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Carlton POD Options 2015

Since the 2011 season, Carlton has made thirty changes to its list. THIRTY. Nic looks at some PODs for your team from the Mighty Blues.

Since the 2011 season, Carlton has made thirty changes to its list. THIRTY.

However, now it seems like Mick has put the hacksaw away and is now looking to build with the list he has now created. This means that there will be a few more dream team options to consider from the blues this year, including a few mid-pricers that you made not have thought about yet.

This list won’t focus on premium priced players like Kade Simpson and Marc Murphy or someone like Matthew Kreuzer who most people already have. So without further ado:

Sam Docherty $446,000

Docherty is listed as a defender but he will play predominantly in the midfield this year. He averaged 79 points last year coming off no pre-season and he didn’t really seem to find his niche in the team until the latter half of the season. He has found his role in the Blues midfield and I would be shocked if he didn’t push his average closer to 85 this year. He’s below premium price and could be a decent point of difference option in your side.
Verdict: Risky but worth a shot

Chris Judd $454,000

Judd believes his body is feeling like it did in 2010 and who am I to doubt the great man? Judd is priced at an average of 80 and is a proven DT stud of the past. He’d be a massive risk at his age but if it pays off he could make you some serious money. Murphy gets the number one tag nowadays and if Judd is left to do his own thing then look out. You can bet that very few people will pick him and a 2010 Chris Judd as a POD would be reasonably handy.
Verdict: At that price, why not? (Maybe wait and see if his body holds up early on)

Andrejs Everitt $412,000

Early in 2014, Everitt was used as a wingman that pretty much did as he pleased. He kicked goals and got plenty of the ball. As the year went on he was used in more defensive roles and that hurt his scoring ability. I can’t see him averaging over 80 this year but I can see him pulling out the odd 100+ score.
Verdict: Pass

Tom Bell $382,000

If you’re looking for an incredibly left-field and funky selection well… there are probably better options out there than Tom Bell. Bell averaged 67 in 2014 and while he should improve that in 2015, I can’t see him as a viable option in 2015. With quite a few mid-priced midfielders out there, I’d look elsewhere.
Verdict: Pass

Dylan Buckley $298,000

Buckley is dirt cheap due to an injury interrupted 2014. Early in the year, Buckley established himself as a running defender and despite being used as a substitute a few times, he showed that he could be a DT star of the future. He should get games for Carlton early in the season but I’d watch to see how he plays in the NAB Challenge before considering a selection this unique.
Verdict: Wait and see

Troy Menzel $281,000

Menzel has been selected as the ‘going-to-get-more-midfield-time’ candidate for the Blues this off season. While Menzel may one day be one of the best midfield/forwards in the game, right now he will probably be used similarly to 2014. Menzel is an impact player who is still building up his endurance and as such, I can’t see him averaging above 65 this year.
Verdict: Pass

Blaine Boekhorst $243,000

I know he isn’t a POD but I just wanted to get a warning out to those with him in their side. Mick Malthouse has a storied history of making new players the substitute and Boekhorst fits his sub mould perfectly. On top of that, I can’t see him getting picked for round one unless he really excels during the NAB Challenge.
Verdict: Green Vest

Kristian Jaksch $186,000

Carlton’s prize recruit over the summer had a setback late last year when he injured his foot. Thankfully, he’s back training and there shouldn’t be an issue with his availability for round one. However, Jaksch’s highest score in 2014 was 61 against the Swans in round 15. As a key position player, I can’t see him averaging much more than that this year and there will probably be better value out there amongst the rookies.
Verdict: Pass





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