or look to Julian Khazzouh to have huge single game.

Deciding who to put on court is also a tougher decision this week as we won’t all have doubles in every slot. I’m genuinely tempted to leave Jermaine Beal on the bench with his current form.






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