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My Team 2015: Version 2.1

Fantasy has been open for two weeks and RDT opens on Wednesday. Here’s a new My Team to continue your team discussion.


AFL Fantasy has been open for a couple of weeks¬†and RDT will apparently be open mid-week. Here’s a new version of My Team to keep chatting about your teams as the last one had well over 1000 comments!

Head on over the and use the Drawing Board to put together your AFL Fantasy Classic, AFL Dream Team (RDT) or SuperCoach team using the no official prices and positions for this year.

It’s free and easy to sign up and the site will continue to evolve over the pre-season.

Post your teams (via the simple copy and paste on the Drawing Board) in the comments and discuss your fantasy pre-season. Be constructive and as always, give and get! The Deck of DT has been awesome so far and it will continue into mid-February! The games will officially launch over the next few weeks so make sure you’re prepared and chat it up in the comments.

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