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The Friday Scramble

The Friday Scramble: Round 5

Another week, more problems! I know I have said it before, but this year has been one of the most difficult I have ever encountered.

FridayScrambleAnother week, more problems! I know I have said it before, but this year has been one of the most difficult I have ever encountered. We have seen so much carnage, but not only injuries we have had so much inconsistency from our rookies too.  Poor old Jeppa is doing a great job, but trying to predict who will have a good week and who won’t is near on impossible.

We got Rocky back last week, but with that score he will drop a heap in price, so wait for a good game and a low price before you bring him back.  Ablett says he is back in two weeks.  Not sure about that, I don’t see it.  Once again I want to see him back and laying tackles before I consider him.

Well done to those of you that are having good seasons, but I just can’t seem to get my mix right, and I think Roy is having exactly the same problems as me with this!

Rookie Pickups.

Well not quite, but there are a few guys that you may want to look at trading out, mostly because there are guys that are knocking on the door and are ready to come in.  Krakouer is the one that everyone is talking about.  He is on the bubble in RDT and SC, but of course he has had two price rises already in AFL Fantasy.  I certainly plan to bring him in. The only thing that you need to consider with him is that he is a rookie listed player and as a result if Frampton comes back from the Long Term Injury list then Krakouer gets demoted again.  However, we just don’t know when Frampton is coming back.  He is listed as 3-5.  With Krakouer’s form they may not rush Frampton! At $108k in RDT and $189k in AF he is a steal.

Robbie Tarrant is the other one that people are talking about this week. He is a forward only and is a bit more expensive $172k in RDT and $210k in AF.  Averaging 84 and a BE of -70 in RDT and -27 in AF you can’t really go wrong.

I was going to mention Whitecross here…. but see next section!

Team Selection

Isaac Heeney was our saviour, but now he is the villain.  His red vesting and ankle injury which led to his score of 17 and now his BE is 44 in RDT and 68 in AF.  This means his cash making days could be over if he can’t get a massive score this week. Although, he won’t lose you any money this week as he is out of the side.  So you don’t need to trade him in RDT if you don’t want to.  However, in AF if you have no other bigger issues then trade him out this week.

Brendan Whitecross was being looked at, but strike him from your plans as he is out for the Hawks this week and it isn’t an injury, he has been omitted.  This is one of the reasons we always like to see two weeks from a rookie priced selection, if you brought him in last week then you could find yourself using another trade or being one short on the bench.  Mitch Clark is out this week for the Cats but we are being told that it is only a one week injury!  We also don’t see Minson back this week either.  Matt Rosa is out with a Hamstring.  I know he isn’t the most popular guy, but he is in Draft leagues.  Scott Lycett being omitted is interesting.  This may mean Nic Nat will need to do more around the ground and hopefully that will boost his scoring.

But a big in this week for the Swans with Tom Mitchell named!  Now you probably don’t have him in the salary cap formats but in the Draft leagues you may have him sitting somewhere on your bench!  Similarly Robbie Gray has been named in the squad for the Power. Chris Judd and Adam Goodes are also both back.  I am going to go out on a limb and suggest that Goodes won’t get the vest since he said he wouldn’t play seniors with it.

Injury Worries?

Swanny in a moon boot all week is a concern.  Word is that he will play, but make sure you stay tuned to the twitterverse on Friday avo to see if he is actually in.  Robbie Gray is the other one that may pull out on Friday.  However, I suspect that Port will wait all the way to Sunday afternoon to give him every chance of playing.  Taylor Hunt copped a knock last week but is still named but is third on the bench, so that could be a concern.

Just a Blip on the Radar?

Michael Barlow has been terrible in the last two weeks with a 55 and then a 44.  Hopefully this is just a blip and he will return to his very best this week against the Dee’s.  I have him in Draft and also in RDT so I am praying that this will be the case!  With a premo you need to back them in, unless he has another terrible score this week then chuck him out like last night’s empties!

Things To Remember

  • Swanny plays Friday night, so make sure you are all over that.
  • Read CALVIN’S CAPTAINS.  Lewis isn’t his number one this week, so go see what the Pirate has to say.
  • Roll back of your team will put your captain and emergency and bench players all back!  So don’t be like Roy, make sure you either just reverse trades or do what I do and double check everything when you need to reverse your trades.

Hopefully we get a bit of stability in the coming weeks and we can start to look at our trading strategies.  As the rookies fatten we are getting closer and closer to that time.

Best of luck and I will catch you all next Friday.

Cheers Dunny









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