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Roy’s Trade Talk – Round 17

Gaz and Goldy have raised the bar for our premium expectations and it’s fair to say a few aren’t cutting it.

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Todd Goldstein and Gary Ablett set a new standard of expectation for premium players after their mammoth efforts on the weekend. This has left many coaches with an itchy trigger finger with the likes of Nathan Fyfe and Dyson Heppell basically being outscored by 100 points… yes 100. Here are some guys who I think are worth a look this week:

Bargain Bart

After coming back from his round three injury, Jimmy Bartel (FWD, $487,000) has been on fire with scores of 116 and 122. He is carrying a break-even of 85 leading into his game against the Giants and the Cats have a Fantasy friendly run home with makes him an attractive prospect. He has dropped $75K since the start of the year and is ripe for the picking.

Who’s House?

Luke Dahlhaus (FWD/MID, $480,000) has overcome a mid-season slump to score 94 and a season high 132 against the Cats where he collected 37 possessions and kicked a goal. This has dropped his break-even to just 73 leading into his game against the Pies who are renown for leaking points through the midfield. He is a bargain for under 500K.

Must Have

It is official, if you do not have Luke Hodge (DEF/MID, $584,000) in your back line, he needs to become a top priority. He is statistically having a career best year and that is being reflected by his huge Fantasy numbers. He has dropped under 100 on only three occasions and in the last three weeks he has not fallen below 120, giving him a three game average of 134. He has a break-even of just 76 leading into this week’s game against the Blues.

Sidebottom moves to the forefront

On the back a huge performance against the Eagles where Steele Sidebottom (MID, $521,000) collected 37 possessions and scored 128, he has to be on the radar as an under-priced premium. He has dropped 91K since the start of the season but has found form with three tons in a row to give him an average of 114 in that time and a low break-even of just 73. My slight concern is he seems to get increased opportunity to rack up when Taylor Adams is out and he is set to return following next weeks game.

Gawn But Not Forgotten

It can’t be ignored anymore, Big Max Gawn (FWD/RUC, $468,000) is getting it done. Finally given number one ruck duties, his form leaves many of us questioning why this didn’t happen a long time ago. In the last four weeks he has three tons including 139 and 146 which shows he has a ceiling with the best of them. The next two weeks he plays the Pies and Saints who leak plenty of points to opposition ruckmen and with a break-even of just 46, Maxy is under-priced.

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Twitter Time

As it is a Luxury trade… Risk it to get the biscuit!

Although I don’t trust him at times, Birch is a bargain

Say goodbye to Rich

Might be a tough into with the Dees taggers but Armo

Good trade

Great work, correct answer

Yep, dropped nearly 100K and in good form. I have slight concerns that Adams steals a bit of his thunder upon return though.

Rest option yes, but can you really watch Hodge continue to dominate and not have him in your team due to a rest risk? I say no

Knights vs Suns

Hope that helps!

Good luck,







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