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AFL Trade Period 2015 and Fantasy

The trade period has started and we will be looking at the fantasy relevance of each move made.

trade_logoThe AFL Trade Period is over for the year. Warnie has taken a look at every player trade completed from the free agents through to team-to-team trades over the last couple of weeks!

Projected prices are based on an approximate magic number of 5660 (close to last year’s starting one) which also assumes that the $10M salary cap will stick as it has the last two seasons. Discounts have been applied following last year’s formula where appropriate.

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LATEST UPDATE: Thursday October 22, 2:00pm.


TALIA MichaelTRADE #36 – Thursday October 22, 1:51pm

2015 AVERAGE: 64 (14 games)
: $362,000

FANTASY VERDICT: Talia was actually one of the quiet rookie winners down back this year, increasing $182K over his 14 games. As a 193cm key defender, he’s not someone you can pick with any confidence. At the Dogs, he posted some solid scores that would have made you happy as an owner. PASS.


YARRAN-ChrisTRADE #34 – Thursday October 22, 1:34pm

2015 AVERAGE: 67.6 (14 games)
: $383,000

FANTASY VERDICT: This move was mooted before the season even finished and it was made official today. Yarran will add another piece to the Tigers’ puzzle that is all about making the finals… and actually winning a game when they are there. Consistency is an issue with Yarran’s game and no matter where he is playing, even which position, it’s going to be hard to back him in with some conviction. I’ve been burned in draft before and loved that he was able to pump out 90’s and tons, but they would be backed up with 50’s and 60’s. Annoying. CAN IMPROVE AVERAGE, BUT NOT ENOUGH.


BASTINAC RyanTRADE #31 – Thursday October 22, 12:42pm

2015 AVERAGE: 65.2 (17 games)
: $369,000

FANTASY VERDICT: Bastinac had his best fantasy season back in 2013 where he averaged 85.4 from 22 games. That season he did some tagging, but smashed our a 132 and 136 (along with some other decent scores) when he was running through the midfield or going more head-to-head. This year he wore the vest a couple of times and didn’t manage to post a ton. In fact, he had just three scores above what he averaged in 2013. Anyway, a new club… and new hope. While he isn’t going to be a massive fantasy scorer, the midfielder had 15-20 points per game upside in him. WATCH HIS PRE-SEASON AND ROLE IN TEAM.


trade_aishTRADE #29 – Thursday October 22, 12:40pm

2015 AVERAGE: 53 (11 games)
: $300,000

FANTASY VERDICT: The skirt went over his head and Aish demanded to be traded to Collingwood. He got his way and if he’s a happier lad, his fantasy numbers may increase. Aish impressively averaged 74.2 from 21 games in his debut season but had a Barry Crocker this year copping a couple of vests and performing over 20 points per game worse off. At a projected price of $300K, there is definite upside but will he get the midfield time and opportunity he would like at the Magpies? Time will tell but at that price, it’s a bit risky when there will be players who will be priced a little bit better for potentially similar output and job security. LOWER END OF WATCH-LIST.


BUGG TomasTRADE #27 – Wednesday October 21, 4:51pm

2015 AVERAGE: 58.9 (16 games)
: $333,000

FANTASY VERDICT: In his four years at the Giants, Bugg has played 65 games and been a solid contributor as a role player. That is, playing in the backline and tagging. This has meant his fantasy numbers have been up and down. I wouldn’t say he has a huge ceiling, but there could be a 10-15 point per game increase in him, but way too many question marks on Bugg at his new home. PASS.


FITZPATRICK JackTRADE #26 – Wednesday October 21, 4:41pm

2015 AVERAGE: 43 (3 games)
: $192,000

FANTASY VERDICT: The 24-year-old has played just 22 games in his five seasons at Melbourne and could possibly be more than just depth at the Hawks. Fitzpatrick is named as a forward in fantasy, but at 201cm, he has proven to be a flexible player. He has the ability to play in the ruck however following his form in the VFL, taking a tall forward has been where he has shown some form. The majority of the season he played in defence with a few stints up forward. COULD BE CHEAP ENOUGH TO CONSIDER IF IN HAWKS’ PLANS.


trade_treloarTRADE #25 – Wednesday October 21, 4:29pm

2015 AVERAGE: 104.1 (21 games)
: $589,000

FANTASY VERDICT: The Treloar trade has been the talk of the last few days and it has finally gone down. Ads is a fantasy gun. In his first two seasons he averaged over 80 and then went on to go 103.4 and 104.1 in the next two. A move to Collingwood will be interesting to see his progress as a the Pies midfield is star studded. Does Pendles move to the half-backline like we saw late in the season? And does Swanny stay forward? Pre-season will be telling and keeping our ear to the ground and watching role through the NAB Challenge will be important. Treloar has just undergone some secret off-season groin surgery in Hobart, so at this stage he might be an upgrade target. But we do know his potential (6 scores 111+ in 2015)… it would suck to miss out on a fast start due to his high fantasy ceiling! WATCH-LIST.


SUMNER LiamTRADE #24 – Wednesday October 21, 1:15pm

: $142,000

FANTASY VERDICT: Sumner didn’t get a game in his fourth year on the GWS list, so he is looking at being rookie priced again due to his low average in 2014 (24.5 from 2 games). Named as a forward, if given the opportunity we have to look at the 22-year-old as a cheap bench option or downgrade target during the season when/if he gets games. A wrist and foot injury held him back this year (as well as a club suspension), so it will be an interesting pre-season to see where he fits. MONITOR PRE-SEASON.


PHILLIPS AndrewTRADE #24 – Wednesday October 21, 1:15pm

2015 AVERAGE: 49.5 (4 games)
: $230,000

FANTASY VERDICT: Phillips made $48K in his four games this year as a few coaches slotted him on the ruck bench as there were slim pickings and he got a couple of NAB games. With a ruckman merry-go-round at the Giants when Mumford went down, Phillips wasn’t seen much despite decent NEAFL numbers. Obviously behind Kreuzer at the Blues and probably won’t be looking at too many games. PASS.


LAMB JedTRADE #24 – Wednesday October 21, 1:15pm

2015 AVERAGE: 45 (2 games)
: $194,000

FANTASY VERDICT: Although it is the NEAFL, Lamb averaged in the high 90s, so there is some hope that he will have a decent enough fantasy game to consider picking him. He hasn’t has much of a run at it with 10 vests in his 22 games over three years (which included the Swans before his time at GWS). With a likely starting price at under $200K, the forward will have to be considered IF he can break a spot in the Carlton line-up. MONITOR PRE-SEASON.


PLOWMAN LachieTRADE #24 – Wednesday October 21, 1:15pm

2015 AVERAGE: 57 (2 games)
: $245,000

FANTASY VERDICT: The 191cm defender shouldn’t be on your fantasy radar, even though he gets a discount. In 20 games over three seasons at the Giants, Plowman managed a 90 against Collingwood, but his next best was a 61. I don’t think we’ll be seeing him towards the top of the fantasy tables. PASS.


MENZEL TroyTRADE #23 – Wednesday October 21, 1:00pm

2015 AVERAGE: 47 (14 games)
: $266,000

FANTASY VERDICT: A great pick up for the Crows, but not really a fantasy option for us. He copped 3 vests this year and posted a 98 and 81… but his third best score was 56 – yes really. We won’t be picking him in any format what-so-ever. PASS.


KERRIDGE SamTRADE #23 – Wednesday October 21, 1:00pm

2015 AVERAGE: 19 (1 game)
: $142,000

FANTASY VERDICT: As Kerridge played just one game (19 points and subbed out following an ankle injury), he should be basement priced. With that said, we should be looking to place the FWD/MID on our bench. In Kerridge’s last month in the SANFL, his disposal counts read 24, 31, 28 and 31. Some pretty handy fantasy numbers there. BENCH LOCK IF BLUES GIVE HIM A RUN AND HE’S THAT CHEAP.


ROSA MattTRADE #22 – Wednesday October 21, 12:46pm

2015 AVERAGE: 74.3 (14 games)
: $421,000

FANTASY VERDICT: Gaining DEF status helped make Rosa fantasy relevant. Over his career (named up as a pure MID), he has been a solid fantasy contributor with his best seasons being 2014 (91.5 average), 2012 (92.1 average) and the three other seasons where has has averaged in the 80s. There is upside in Rosa as the 28-year-old should be able to average well enough to (a) increase his average and (b) end up in the top 20 fantasy defenders in 2016. Depending on role, he offers value next year. CONSIDER IF STILL A DEFENDER.


BIRD CraigTRADE #20 – Wednesday October 21, 10:00am

2015 AVERAGE: 65.8 (6 games)
: $328,000

FANTASY VERDICT: Bird, Bird, Bird is the word. Craig Bird heads to Essendon as part of the Carlisle deal with an opportunity to improve his fantasy numbers. As a previous owner, especially because of his forward status, Bird has delivered some hope for fantasy coaches with impressive scores. His best average was back in 2014 with 83.3 from his 18 games – not too bad for a forward. Bird is a role player and has spent a lot of time tagging. It will be interesting to see what Essendon has planned for him but if given a chance to play his natural game, he should do fairly well! At the very least, he is under-priced… at his best, he could be one of the best picks of 2016. Definitely keep him in mind for Elite if he slides a bit. WILL BE A BIG IMPROVER ON AVERAGE IN 2016.



trade_carlisleTRADE #20 – Wednesday October 21, 10:00am

2015 AVERAGE: 66.7 (17 games)
: $378,000

FANTASY VERDICT: It finally went down… we won’t get bogged down in the nitty gritty and dramas of the trade, but with fantasy in mind, there isn’t a heap to talk about. 2014 was the swingman’s best season, averaging 72.1. We can argue that he is slightly underpriced – especially if he will be happier – but that bottom lip will find a way to drop at some stage during the season I’m sure (yes… I’m just another jaded Bombers supporter – haha). No tons in 2015 but most coaches will remember when he went 163 and 165 in rounds 17 and 18 of 2014 as he kicked 12 goals over the two weeks. Plenty got excited, but let’s remind ourselves about what he posted following those beast scores. 53, 49 and 51. Yes, you read those right. NOPE.


DIXON CharlieTRADE #19 – Tuesday October 20, 4:50pm

2015 AVERAGE: 59.4 (16 games)
: $336,000

FANTASY VERDICT: The Power got their man via a trade that included the Tigers and a few picks going backwards and forwards. Dixon has shown some fantasy potential. He scored 118 and 113 this year but it took 6 and 7 goals to do it. With injuries keeping him down, his average was 12 points less than his best of 71.2 he posted in 2013 when he spend a fair bit of time pinch hitting in the ruck. Missing a heap of games each year, Dixon isn’t a serious option in any form of the game for me. UPSIDE, BUT REALISTICALLY A PASS.


trade_freemanTRADE #18 – Tuesday October 20, 12:00pm

: $142,000

FANTASY VERDICT: The 20-year-old midfielder was taken a couple of years ago by the Pies but hasn’t managed a game yet due to injury. The hamstring has been an issue for Freeman and played just four games this year in the VFL. The Saints want him (after being another one of the young upstarts who nominated where he wanted to play thinking he was a free-agent) and you’d think that if he’s fit, he’ll find a place in the side early on. Due to lack of game time in the last couple of seasons, he is a bit of an unknown but Freeman should be basement priced and a serious cash cow option so long as his body holds up. BENCH LOCK IF FIT AND IN 22.


trade_kennedyTRADE #17 – Monday October 19, 5:46pm

2015 AVERAGE: 43.2 (5 games)
: $208,000

FANTASY VERDICT: Kennedy hasn’t shown us a lot in fantasy every his three seasons in the system. He hasn’t averaged over 50… BUT there is a reason. In 25 games, he’s worn a green or red vest in 13 of them. That’s right, thhiiirrrttteeeennnn! Thanks, Huddo. 87, 83 and 82 have been his best scores and while not setting the world on fire, no sub-rule and possibly extra opportunity at the Demons will mean it’s up, up and up for the FWD/MID. Kennedy had some big games in the VFL this year with multiple 30+ possession games. Priced at 43 with a potential 15% discount, he will be value for your F6. SHORTLISTED FOR AN ON-FIELD SPOT IN YOUR FORWARD LINE.


trade_howeTRADE #17 – Monday October 19, 5:46pm

2015 AVERAGE: 65.3 (22 games)
: $370,000

FANTASY VERDICT: The Pies have picked up a potential mark of the year winner for the next few seasons but probably not a fantasy star for us. Missing one game in the last four seasons, Howe is very durable but has only managed to average between the 65-76 mark in that time. Whilst the past has shown a 10 point improvement is impossible, the FWD/DEF isn’t consistent enough to warrant selection. Maybe in a deeper draft his dual position status could help. Or maybe not. Are we wasting our time here? Maybe. UNLIKELY TO IMPROVE ENOUGH TO WARRANT SELECTION.


trade_toumpasTRADE #17 – Monday October 19, 5:46pm

2015 AVERAGE: 59.4 (9 games)
: $326,000

FANTASY VERDICT: Toumpas’ scores over his career have been very sporadic. Vests have had an impact but so have some very random games where he has handballed way too much or scored 26 points in a full game of footy (this year against the Hawks… ouch). Toumpas has also had some crackers. 26 touches, 5 marks and 8 tackles against the Saints for 125 and 20 touches, 5 marks and 6 tackles for 103 v the Bulldogs were nice returns. The number 4 draft pick in 2012 will be keen for a big pre-season and to make his mark at the Power, however his price is very awkward to start with him unless you think he will pump out an 80+ average. WORTH KEEPING AN EYE ON, BUT LOW ON PRE-SEASON WATCHLIST DUE TO PRICE.


trade_seedsmanTRADE #16 – Monday October 19, 5:44pm

2015 AVERAGE: 64 (12 games)
: $363,000

FANTASY VERDICT: In five out of his 12 games, Seedsman wore a vest. This is the first thing that highlight’s his value in 2016. Although he won’t be getting a discount because he played 12 games, being priced at 64 is under what he is capable of scoring (his best was 79.2 from 16 games in 2013). The Seed will improve his average next year as a running half-back flanker for the Crows. Will he push that to 80+, I think he can… but will need to watch pre-season. I will be looking at what it means for blokes like Brodie Smith and whether a wing role will help improve his numbers that we hoped for this season. GOOD GREAT CHANCE TO IMPROVE AVERAGE.


GILES JonathanTRADE #15 – Monday October 19, 5:39pm

2015 AVERAGE: 73 (3 games)
: $326,000

FANTASY VERDICT: Giles heads to his fourth club and is set to be the backup ruckman to Nic Naitanui and Scott Lycett. Realistically, he will be spending a fair bit of time in the WAFL and will come in if one of those blokes is injured. Giles will recieve a discount as he just played 3 games, but there is no way we will be looking at him in 2016 for the salary cap game and he’s unlikely to be a member of your draft side even if it is very deep. NOPE.


JOHNSON SteveTRADE #14 – Monday October 19, 2:17pm

2015 AVERAGE: 86.6 (20 games)
: $490,000

FANTASY VERDICT: Stevie J’s AFL career isn’t over… and his fantasy relevance possibly isn’t either. Obviously he is an all-time great and a future fantasy hall-of-famer after a decade of dominance averaging over 92 from 2007-2014. SJ’s best season was in 2013 when he averaged 118.3 points. Gaining forward status this year (and likely to hold it for 2016), SJ will be priced relatively cheaply due to averaging 86.6… a 22 point per game drop on the previous season. At GWS he’ll most likely play the majority of early games, however he might be in line for a rest or two as the season progresses. I don’t mind SJ as a starting option, but heaps depends on what FWDs we have available when fantasy opens… and exactly what role and subsequently the numbers he will have at the Giants. MONITOR PRE-SEASON.


trader_walkerTRADE #13 – Monday October 19, 1:53pm

2015 AVERAGE: 52.8 (16 games)
: $299,000

FANTASY VERDICT: Key forward looking for more opportunities. Walker will be going into his fifth season and while he is possibly under-priced due to wearing a sub vest four times, it’s hard to select him in any fantasy format. He had two scores of 88 this year… one of them took five goals. With the ability to pinch hit in the ruck, he may have some value and even though the Lions are looking for a player like him, I’m not sold on his fantasy output. PASS.


trade_jansenTRADE #13 – Monday October 19, 1:53pm

: $142,000

FANTASY VERDICT: Going at pick 36 a couple of seasons ago, Jansen is yet to play an AFL game and is heading north for further opportunity. Looking across his VFL numbers, he hasn’t set the Fantasy world on fire with only two out of his 16 games where he had over 20 disposals. We’ll monitor over the pre-season and if the midfielder gets a gig, then we have to consider as a bench option but we won’t be expecting scores big enough to start on our field. POTENTIAL BENCH OPTION.


CURRIE DanielTRADE #12 – Monday October 19, 1:21pm

: $211,000

FANTASY VERDICT: Ah man… he’s been R4 for us a few times before, could it happen again? Will sit behind Nicholls in the ruck pecking order at the Suns and who knows where Gorringe is comared to Currie. Obviously it has been tough for Currie to crack the North 22 with Goldstein so epic and the Roos pushing Daw through, so we haven’t seen his true ability. He’ll be priced at his 2014 average of 53.2 from his 4 games and is likely to get a 30% discount for not playing a game in 2015. This would see him at just over $211K. That’s too much for a bench spot for me, however if some bench rules change for next year, it might be worth spending that cash on him? DON’T CROSS HIM OFF YET.


SMITH ZacTRADE #11 – Monday October 19, 1:20pm

2015 AVERAGE: 70.3 (11 games)
: $398,000

FANTASY VERDICT: Will Zac Smith be the man at the Cats? If so, we should see an improvement on his 70 average making him coming in at unders in 2016. Although there has been talk about him being a depth player, surely Smith is half a chance to shoulder the ruckload at times and will definitely be in a battle for the number one ruck role with other big men like Blicavs, Stanley, Clark and Vardy not that far ahead of him as rucks (they are a bit more versatile than Smith). Anyway, pre-season will be interesting. WARY BUT PUT ON WATCH-LIST.


trade_bellTRADE #10 – Monday October 19, 10:00am

2015 AVERAGE: 88.8 (22 games)
: $503,000

FANTASY VERDICT: I rate Bell highly… and that’s probably because he was left on our waiver wire in our draft league and just quietly, he had a massive fantasy breakout year in 2015. In his fourth season, he took his average to 88.8 after averaging 65, 56 and 67 in his first three seasons. Personally, I think he’s an upgrade target as there are the questions about him at a new club, but if you look across his season that included eight tons, there is a lot to like about him as a fantasy player going forward. Listening to Lions list manager Peter Schwab, it sounds like he will play as a forward and go into the midfield when needed. This is ideal for Bell’s game from what we saw in 2015 – however there is some unknown about he fits in with other hard nut midfielders like Rockliff, Robinson, et al. UPGRADE TARGET, BUT DON’T MISS DRAFTING HIM IN ELITE.


TOWNSEND JacobTRADE #9 – Friday October 16, 1:00pm

2015 AVERAGE: 82 (1 game)
: $339,000

FANTASY VERDICT: Townsend is realistically a depth player but the inside midfielder could have a developing fantasy game about him. He played in the final round of 2015 where he racked up 22 touches against the Demons and has 82 points. A hefty discount will see him come in at around $339K but that will probably be too expensive for someone who is at best going to be a fringe player. Even though he’s copped a lot of vests, there are not enough runs on the board as yet when you look across his career games. PASS.


HAMPTON CurtlyTRADE #8 – Friday October 16, 12:00pm

2015 AVERAGE: 48.2 (5 games)
: $232,000

FANTASY VERDICT: Hampton has been at the Giants since 2012 and racked up 51 games. 2014 was his best season averaging 68 points and in doing so, had a hot month where he scored 93, 99 and 96 in three of four games. Two vests and a discount due to only 5 games this year will make him relatively cheap… but don’t expect anything more than a 70 average IF he gets a gig in the Crows’ backline as a rebounding defender. (More on which Crows will benefit as the pre-season unfolds… Brodie Smith maybe?) D5 OR D6 IF YOU’RE GOING CHEAP, BUT NAH.



SIMPSON DawsonUNRESTRICTED FREE AGENT – Friday October 16, 11:16am

2015 AVERAGE: 42.7 (4 games)
: $198,000

FANTASY VERDICT: This is a bit of a nothing trade, but anyway, Dawson Simpson has headed to the Giants to play back-up to Shane Mumford. His career has been pretty limited down at the Cattery with just 28 games to his name. Simpson’s best fantasy season was in 2013 where he averaged 70.3 but he played only 6 games. In his six seasons since debuting in 2010, he has only played in double figure games once – and that was 13 in 2014 and he averaged just 49. With an 18% discount on his 2015 average, he should come in at under $200K but there are arguably better, younger GWS rucks who might even be ahead. PASS, BUT A BENCH RUCKMAN MAYBE.


ANDERSON JedTRADE #7 – Friday October 16, 11:02am

2015 AVERAGE: 49.3 (4 games)
: $220,000

FANTASY VERDICT: Anderson has been in the system for three years now but has played just 9 games. His four games this year will give him a discount on his 49.3 average to take him just over the $220K figure and a good price at his new home at Arden Street. Anderson’s 97 in the first NAB Challenge game this year got us excited but injuries and lack of opporunity meant that he wasn’t a viable rookie option. Yep, we’re paying a bit more for him but hopefully the 21-year-old will be able to put his best foot forward and be a regular fixture for the Roos. NO SUB RULE AND SPOT IN 22, LOCK.


trades_leuenbergerRESTRICTED FREE AGENT – Thursday October 15, 4:40pm

2015 AVERAGE: 54.4 (14 games)
: $308,000

FANTASY VERDICT: Bingo! Not only for the Bombers, but for us in fantasy. In 2011, the ‘Berger enjoyed playing all 22 games and averaging 92.8. Since then he went 57 (3 games), 85 (20 games) and 58 (5 games) with a few injuries thrown in to finish 2015 with a 54.4 average from his 14 games. The rise of Stef Martin was a big factor in his poor scores this year. In fact, the 27-year-old reminded us all how good he was with his 124 against Freo with Stef out of the side. Anyway, Leuenberger will be the number one ruck ahead of Tom Bellchambers at the Bombers and he should relish this. The former number four draft pick will definitely improve on his 2015 average and will at least pump out an 80+ average. THE MID-PRICED RUCK WORTH GAMBLING ON.


trade_melkshamTRADE #6 – Thursday October 15, 1:55pm

2015 AVERAGE: 64.8 (18 games)
: $367,000

FANTASY VERDICT: Offering us plenty of laughs earlier in the season when Roy picked him up, a few are having the same chuckles with the Demons. But seriously, the 24-year-old is a good pick up for Melbourne in this trade period. Plenty of footy ahead and his best is pretty good, the FWD/MID started the season like a house on fire. 95 v Sydney and 104 v Hawthorn followed by 81 v Carlton, it looked like we were going to see a breakout season. In Melksham’s next three games he posted 66, 52 and 39… from full games. Ouch. His best season was 77.6 from 21 games back in 2013 and there is definitely some upside depending on role and opportunity at the Demons. Watch this space! ROY IS KEEN.


trade_sinclairTRADE #5 – Wednesday October 14, 5:38pm

2015 AVERAGE: 74.8 (17 games)
: $423,000

FANTASY VERDICT: Quite a few coaches were keen t hear that Callum Sinclair made the move to the Swans. There has been talk that Mike Pyke (he’s Canadian, you know) may retire leaving a number one ruck spot open for the former Eagle. The Swans must love him after their 52 point loss to West Coast in round 17 where Sinclair had 129 points from his 21 touches, 9 marks and 29 hitouts (and yes, NicNat played that… he had 41 hitouts and 114 fantasy points). It’s all about next year and a fresh start. Very much a watch this space on Sinclair and consider using him as a stepping stone to one of the big dogs like Martin or Goldstein when they inevitably drop in value. 10+ POINTS OF UPSIDE AS NUMBER ONE RUCK.


trade_jettaTRADE #5 – Wednesday October 14, 1:38pm

2015 AVERAGE: 79.1 (22 games)
: $448,000

FANTASY VERDICT: Not really someone to consider for the salary cap games due to consistency, but depending on the depth of your draft team, he has the potential to improve at his new home in the West. 2015 was his best season to date, but his consistency lacks despite being a relatively durable player. Jetta wanted to return to WA and at his new home, he may not get any more/less opportunity… so an 80 average could be about it, however there is possibly some upside in the 26-year-old’s game.  CONSIDER UPPING HIS SPOT IN YOUR PRE-DRAFT LIST.


trade_bennellTRADE #4 – Wednesday October 14, 2:38pm

2015 AVERAGE: 92 (14 games)
: $521,000

FANTASY VERDICT: The Dockers did very well to get Bennell (and pick 22) for picks 16 and 35. Of course there has been plenty of off-field issues, but there is no doubting how good Bennell is – and still has the scope to be. He’s averaged 85 or more since his second AFL season in 2012. This year Bennell produced his best numbers which included two lots of 130’s and three other scores over the fantasy ton. His lowest score was 70. Definitely keep an eye out on his pre-season and where he will sit in the Freo 18. It might be tough if Champion Data deem him to be a MID only which is likely based on his season heat map. CONSIDER IF STILL NAMED AS A FORWARD.


HENDERSON LachieTRADE #3 – Wednesday October 14, 10:18am

2015 AVERAGE: 60.9 (12 games)
: $345,000

FANTASY VERDICT: Good pick up for Geelong and a new club should be the fresh start the 24-year-old is looking for. As he has been in the system for eight seasons and his highest average has been 68.7, it would be silly for me to even contemplate selecting the FWD… but maybe there is a little upside in him. Who am I kidding? He has only scored five tons from his 112 games and only another six in the 90s. PASS.


trade_reddenTRADE #2 – Monday October 12, 6:00pm

2015 AVERAGE: 97 (17 games)
: $549,000

FANTASY VERDICT: Rocky loses his best mate, Reddo to the Eagles. They will forever have their bond with their matching tattoos of their street name on their bums (true story, ask Roy). Redden will go into 2016 under-priced after averaging 97 – compared to 109.1 in his third year breakout (2011) plus his 102.6 (2012) and 105.6 (2014). The midfielder averaged 24 disposals, 5 marks and 6.5 tackles over the last two seasons making him a tasty fantasy option. There’s around 8 points of upside in him. I’ll be monitoring closely over the pre-season. HIGH ON WATCH-LIST.


trades_selwoodRESTRICTED FREE AGENT – Monday October 12, 3:20pm

2015 AVERAGE: 58.8 (12 games)
: $320,000

FANTASY VERDICT: A few coaches were keen on picking up Scooter this year when he was priced at his 2014 average of 81. An ankle injury has impacted his massive fantasy rise where we saw his average jump by over 10 points per season to 108.3 in 2013. Tbetta’s Deck of DT is a great read from earlier this year. Four vests, a few below average scores coupled with two tons meant for an indifferent year. As he will be priced at his lowest average since 2009, Selwood offers a lot of value at his new club (almost) regardless of role – so long as he’s best 22. LOCK IF SELECTED IN ROUND ONE.

* UPDATE – Selwood is set for some surgery on his ankles and won’t start full training until after Christmas. Buyer beware.


trade_dangerTRADE #1 – Monday October 12, 12:00pm

2015 AVERAGE: 106.3 (21 games)
: $586,000

FANTASY VERDICT: The biggest name of free agency was Dangerfield and he has now officially made his way to the Cats via trade. Let’s keep this simple, Danger won’t be in my starting team. He had his best AFL Fantasy season ever… which was only the second time in his eight year career that he has topped the ton. Gun player, will be in top few… but most likely be an upgrade target. The winner out of this will be Joel Selwood who will be freed up a fair bit you’d think and improve on his 97.8 – but more on that in the pre-season coverage on DT TALK. UPGRADE TARGET AT THIS STAGE.


trade_goreTRADE #1 – Monday October 12, 12:00pm

: $142,000

FANTASY VERDICT: The 19-year-old was drafted to the Cats last year at pick 55. He had a great year in the VFL finishing 3rd in the best and fairest for the Cats only playing 11 games. Statistically, Gore was one of the Cats’ best all year finishing fifth in disposals (average of 21.4), fifth in tackles (5.6), fourth in clearances (3.6) and first in inside 50’s (3.5), showcasing his potential as a quality midfielder. Towards the end of the season Gore was “in the mix” to get a game for the senior side. It’ll be interesting to see where Gore fits in at the Crows. PRE-SEASON WATCHLIST.


trade_sucklingUNRESTRICTED FREE AGENT – Saturday October 10, 8:00pm

2015 AVERAGE: 80.2 (21 games)
: $454,000

FANTASY VERDICT: Suckers has been a bit of a fantasy tease over the years. He was a member of the Warne Dawgs for a part of 2015 before dumping him when he was dropped for a trip to Tassie (following a 56 point game)… only to be a late inclusion and racking up 97. Just my luck! Suckling’s best season to date was in 2011 when he averaged 90.7. With two vests this year, his price will be slightly lower than what it should be and certainly capable of producing. There’s value but it’s hard to tell how he will fit in at the Dogs. I’m confident there is spot there for him (his 3 year deal would suggest that too) but what it is, we don’t know. Matthew Boyd and Bob Murphy play a similar rebounding role at the Dogs, but as this year has seen, his flexibility saw him play up the wing and across half-forward. The booming left footer will most likely retain his DEF/FWD for 2016 however my biggest worry is that there isn’t the same easy ball at the Dogs as there was at the Hawks. POTENTIAL UPSIDE, PRE-SEASON WATCHLIST.



Friday October 9 – NAB AFL restricted free agency offer and unrestricted free agency period begins

Monday October 12, 10am – NAB AFL Trade Period begins

Sunday October 18, 5pm – Close of NAB AFL restricted free agency offer and unrestricted free agency period

Wednesday October 21 – NAB AFL restricted free agency matching offer three-day period ends

Thursday October 22, 2pm – NAB AFL Trade Period closes

* All times AEDT.

Discuss the trades and any Fantasy value you find in players at their new club in the comments.



  1. Warnie


    October 10, 2015 at 9:34 pm

    I really don’t think I’ll be touching him, but there has always been something to like about Suckers. (Probably that mega third-year breakout in 2011). Anywyay… too many unknowns at this stage. He did have it pretty good at the Hawks.

    • Maxrooke

      October 11, 2015 at 11:28 am

      he loves a cheap possession and the hawks play the keepings off type football, doubtful he will get more points for the dogs fast flowing footy.. POD for sure.

  2. Will


    October 12, 2015 at 10:39 am

    suckers was a great pick up when undervalued a season or two ago, but too much up and down to warrant a pick at full price.

  3. Kirk Mackintosh

    October 12, 2015 at 12:53 pm

    Add to that Gore could be a great cheapie, Leuy going number one and Danger in a better midfield

    • Warnie


      October 12, 2015 at 3:13 pm

      Hopefully Gore can crack the Adelaide 22… if so, lock and load.

      I like Leuenberger as an option (more on him once that trade is official… and with Dangerfield, it’s tough at this stage to say whether he will be better than 2015. I am more looking at him being an upgrade target. Not only because of the new club and to see where he fits, but because his price will be as high as it has ever been to start a season as it’s only the second time he’s pumped out 100+ in his 8 seasons. Totally get the new midfield might help, but on October 12 (haha), I think he’ll be very good – just not a starter for me.

      • Kirk Mackintosh

        October 12, 2015 at 6:04 pm

        Definetly loving gore especially with the Crouch injuries could be like having a young danger in the midfield

        I do like Danger but at 586,000 as you suggested plus being a pure mid would scare me off. Cheaper value out there like Libba and maybe Parker

      • Dulcify

        October 12, 2015 at 7:24 pm

        Couldn’t agree more Warnie, in regards to Danger. Far too pricey for mine, especially with all the “cheapies” we will have to choose from. Guy’s like Libba, Crouch, Gazza, Rocky, Swallow, Prestia, Titchell, Scooter etc. Gores stats are promising, certainly worth putting on the watch list.

        I feel that with Danger now a Cat, along with Scooter, (if he can get himself right), that Joel Selwood, Caddy, Duncan and Guthrie will all benefit, and will all be worth at least being on the watch list. A bit similar to when the Pies had Pendles, Swan, Beams and Sidebottom all relevant.

        Dangerfield almost a must have in Supercoach. 4TH highest ave for the season.

    • Sphincter

      October 16, 2015 at 4:30 pm

      A better midfield??? R u high

      • Dulcify

        October 16, 2015 at 4:48 pm

        Can you show me where I used the word “better”? R u blind?

        • bac

          October 18, 2015 at 2:58 pm

          Looks like he was responding to the original comment mate

  4. Joke_R

    October 13, 2015 at 12:25 pm

    Selwood, Suckers and Gore all represent potentially great value. I don’t think the Crows would have brought in Gore to play in the SANFL, but we’ll see. Pre-Season will reveal a lot more, but I like Scooter the most, so far out of that lot.

    • david

      October 16, 2015 at 1:41 pm

      All the BS talk of Gore being part of the Danger deal are just uneducated, seems noone remembers the crows gave up pick 50 to geelong for him and the cats originally picked Gore up at pik 55 2 years ago, hes been injured and never played a game, surely pick 50 is paying way over what the guy is worth anyway

      • Sphincter

        October 16, 2015 at 4:31 pm

        Pick 50 was part of the deal just so the cats still had an even amount of players/picks. Nothing to do with gore

  5. HairyMan


    October 13, 2015 at 4:59 pm

    This is great! Cheers Warnie! I have a question regarding positions. Where do you expect Blicavs to be: MID only, or MID/RUC again?

    • Warnie


      October 14, 2015 at 10:46 am

      Personally I think he will be MID only. I wouldn’t be surprised if Champion Data did away with his RUC status. He could possibly add FWD though…

      • HairyMan


        October 15, 2015 at 7:28 am

        Thanks Warnie! I think it’s an interesting one and one up for discussion

  6. Will


    October 14, 2015 at 2:28 pm

    that would be bizarre! he was the lead ruck for the cats all season – no one averaged more hit outs or totalled more hit outs than blicavs in 2015 (at the cats)

  7. Shags

    October 15, 2015 at 5:14 pm

    How would the trades affect players at the clubs?

    You would think it would only affect some of the younger players roles in Melb, it will depend very much on Melkshams role.
    Melksham didnt have that much of a primary role at Bombers, but it may give a young player more on field playing time, someone like Jackson Merrett, Elliott Kavanagh, Orazio Fantasia, Martin Gleeson might get more of a key position.

    Hole left for a key running player at Sydeny, but his role wasnt overly DT relevent.
    It will displace someone at west Coast, dont think it should be to detriment of key midfielders or many DT relevent players.

    Big hole left at Brissy, if brissy hold a player like Aish, would he fill that role? Redden you would think would influence key mid players at westcoast, gaff, Priddis, but he may just take over Scooters role.

    I seem to think that brotherly love/competeition may actually lead to all stats increasing for selwoods at Geelong, however, they are competing with dangerfield. Potential to be a formidable pair.
    Not too much harm at west coast, they have redden as a solid replacement for Scooter.

    See above, excess midfield at Geelong,. They could all feed each other, or could take each other points. jelwoods role could be diminished.
    Big hole left at crows. I have a sneaky suspicion a player like Crouch will fill that role.

    Unplayed rookie. Not as relevent for influence. May replace someone on field, who unlikely would be DT relevent.

    It all depends on Sucklings role. Hes not necessarily going to be a defender, as he has both utility and good goal kicking skills.
    SOmeone like Boyd might be displaced by suckling if placed in defence.
    Suckling was in and out hawks team, so cant see him being too much of a role changer for the premiers.

    • Shags

      October 15, 2015 at 5:34 pm

      Obvious winner is S.Martin, who we already know is a gun ruck.
      Bellchambers you would think will be on the outer. (what ever happened to Giles?) although they may share the ruck load as a pair.

    • Warnie


      October 15, 2015 at 8:36 pm

      This is great, Shags. Good work!

  8. Nooie

    October 15, 2015 at 9:03 pm

    I have heard that Melksham is going to play a rebounding half back role. That could be a boom or bust. Also, look out for my trades review on every trade that happened, basically a second opinion behind these wonderful writers. Did it last year and got a good response.

    See you soon.

    • Warnie


      October 15, 2015 at 9:47 pm

      I’m looking forward to it. I need to add the ‘Berger analysis shortly… (unfortunately the selling of our house and the photo editing is more important acconrding to Mrs Warnie).

  9. Jake

    October 16, 2015 at 9:42 am

    If names a forward then Bennel should be very high on the radar. Especially With guys like Swan, Martin, Titch losing dpp

    • Warnie


      October 16, 2015 at 10:24 am

      Yeah, has to be very high on the watchlist. I’m tipping that he won’t be a FWD looking at his heat map… however, does that thought change with a likely role (not that I really know what that will be at Freo, although I assume MID).

  10. Jake

    October 16, 2015 at 11:40 am

    i support freo and im thinking he will play both mid and forward and will probably push fyfe forward alot more. so if named a forward i reckon hes a lock. really hope he is

  11. lenny99

    October 16, 2015 at 2:18 pm

    chances of townsend being a def/mid roy? i think i remember he was a few years back, seems like the tiges have big plans for him

    • lenny99

      October 16, 2015 at 2:19 pm

      sorry, warnie*

    • Warnie


      October 16, 2015 at 5:49 pm

      It’ll be interesting. Not sure what will happen with limited data. I might ask the Freako this week. Mega watch this space but can’t get too excited as yet… due to his likely price. Just too much for me and for how fringe I believe he will be.

  12. Sphincter

    October 16, 2015 at 4:28 pm

    Scooter averaged 108.3 not 103.8 remember it well. Was my best pick that yr

    • Warnie


      October 16, 2015 at 5:48 pm

      Thanks! Typo… fixed up now.

  13. Jad

    October 17, 2015 at 7:48 pm

    If B.Crouch is fit and gets over his niggling foot injury after pre season. He is going to go big in fantasy I believe. Fingers crossed.

    • John Freed

      John Freed

      October 18, 2015 at 7:50 pm

      My favourite player. If he gets on the park, he will completely fill Dangerfield’s gaping hole, and imo, do a better job due to his better kicking efficiency. Will be an absolute lock at his price

  14. yogi-berry

    October 20, 2015 at 1:12 am

    Im looking at Joel selwood as lock at the start of the year surely he benefits with danger coming into that mid and getting the number 1 tag or am I looking to far into it

    • John Freed

      John Freed

      October 20, 2015 at 10:25 am

      He looks like a great bet. Danger moving looks to have a lot of positive fantasy impact, with Selwood, Duncan, etc getting freed up, while a spot opens up for Crouch, CEY, etc.

  15. Joke_R

    October 20, 2015 at 1:26 am

    So far there seems to be some great potential options for Fantasy next year. Mid-Priced rucks may be the go. Guys like Scooter and Anderson offer great value, and we have a great potential rookie option in Ben Kennedy. A few guys like Suckers and Redden have the history to suggest that they might improve by 10 points or so.

    • John Freed

      John Freed

      October 20, 2015 at 10:22 am

      Mid-priced rucks looked a lot better this time last year with Leuenberger, Bellchambers and Kreuzer all looking like brilliant picks. Not one was (although, to be fair Kreuzer was great once he got out on the park). This year I think the best ruck strategy will be 2 of Goldy/Stef/Sauce/Blics/Mummy/Sinclair/Naitanui.

  16. Joke_R

    October 21, 2015 at 10:37 pm

    Looks like Carlton are getting busy. Should be a lot of cheap options next season. Kennedy seems almost a lock if he gets a mid role, same for Kerridge, both should be great. Lamb and Sumner have potential, but it’s hard to see how Carlton are going to fit everybody in. Anderson could get some opportunities at North. Gore, Jansen and Currie are all worth keeping an eye on, but don’t seem too likely at this stage. Phillips might be a better option than Currie, because if there’s one thing we can count on it’s Matthew Kreuzer missing games. Other than that it’s mostly just wait and see, there’s always your potential breakout players. A change of clubs can do wonders for people.

  17. Fooz


    October 22, 2015 at 1:56 pm

    Drat. Freo didn’t get McCarthy. Not too surprising considering the cleanout that GWS has had. Ross will have to play some kids next year as his list gets older and older. Pavlich to keep playing on, seeing Freo still has no full-forward. Will probably struggle overall considering that the KPPs are all over 30.

  18. Thomas

    October 22, 2015 at 4:44 pm

    Yes –
    R.Bastinac – Very low on watchlist but will watch NAB with interest
    A.Treloar – Gun! On the watchlist
    L.Sumner – Bench option if he gets games
    J.Lamb – Cheap but won’t be expecting too many good scores
    T.Menzel – Depending on price, already said he wants to play midfield, will rotate between HF and the middle, High on watchlist for NAB
    S.Kerridge – Lock if gets games which he should, running machine who will benefit from decreased interchange cap and no sub, if not tagging can find the ball
    C.Bird – Hope he keeps fwd status, high on watchlist, waiting to see what role he plays in NAB
    N.Freeman – Can’t go past him if he is selected
    B.Kennedy – Low on watchlist, not expecting great numbers from him if selected, role in team will be interesting
    P.Seedsman – Will get games, like Warnie said he should push Smith into the middle, should improve avg
    J.Jansen – Good bench option if he gets a game
    T.Bell – A chance to slightly improve avg but wouldn’t bet on it, could replace Redden in midfield
    C.Hampton – Watchlist, should get games, probably rotates with Seedsman and Smith between the Wing and half back, 70-75 avg on the cards maybe
    J.Anderson – Gun! Lock if selected
    M.Leuenberger – If R1, a good option, monitor in NAB
    C.Sinclair – Low on watchlist but will monitor in NAB
    H.Bennell – Absolute superstar, highly consider in fwd
    J.Redden – Potential to avg 105+, high on watchlist but unlikely starter for me
    S.Selwood – Watchlist, depends what role he plays, watching in NAB with interest, ankles a concern?!
    P.Dangerfield – Doubt he will improve his avg, upgrade target but I won’t be touching him – yes, I’m a Crows supporter ;)
    D.Gore – Potential to get games mid year if injury strikes

    J.Aish – Could improve average to 70-80 but not enough
    D.Currie – Too expensive for my liking to be a R3, won’t be R1 ahead of Nicholls

    • Joke_R

      October 25, 2015 at 9:24 pm

      I disagree on a lot of those. Fitzpatrick, Phillips, Stevie J and Suckers at least could be very relevant, and that’s discounting the possibility of a brakout contender from the rest of the ‘No’ list.

  19. John Freed

    John Freed

    October 23, 2015 at 12:55 am

    Ok, now that trade period has ended I’ll give my thoughts. Players split into 1 of 3 categories: consider to start, consider to trade in, pass completely. Let’s go:
    Gore- If he plays, he’ll be worth a spot in the team.
    Selwood- Preseason will tell, however it’s either start or skip.
    Redden- Better than a 97 average. Unlikely to get above other midfield options this year, but very keen on him
    Sinclair- As a sole ruckman, will improve his average considerably. Currently locked in at R2
    Leuenberger- Like Selwood, monitor preseason and make a judgement then. Start or skip
    Anderson- Locked in, provided he is cheap enough, and structure works
    Hampton- Possible upside, but nothing to convincing until preseason
    Jansen- If he plays, he’ll be worth a spot in the team.
    Seedsman- He is one of 2 midpriced backs that are virtual locks at this stage. Structure and options down back will be the only thing keeping him out
    Kennedy- If he plays, he’ll be worth a spot in the team.
    Freeman- If he plays, he’ll be worth a spot in the team.
    Bird- Great option as a midpriced forward. Worth a preseason monitor
    Kerridge- If he plays, he’ll be worth a spot in the team.
    Lamb- I locked him in at 220k a few seasons ago. Will be worth a spot onfield if structure permits
    Sumner- If he plays, he’ll be worth a spot in the team.
    Aish- One of many midpriced mids, but is at the lower end, so could be worth a spot

    Trade in:
    Suckling- Must see H&A role/form before making any calls. Won’t be worth starting if he can’t perform, but is capable to improve
    Dangerfield- Traitor! Only consider if necessary. As an unbiased, AFL Fantasy coach, I’ll want to see what he is like in the geelong midfield, and how he fits.
    Bennell- Want to see his role, as well as off-field behaviour during the season
    Bell- Like him, but need to see where he fits
    Rosa- Could be an option, depending on who has def status
    Treloar- To many variables in Collingwood’s midfield to risk starting

    Henderson- KPP
    Jetta- Impact, not accumulator
    Melksham- Don’t like him
    Simpson- Won’t fit structure & will struggle for game time
    Townsend- Price
    Zmith- Better midpricers
    Currie- Stuck behind Nicholls
    Walker- KPP
    Stevie J- Declining as a Fantasy prospect a little to quickly
    Giles- Stuck behind Naitanui/Lycett
    Toumpas- Price
    Howe- Don’t like him
    Dixon- KPP
    Carlisle- KPP
    Menzel- Need to cut back on Crow players
    Plowman- KPP
    Phillips- Stuck behind Kreuzer
    Fitzpatrick- His role in the team is to up for debate
    Bugg- Likely role not ideal
    Bastinac- Can’t see enough improvement to warrant selection
    Yarran- Don’t like him
    Talia- KPP

    Almost certainly these views will change throughout the preseason.

    • Joke_R

      October 25, 2015 at 9:28 pm

      Agree on almost everything. I don’t get why so many people are dismissing Phillips so easily. I agree, he is stuck behind Kreuzer in the pecking order, but seriously, Kreuzer has a body made of tissue paper, it’s a pretty safe bet that he’ll miss at least some games at some point in the season. Only other one that might be relevant is Fitzpatrick, depending on his role in the team, but we’ll watch that in Pre-Season.

      • Warnie


        October 26, 2015 at 9:19 am

        At $230K, he’s a pass for me. If Kreuzer goes down… then we can consider, but still, it is then about structure of your side. Do you really want a mid-pricer that is maybe going to get to $350K at a stretch and probably average 70? I think we can do better from forwards or mids at around that price than with Phillips, even if he was holding down the number one ruck.

  20. Nooie

    October 23, 2015 at 10:09 pm

    Here it is, get your fantasy glasses on, grab some popcorn and enjoy.

    Doing this in class, will see how I go.

    Matthew Suckling – He comes into a backline composed of Matty Boyd, Robert Murphy and Dale Morris. I see him playing the half back flank role/wing, the same he played at Hawthorn. He has a booming left as we all know. He won’t play as a lockdown defender, the have Easton Wood for that. I can see him pushing high 80’s. He is underpriced, and he has done well in the past. I will be watching him closely in NC. Watch.

    Dean Gore – Have not heard much about him at all, he comes to Adelaide with no experience under his belt. The Adelaide midfield is already packed with young guns Matt and Brad Crouch, CEY and even Riley Knight and Rory Atkins are ahead of him in the pecking order. Pass.

    Patrick Dangerfield – The most anticipated trade of the period landed in the first week. I don’t think his score will crack 110, but I am very interested by Joel Selwood and Mitch Duncan. Dangerfield should, SHOULD, attract the tag. We have seen how damaging Jelwood has been being left off the hook. For Danger, I can see a similar, maybe a little less scoring output then this year, but his teammates have really got me excited.

    Scott Selwood – I still remember that year when he averaged 108. Had him from the start, like Jack Steven this year. The guy has potential. He just has to be fit. Another factor is what role he plays? Will he play inside mid, tagger or somewhere else? It is too hard to judge at the moment, but will be watching the NC closely. Can’t see him averaging the ton honestly. Watch.

    Jack Redden – He has left his good buddy Rocky at Brisbane and has flown across Australia to the Eagles. He will give a much needed boost to the Eagles, but does he fit in? Does he get priority over Shuey, Masten, Wellingham? I think he does. He is a tackling machine and is a hard worker. He has averaged down from the past few years, but I rate him to bounce back. I won’t start with him, but I definitely will watch him. Consider.

    Some notes on Vietnam war, argh.

    Lachie Henderson – The big man struggled at Carlton being the number one target. He now moves to Geelong in Tom Hawkins’ shadow, which could open up opportunity for him. But not enough to consider Fantasy wise. All in all he is still Lachie Henderson, but I am interested to see how he performs, did the Cats boom or bust? No thanks.

    Harley Bennell – The troubled Sun has left the Gold Coast and went to the opposite side of Australia to Fremantle. He offers flair and excitement and Freo could be onto a winner. Fremantle already have a star studded midfield with Fyfe, Mundy, Neale and Hill, so I dont see him playing midfield. Maybe in rotations, but I still doubt it. I think he will play high half forward, or wing. I can see him keeping a 1:1 goals/game ratio and I think this trade could push Freo all the way to that one weekend in September. Fantasy wise, I am unsure. He could average 100. Straight mid pass, but if he is a forward. Consider.

    Lewis Jetta – The speedstar has gone over to West Coast and will go hand in hand with what the Eagles need, outside run and carry. But other than that, from a Fantasy viewpoint, I see no value with him at all. He will post the random ton here and there, but there is no potential here. Pass.

    Callum Sinclair – I really like this guy. Sydney did well to land him and should be a boom recruit with Pyke gone. Tom Derickx (butchered – if he is even still there), Toby Nankervis and Sam Naismith, the Swans’ ruck stocks are thin. Sinclair will be a very valuable player for the Swans and should be the number one ruck if I am not mistaken. I think he can go 80+ and represents real value. I am strongly considering starting with him, even though I told myself I will start with Stef and Goldy. Will see how that goes. Strongly Consider.

    R.I.P essay grade.

    Jake Melksham – The Melkshake man has landed at Melbourne and is going to get plenty of opportunities. I have heard he is going to play a rebounding halfback role. That can open up plenty of scoring potential. But could he very well be Lumumba 2.0. After him, I don’t think I can trust another Demon player. He is awkwardly priced, so that isn’t going for him. Meh.

    Matthew Leuenberger – After falling behind the pecking order at the Lions, our seem-to-be mid price ruck of the past century, has moved to Essendon. Is he number one ruck? Debateable. Tom Bellchambers and Shaun McKernan are there. Will he be the number one? Most likely. TBell has fallen out of favour and Kern isn’t experienced. As the number one ruck, I like him. He has averaged in the 90’s before and is going to be ‘cheap’. Do we get sucked in again? Watch.

    Jed Anderson – One of the most hyped up rookies last preseason didn’t deliver and has moved to the Kangaroos. There is no doubting the kid has talent. But will he release it under the Roos? Is he even in the best 22? So many questions. Surprised the Green Kermits didn’t pick him up, but with the club now relegated to the pits of hell, we may get to see the best of him. Watch.

    Dawson Simpson – Moved to the Giants after falling behind the talls at Cats, he doesn’t offer much at all. He will be cheap, and I would say he is the second ruck when Mumford is fit. Always a chance to surprise, but I’m not betting on it. Unlikely.

    Curtly Hampton – Now at the Crows, he is very cheap. He hasn’t got much scoring potential at all, let alone job security. There really isn’t much exciting me about him. Will watch the NC closely, but unless there is a significant role change that results in points, I can’t see myself picking him, even at his price. Meh.

    Jacob Townsend – Relatively unknown and unproven, but the Tigers must’ve seen something they liked. Funnily enough, the past three trade seasons they have traded in taggers. Matt Thomas, Taylor Hunt (oh the envy) and now Townsend. I don’t see him best 22 and I think he is just a depth player. Pass.

    Tom Bell – My boy Tommy Bell. He was great when I bought him in. Interesting move to the Lions, I don’t get why Blues gave him up, but will let them have it. I don’t see where Bell plays this year, will be watching NC, but I would guess a high forward flank. He has huge potential. He is high on my radar, especially as a forward. He’ll average 80+ again. Watch.

    Zac Smith – The hero of 2011 and now nobody has touched him. Whatever happened to him? Anyway, he had a great debut year, but since then he has fallen off the planet and out of favour. He arrives at the Cats, the only ‘real’ ruckman. Yes they have Blicavs, he’s a rover and have young Vardy, but he is the only ‘established’ ruckman. He should be best 22 and I will be watching him in the NC. Watch.

    Did you know Franz Ferdinand’s assassination was the start of WW1? Learning and DT in one. Oh yeahhhh.

    Dan Currie – Guess who’s back, back again. Currie’s back, to-sit-at-r4-for-the-season-friend. He is back, at another club, ready to rot at R4. He is relatively cheap, but not basement, and is a chance to play. He is still behind Tom Nicholls, maybe even Gorringe (does he still play?) Too many question marks, and still questionable to see if he’s in the best 22. Still here.

    Jarrad Jansen – I have heard a bit about this young bloke and I have heard he can play. I have also heard he was close to debut late this season. With Brisbane losing Redden and Aish, there are spots there to be taken. Best 22 is always debatable but we can only see what the NC brings us. Watch.

    Josh Walker – Ummm, yeah. That trade happened, and is a lock as F1 for next year. He is the definition of no. But seriously, he is the Lions’ ‘key target’ up forward and he is going to struggle. Let alone he’s projected 300K. No no no no no.

    Steve Johnson – The magician has lived on another day, and this time he is at the Giants. He will offer great leadership to these kids, and something in me says his best days aren’t over. Yes 100 average is a bit of a stretch, but I can definitely see him pumping some tons and snaps. I can see stints in the midfield and resting up forward getting a few sausage rolls. I really like him as a prospect, will definitely watch his NC. Tempted.

    Jonathan Giles – The hero of 2012 and now nobody has touched him. Whatever happened? Oh, he just got traded to his fourth club (someone please inform me; GWS, Essendon, WCE and ???) and he isn’t going to get much opportunity here are all. Nic Nat and Lycett are ahead of him. Simply for depth. Pass.

    Paul Seedsman – Wins Anzac Medal then pisses off. Nahhh, I will miss the Seed, but it was for the best. He fell out of favour and really lost that flair other than ANZAC Day. Anyway, at the Crows I think he can score solidly, but nothing averaging over 80. He is cheap enough to take a punt on, but then again, he is rumoured to take Brodie Smith’s role and as a Brodie Smith owner late this year…. no thanks. Will still keep an eye on him in NC. Watch.

    Home now, can now really buckle down.

    Jimmy Toumpas – What a flop he has been. He teased us with a few decent scores, enough to make the old man jump on board, but other than that he has been very mediocre. The sub rule is history so that will help him. Best 22 at Port is debateable. Can’t see him averaging much, but we saw what happened to Jared Polec. Will be watching him in the NC closely. Maybe.

    Jeremy Howe – As a Collingwood fan, this has gotten me excited. Jamie Elliott and Jeremy Howe in the one forward line. You can’t deny you made a little smile there. Just picture that. Beautiful perfection and I think Bruce might have to end his relationship with Cyril…. well that ain’t happening. He won’t average 80, he will improve, he will play as long as he is fit and he will touch the hubble space telescope. Pass.

    Ben Kennedy – Kinda sad he left, he showed glimpses of promise when he wasn’t Kermit’s wingman, but he wasn’t best 22. Better chances at Melbourne. He is cheap. He is talented. He should be best 22. Kermit is ded. He has a real big chance to feature in my team. In my opinion, he is more valuable the Kennedy-Harris, Neal-Bullen and Jetta. Will watch his NC, but he is pretty much locked for me. Loc…

    Nathan Freeman – Another youngster with promise has left, the poor bugger has had a terrible run with injuries. Better chances at Saints. He is cheap. He is talented. He should be best 22. He has pace. I can’t see any negatives other than he is unproven, but all rookies are. He is. Locked.

    Charlie Dixon – Big Diko has landed at Port. Port can make a serious run for the flag now. The team looks scary. But big Diko is still a key forward, still a 5-goals-2-ton player and unless he kicks five goals weekly he is irrelevant. He is also very awkwardly priced. If he was 100K cheaper I’d consider, but for now. Pass.

    Jake Carlisle – *sniffs* oh sorry, be there in a tic… Poor St.Kilda. Finally landed their man and then get this dropped on them. He is a good player and will be the future for them for years to come. Hope they can get over this and they get back to playing good footy. Carlisle has potential as a swingman, and once again, he netted together a few good scores here and there but really has no value. Nah.

    14% charge, 50mins left. Touch and go.

    Craig Bird – Is Bird the word? He is awkwardly priced, but he can score. If he is playing the right role. The Bombers have Hocking, so surely they don’t need a second tagger. I think he has huge potential and could be the player Essendon is looking for. Heard it here first, 90 average. Will watch his NC. Tempting.

    Matt Rosa – After starting as the very last sub for the history (we hope) of AFL, Rosa has gone ‘coast to coast’. Gold Coast is the place where everyone goes and just turns to poor. Remember Greg Broughton? How about Jarrod Harbrow? That Gary Ablett guy is shit. But in all seriousness, Rosa is that serviceable player. I think he will be this year’s Daniel Rich. Cheap, but only gets mid 70’s. NC will be a big deciding factor. Watch.

    Sam Kerridge – Kicks 5 goals against the Kangaroos then dies. He is massively cheap, even rookie priced and there is no doubt he is in the best 22. There is nothing but upside, even if he plays as a tagger, he’ll still get 60 and make you money. Lock.

    13% 43mins. Think I’ll be ok.

    Troy Menzel – What have Carlton done? Bell now Menzel. Oh well. Anyway, in five years this kid is going to be a gun, but until then he will be more inconsistent than your internet provider. Even then, there is plenty of competition at Adelaide and I think Eddie has the small forward role nailed down. No.

    Lachie Plowman – Don’t know much about him. He was pick 4 or something right? He is cheap, and I think he is a lockdown defender. If he has a change of role then consider as he is cheap, but is he is just doing the Simon Prestigiacomo of the world, then no. Meh.

    Jed Lamb – We were all over him when he went from Swans to Giants but he didn’t set the world alight. He has great potential, and off the top of my head I can’t think of many, if any Carlton small forwards. Betts? Oh wait. Garlett? Oh wait. He is high on my watchlist and I will be interested to see the role he plays in NC. Strongly Considering.

    11% 33mins. Eh.

    Andrew Phillips – The big man who provided some of us with much needed cover when Stef and Goldy went down this season is at Carlton and irrelevant. Behind Kreuzer and is not the best guy going around. No.

    Liam Sumner – Don’t know much about this kid, other than sick hair do. He has a chance, just has to crack the 22. Read he has had some injuries. Could hold him back, and he is very unproven. Hard to see him getting a game but could fill the vacated Menzel spot. I don’t know. Watch.

    10% 30mins, I don’t wanna risk losing this. Power pack here. Like if I lose this I would cry.

    Adam Treloar – Finally landed him after land ‘negotiations’ even though he was there five days before hand. Really glad we got him, he looks awesome for us for the next decade. He won’t get a tag at the Pies, Pendles ahead of him, he has midfield competition but he is elite and he is very talented. I can’t wait to watch him in action. I reckon he can maintain his 100 average, will push the 110’s, but not quite that elite-elite mid. Watch in 3 years. Target.

    Jack Fitzpatrick – The world’s largest Adams Apple. Will get heaps of game time at Hawks. Worth heaps of value to the Hawks a fifth round pick like damn. Seriously, I doubt he will get game time but he does hold his own and if given the opportunity he’ll take it with both hands. Yeahnahh.

    Tom Bugg – My mate said two years ago that he will have a breakout. I said Adam Treloar. I won that, but could this be his breakout year? All depends on role. He was used as a tagger at Giants, but letting him run he can be a prolific ball winner. He can go 80+. Will he go 80+? Probably not, but if he does, I’m a genius. And so is my mate.

    James Aish – Oh Aish. I really didn’t want you. Really hoped you fell through to the Kangas. Well, we have you now, paid overs for you so you better deliver. If you don’t, I’ll be more pissed off than a midget with a yo-yo. Yes he has potential, but I don’t believe he will reach it. He could be as good as Jack Crisp, but I doubt it. Will be interesting to see. Not clear in the best 22, will watch his NC and see from there. Meh.

    Anyone know a good cream for teenage pimple outbreaks like holy shit….

    Ryan Bastinac – He can play and he can score. There are holes left in the team up for taking and he can fill it. Inside mid, I can nearly see him going 90+. He has potential, will definitely watch his NC and see where he fits in. I like him, will be keen to see how it plays out. Watchlist.

    Chris Yarran – He could really bring something to the Tigers. Dash from half back, sneak forward at times and can make flair. He can push his average to 70, but that is unlikely. He is always a chance to breakout but he is so unpredictable. Will watch him in the NC. Unlikely.

    Here we go, the final player.

    Michael Talia – I traded him in after two hundred mid season and he burnt me. The trade to Sydney is a good one, good for the Swans good for him but not good for Fantasy. Little value playing as a key defensive tall. All we can do is just laugh. For no reason. It’s late leave me alone. Nope.

    So. 3091* words later, the end result. Imagine if I was this passionate about school work essays. A+ for days. Not even going to check for typos so please no hate. Anyways hope you enjoyed, and until next time.

    Dream Team’s Alright With Me, Dream Team’s Alright, OHHH YEAHHHHH

    • Warnie


      October 23, 2015 at 11:23 pm

      Nothing short of brilliant. Thanks for the read, Nooie.

      • Nooie

        October 24, 2015 at 12:40 am

        No problem, it is just a second opinion behind you guys :)

    • Joke_R

      October 25, 2015 at 9:37 pm

      Goddamn, that’s one long comment, at least nobody can complain about how long mine are now. I would recommend paying attention in class though, some of that stuff is actually important. Mostly at this stage I’m looking at the rookies. Kerridge, Sumner, Lamb, Phillips, Anderson, Freeman and Kennedy are all highly likely at this stage, and Gore and Jansen are on the Watchlist. Leuenberger will be tempting if he gets DPP status Ruck/Forward. I’ll be watching Scooter Selwood and Matt Suckling very closely, I think they can both go 90+. Other than that, it’s a wait and see on almost everyone. The great thing about pre-season is that everyone is a breakout player, we can’t get all of them right, and for all we know, that one guy that picks Troy Menzel and Jeremy Howe might strike gold and have them both averaging 105, we just don’t know. Thanks for the thoughts Nooie.

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