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AFL Teams 2015: Round 13

The round 13 teams are here. Our main man Shags has got all of the info you need to get your team sorted.

Ah, round 13, and its the last round of the byes. With many having premiums from earlier rounds, this bye round is not as scary for most. We already have early line ups for tonight’s game, and its the second partial lockout in a row. Make sure you all take advantage of the loophole trick and have your Vice Captain from Freo or Pies sorted. You only have a very small window of opportunity in seeing the weekends teamsheets before partial lockout, so if you want one of the players in the Freo vs Pies game, you might need to take a risk on a rookie downgrade for the weekend, without either knowing full Sunday squads or Friday subs.
For the remainder of the weekend there are 18 changes to Friday/Saturday teams & four confirmed outs for Sunday squads. Much anticipated in for the suns…wasn’t to be. There are still a few Dongrades on offer (Dongrades get it hahaha, I love that pun Roy!), including an interesting Dual position ruck downgrade option.

Fantasy Relevant Omissions :

Daniel Robinson – a couple of teams may have taken a punt on this rookie
Connor Menadue (Omitted), Corey Ellis (Hip) – tiger rookies that didn’t make the cut.
Orazio Fantasia (Groin) – hurting those who grabbed him last week.
Blake Acres (Omitted) – another rookie out which can hurt us over the byes.
Bryce Gibbs (Suspension) – 2 week stint on the sidelines for a crude tackle.

Fantasy Relevant Inclusions :

Derickx – well not cheap enough to be a rookie.
Z Jones – Rookie defender
Kane Lambert – rookie fwd/mid
Grant Birchall – Back from injury.
Shaun McKernan, Nick O’Brien – rookie options
No Gaz! but Harley Bennell is back for the suns.
Hugh Beasley – a rookie I missed.

New Rookies :

Shaun McKernan
ESS (Fwd/Ruc. $197,000 BE 24 AF, $248,400 RDT)
Already played 1 game for 54, but that wasn’t as primary ruck. Could be a handy cover.

Nick O’brien
ESS (Mid $120,000 AF $ 124,600 RDT)
Another Bombers Dongrade option!

Kane Lambert
RIC (Fwd/Mid $121,000 BE 23 AF, $102,900 RDT)
Also already played 1 game, coming back from injury and has been killing it in the seconds. prime candidate for sub, you can check before Friday game…but, not before partial lockout.

Zak Jones
SWANS (Def $142,000 AF, $156,600 RDT)
Gets a run for the swans, JS would be suspect but definitely put on your watch list.

NB: Hugh Beasley slipped under my radar
BRIS (Def $136,000 AF, $102,900 RDT)
Wouldn’t be my first option, but he is on the bubble for RDT and is super cheap.

Some of the other downgrade options that kept their spots this week are Matthew Kreuzer, Hugh Beasley, Shaun Edwards, Elliott Kavanagh, & Andrew Boston. For more info check Jeppa’s Juniors.

Other Thoughts :

As well as the loophole captain option, the partial lockout also provides some dilemmas. If you say wanted to upgrade to a Pendles or a Fyfe (and who wouldnt) but you wanted to trade in Lambert, you won’t know he is a sub or not for the Friday. If you traded another premium in, you would be able to see.

Just make sure you have your trades sorted before tonight if you want one of the Freo or Collingwood players.

Partial Lockout game tonight full list!

Fremantle v Collingwood
DS , 6:10pm AWST (8:10pm AEST) Thursday, June 25, 2015


B Lee Spurr, Luke McPharlin, Garrick Ibbotson
HB Danyle Pearce, Alex Pearce, Cameron Sutcliffe
C Tommy Sheridan, Nat Fyfe, Clancee Pearce
HF Michael Barlow, Chris Mayne, Stephen Hill
F Michael Walters, Matthew Pavlich, Hayden Ballantyne
Fol Aaron Sandilands, David Mundy, Nick Suban
I/C Hayden Crozier, Jack Hannath, Matt de Boer, Lachie Neale
Emg Jonathon Griffin, Matt Taberner, Tendai Mzungu
In Chris Mayne, Matt de Boer
Out Matt Taberner (Omitted), Tendai Mzungu (Omitted)


B Tom Langdon, Nathan J. Brown, Marley Williams
HB Alan Toovey, Jack Frost, Tyson Goldsack
C Adam Oxley, Dane Swan, Steele Sidebottom
HF Jamie Elliott, Jesse White, Jordan De Goey
F Alex Fasolo, Travis Cloke, Tim Broomhead
Fol Jarrod Witts, Jack Crisp, Scott Pendlebury
I/C Jarryd Blair, Taylor Adams, Travis Varcoe, Paul Seedsman
Emg Ben Kennedy, Jonathon Marsh, Brayden Maynard
In Jarryd Blair
Out Ben Kennedy (Omitted)

Sydney Swans v Richmond
SCG , 7:50pm AEST Friday, June 26,

Swans – IN: Derickx, Z Jones OUT: Pyke, Robinson
Tigers – IN: Newman, Gordon, Lambert OUT: Morris, C Ellis, Menadue

Hawthorn v Essendon
MCG , 1:40pm AEST Saturday, June 27,

Hawks – IN: Birchall OUT: Schoenmakers
Dons – IN: Winderlich, Dempsey, McKernan, O’Brien, J Merrett OUT: Chapman, Howlett, Colyer, Ambrose, Fantasia.

Brisbane Lions v Adelaide Crows
G , 4:35pm AEST Saturday, June 27,

Lions – IN: Harwood, Aish, Andrews OUT: Lester, Robertson, O’Brien
Crows – Unchanged

St Kilda v Western Bulldogs
ES , 7:20pm AEST Saturday, June 27,

Saints – IN: Schneider, Fisher, Roberton OUT: Delaney, Shenton, Acres
Dogs – IN: Morris OUT: Hrovat

Carlton v Gold Coast Suns
ES , 3:20pm AEST Sunday, June 28,

Blues – IN: Jamison, Ellard, Tutt, Boekhorst, Holman OUT: Walker, Gibbs.
Suns – IN: May, Shaw, Bennell, Day, Sexton OUT: Stanley, Cameron

Sydney Swans v Richmond

Sydney Swans

B Dane Rampe, Ted Richards, Nick Smith
HB Lewis Jetta, Heath Grundy, Jeremy Laidler
C Rhyce Shaw, Josh P. Kennedy, Jarrad McVeigh
HF Gary Rohan, Lance Franklin, Dan Hannebery
F Adam Goodes, Kurt Tippett, Harry Cunningham
Fol Tom Derickx, Kieren Jack, Luke Parker
I/C Zak Jones, Jake Lloyd, Tom Mitchell, Sam Reid

Emg Abe Davis, Toby Nankervis, Dean Towers
In Tom Derickx, Zak Jones
Out Daniel Robinson (Omitted), Mike Pyke (Knee)


B Dylan Grimes, Jake Batchelor, Troy Chaplin
HB Shane Edwards, Alex Rance, Bachar Houli
C Brandon Ellis, Brett Deledio, Kamdyn McIntosh
HF Chris Newman, Ty Vickery, Dustin Martin

F Ben Griffiths, Jack Riewoldt, Trent Cotchin
Fol Ivan Maric, Taylor Hunt, Shaun Grigg
I/C Anthony Miles, Nick Vlastuin, Nathan Gordon, Kane Lambert

Emg Matt Dea, Connor Menadue, Steven Morris
In Chris Newman, Nathan Gordon, Kane Lambert
Out Steven Morris (Omitted), Connor Menadue (Omitted), Corey Ellis (Hip)

Hawthorn v Essendon


B Ben Stratton, Brian Lake, Josh Gibson
HB Grant Birchall, James Frawley, Shaun Burgoyne
C Bradley Hill, Luke Hodge, Jordan Lewis
HF Cyril Rioli, Jack Gunston, Isaac Smith
F David Hale, Jarryd Roughead, Paul Puopolo
Fol Jonathon Ceglar, Liam Shiels, Sam Mitchell
I/C Taylor Duryea, Billy Hartung, Luke Breust, Matthew Suckling

Emg Ryan Schoenmakers, Will Langford, Teia Miles
In Grant Birchall
Out Ryan Schoenmakers (Omitted)


B Michael Hibberd, Cale Hooker, Mark Baguley
HB Courtenay Dempsey, James Gwilt, Jason Winderlich
C Dyson Heppell, Brendon Goddard, Shaun Edwards
HF Jobe Watson, Michael Hurley, Zach Merrett
F Jackson Merrett, Jake Carlisle, Joe Daniher
Fol Shaun McKernan, Brent Stanton, Jake Melksham
I/C Elliott Kavanagh, Nick O’Brien, Adam Cooney, Martin Gleeson

Emg Ariel Steinberg, Jayden Laverde, Ben Howlett

In Courtenay Dempsey, Jason Winderlich, Jackson Merrett, Shaun McKernan, Nick O’Brien
Out Patrick Ambrose (Omitted), Orazio Fantasia (Groin), Ben Howlett (Omitted), Travis Colyer (Foot), Paul Chapman (Groin)

Brisbane Lions v Adelaide Crows

Brisbane Lions

B Jordon Bourke, Justin Clarke, Hugh Beasley
HB Tom Cutler, Marco Paparone, Pearce Hanley
C Lewis Taylor, Dayne Beams, Daniel Rich
HF Dayne Zorko, Daniel McStay, Allen Christensen
F Rohan Bewick, Matthew Leuenberger, Josh Green
Fol Stefan Martin, Jack Redden, Mitch Robinson
I/C Ryan Harwood, James Aish, Jed Adcock, Harris Andrews

Emg Darcy Gardiner, Ryan Lester, Zac O’Brien
In Ryan Harwood, James Aish, Harris Andrews
Out Ryan Lester (Omitted), Zac O’Brien (Omitted), Nick Robertson (Shoulder)

Adelaide Crows

B Luke Brown, Daniel Talia, Kyle Hartigan
HB Rory Laird, Kyle Cheney, Nathan Van Berlo
C Cam Ellis-Yolmen, Scott Thompson, Brodie Smith
HF Matt Crouch, Josh Jenkins, Tom Lynch
F Eddie Betts, Taylor Walker, Patrick Dangerfield
Fol Sam Jacobs, Rory Sloane, Richard Douglas
I/C Matthew Wright, David Mackay, Charlie Cameron, Jake Kelly
Emg Riley Knight, Jarryd Lyons, Ricky Henderson

St Kilda v Western Bulldogs

St Kilda

B Sam Gilbert, Sam Fisher, Jimmy Webster
HB Shane Savage, Sean Dempster, Jarryn Geary
C Leigh Montagna, David Armitage, Farren Ray
HF Darren Minchington, Nick Riewoldt, Adam Schneider
F Jack Lonie, Josh Bruce, Tim Membrey
Fol Billy Longer, Jack Steven, Maverick Weller
I/C Sebastian Ross, Luke Dunstan, Jack Newnes, Dylan Roberton

Emg Blake Acres, Daniel McKenzie, Cameron Shenton
In Sam Fisher, Adam Schneider, Dylan Roberton
Out Luke Delaney (Omitted), Blake Acres (Omitted), Cameron Shenton (Omitted)

Western Bulldogs

B Easton Wood, Joel Hamling, Matthew Boyd
HB Robert Murphy, Jordan Roughead, Jason Johannisen
C Jack Macrae, Mitch Wallis, Tory Dickson
HF Luke Dahlhaus, Jake Stringer, Jarrad Grant
F Marcus Bontempelli, Tom Boyd, Fletcher Roberts
Fol Will Minson, Koby Stevens, Liam Picken
I/C Toby McLean, Lukas Webb, Bailey Dale, Dale Morris

Emg Shane Biggs, Josh Prudden, Jack Redpath
In Dale Morris
Out Nathan Hrovat (Omitted)



  1. stoo

    June 25, 2015 at 10:59 pm

    Locking in Neale

    • Albert Lloyd

      June 25, 2015 at 11:03 pm

      Good call Gary

      Safe call

      Bird in the hand worth two in the bush call

      • stoo

        June 25, 2015 at 11:15 pm

        Plus I get to embarrass Selwood and have him on field as Captain

        • Albert Lloyd

          June 25, 2015 at 11:20 pm



  2. Lachie Neale

    June 25, 2015 at 11:03 pm


    with 21 players this week, maybe the byes will end on a positive note

    • Albert Lloyd

      June 25, 2015 at 11:04 pm

      You only had 2 in that game?

      • Lachie Neale

        June 25, 2015 at 11:13 pm

        Yeah, my mids are pretty unorthodox as I don’t have Pendles or Fyfe and I traded out Oxley last week.

        • Albert Lloyd

          June 25, 2015 at 11:19 pm

          I don’t have Pendles either

          • stoo

            June 25, 2015 at 11:24 pm

            No Pendles or Fyfe for me… and… I traded Cripps last week

          • Albert Lloyd

            June 25, 2015 at 11:31 pm

            Cripps and Fyfe too for me #.#

    • Gobbie Ray

      June 25, 2015 at 11:59 pm

      Confused as to how you can have 350 from two playing?? The highest score you could have with two, would have been 240? I’m guessing you put the captain on Neale, and then had Swan on your fwd line? If that’s the case, you had 350/3 as a captained player counts as two… Or just say you have 350 with captain played ha. Oh and why would you captain Neale when you could use vice captain loop hole? Good faith haha

  3. Albert Lloyd

    June 25, 2015 at 11:17 pm

    NBA Draft in the morning w00t

    • Lachie Neale

      June 25, 2015 at 11:19 pm


      • Albert Lloyd

        June 25, 2015 at 11:22 pm

        Don’t even know what pick they have

  4. Brett

    June 26, 2015 at 12:55 am

    can you reverse trades in RDT and SC?

  5. Warnie


    June 26, 2015 at 7:43 am

    Thanks once again Shags.

    • Shags

      June 26, 2015 at 1:54 pm

      haha no probs mate :)

  6. Lumbajac24

    June 26, 2015 at 7:46 am

    I am so glad I went with Pearce’s JS last night. :(

  7. Datrick Pangerfield

    June 26, 2015 at 9:27 am

    283/3 not bad. Ox Fyfe Swan

    • fknsarge

      June 26, 2015 at 11:18 am

      Shame Ox got subbed when he was on track for 80 plus. 321/3 Neal (will keep his VC score), Swan and Mundy

  8. fknsarge

    June 26, 2015 at 11:20 am

    Fantasia injury has derailed my plans on Vberg to Fantasia and B Goodes to K Simpson. Thoughts on new idea please. B Goodes to S Edwards and then VBerg to N Reiwoldt.

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