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New DPPs – Round 6

The new dual positions players have rolled out. See the complete list.

The new dual position players (DPP) have rolled out in AFL Fantasy Classic, Elite and Match Day.

18 players have gained a new position based on what roles they have been playing and where they’re running/getting the ball over the first five rounds. These have been signed off by Champion Data (I didn’t decide on these for the record Roy and Calvin).

Anyway. The list is below. Look out for an article on written by yours truly.

First NameSurnameClubPriceOwnershipCurrentNew

A few notes (and some responses to frequently asked questions).

  • Daniel Rich has gained DEF status even though his season heatmap doesn’t show it as much. I tweeted from the AFL Fantasy account his heatmap that with centre bounces taken out. Plenty of people have questioned this. One thing is that heatmaps show possessions, not disposals. So Rich obviously gets his hands on it a lot at centre bounces and is attending quite a lot of them. The map in the tweet, shows the running he does in the back half.
  • Mitch Clark has been questioned. He’s only got 8 hitouts this year. Well, I don’t know much about this… but a simple response is that I played at full forward for my local footy team in 2008 and didn’t kick a goal. I was still a forward. I’m quite happy to have Clark now as a R3! I just wish I had Mason Cox or another RUC/FWD to make the switch easier.
  • David Mundy is a huge one. I didn’t see this one coming, however there was this article last week on the AFL site. We now have a new #1 defender in Fantasy! Matthew Boyd is obviously a very good chance for top 6. Before we get too excited about him, remember his soft tissue injuries.
  • Aaron vandenBerg will make a very handy F6! Or at least we have that MID/FWD link there when needed. Same goes for Kamdyn McIntosh. I might even try to get him or Saad into the midfield to open that link up.
  • Why didn’t Player X get DPP? I don’t know… that would be a question for the big dogs. I guess they wanted a set number and kept them fairly relevant (Morris though?!).
  • The next lot of DPPs will come prior to round 12. This will be during the bye rounds which will make things interesting. There were quite a few that were close and plenty of players are on the watchlist as Champion Data and the team at Fantasy HQ monitor over the next six weeks.

Discuss your thoughts and DPP plans in the comments.





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