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2015 Prices

Geelong AFL Fantasy Prices 2015

The cats have spent the best part of the decade as one of the best teams to provide us with some Fantasy premiums, but has that come to an end in 2015?

Jimmy Bartel (FWD $561,000)

Jimmy Bartel (FWD $561,000)

The cats have spent the best part of the decade as one of the best teams to provide us with some Fantasy premiums, but has that come to an end in 2015?

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The Premium

Steve Johnson: Nobody in the AFL can make his opposition look more foolish and when at his best he’s got one of the highest ceilings in fantasy footy. 12 months ago he was the most expensive player in the game, but due to some poor games and a couple of Crowley tags he’s priced at $613,000 after averaging 108 from his 17 games. 10 of his games last year he registered 100 or more including some massive ones of 168, 153, 145 and 139. The turn off for some was the tags and as a result he had 5 games where he scored below 70. Here’s the deal though, he had a ‘bad’ season and yet still averaged 108, he’s priced $150,000 cheaper than Rockliff and crazily enough at his price presents us with some value. Like Rocky he’s had his suspension issues but he’ll be looking to head back towards his 2013 and average 118. He’ll be a very unique midfield selection, especially in starting squads. I for one am mightily tempted to start him.

The Midpricer

Josh Caddy: The gaining (or losing) dual position is all it takes to make a players fantasy relevancy change for the better or worse. For the now midfield only (previously mid/fwd) Caddy at $392,000 has slipped substantially in selection watch lists. Last year he was the much hyped mid pricer that failed to deliver at the start of the season. After averaging 60 in the opening 4 weeks an injury at training prior to round 5 saw him miss the following 10 weeks and get traded out of every side. Upon returning he slowly started to show some promising fantasy scores including a 111 against the Kangaroos in round 19, a 108 against the Blues a fortnight later and rounded out the home and away season with 107 against the Lions. His final 5 game average of 91 is well passed seasonal average of 69 so you could argue he presents some value. For me at just $8k short of $400,000 I want a little more consistency and am not prepared to pay that much in the midfield for him. If he’d retained forward status he’d be needing to be considered along with the likes of GWS’ Josh Kelly and magpie Taylor Adams.

The Rookie

Sam Blease: He joins former Demon teammate Jared Rivers at the cattery this season and this mid/fwd priced at $183,000 has his last chance to prove himself as an AFL footballer. Nobody could question his speed and his skill, rather it’s his body and some speculated focus and intensity where he’s lacked. The absence of traded premiership player Varcoe & Christensen have opened the door for the Cats to need some run & carry players and Blease’s skills set fits the bill. He’s got some talent to squeeze past to get into the team, and even if he does he a vest candidate but he’s one to watch.

The New Position

Jimmy Bartel:  The clubs Mr fix it has spent the past few years being thrown around the midfield, forward line, to the defence and again back forward which has enabled him to be selected as a pure forward at $562,000. For the past 9 seasons Jimmy have averaged a minimum of 95 and only once since 2005 has he played less that 20 games. He’s just turned 31 and is well into the twilight of his career, can he continue his unbelievable run of games and scores? That is the $562K question. If he can back up his 99 average you’d be happy to select him, but with that being his best fantasy average since 2010, the Cats needing to not rely on the old hands + a wealth of new and potentially higher scoring forwards might just see Jimmy slide the way down peoples teams.

The One to Watch

Mitch Clark: For many he’s a lock even just 2 weeks ago Warnie wrote about him as apart of our 2015 Deck of DreamTeam, if you missed it you can read it here. Clark as a forward priced at $156,000 makes him one to consider, but for me he’s far from a lock. You should only need 2 absolute max of 3 forward rookies and one of those spots should be taken up by Melbourne’s Jesse Hogan. Plenty of questions surround him too such as “Will his body enable him to play more than 6 games in a row?” A feat he hasn’t been able to do since 2011. “Is he even in the cats best 22?” Vardy, Blicavs, Simpson, Hawkins, Stanley, McIntosh and even the promising Kersten can’t all fit into the team


First NameSurnameClubPositionPrice
SteveJohnsonGeelong CatsMid$613000
JoelSelwoodGeelong CatsMid$603000
JimmyBartelGeelong CatsFwd$562000
MitchDuncanGeelong CatsMid$537000
MathewStokesGeelong CatsMid$511000
JamesKellyGeelong CatsDef$494000
AndrewMackieGeelong CatsDef$475000
CoreyEnrightGeelong CatsDef$465000
StevenMotlopGeelong CatsFwd/Mid$463000
HamishMcIntoshGeelong CatsRuck$451000
TomHawkinsGeelong CatsFwd$436000
CameronGuthrieGeelong CatsMid$420000
JoshCaddyGeelong CatsMid$392000
HarryTaylorGeelong CatsDef$390000
RhysStanleyGeelong CatsFwd$384000
JordanMurdochGeelong CatsFwd$373000
GeorgeHorlin-SmithGeelong CatsMid$366000
MarkBlicavsGeelong CatsMid/Ruck$356000
JaredRiversGeelong CatsDef$334000
DawsonSimpsonGeelong CatsRuck$279000
NakiaCockatooGeelong CatsMid$271000
TomLonerganGeelong CatsDef$267000
JoshWalkerGeelong CatsFwd$238000
DarcyLangGeelong CatsMid$236000
JacksonThurlowGeelong CatsDef/Mid$232000
ShaneKerstenGeelong CatsFwd$225000
NathanVardyGeelong CatsFwd$222000
JedBewsGeelong CatsDef$218000
LincolnMcCarthyGeelong CatsFwd$207000
SamBleaseGeelong CatsFwd/Mid$183000
BillieSmedtsGeelong CatsDef$177000
BradHartmanGeelong CatsFwd/Mid$159000
MitchClarkGeelong CatsFwd$156000
CoryGregsonGeelong CatsMid$154000
DeanGoreGeelong CatsMid$142000
JordanCunicoGeelong CatsMid$142000
DanielMenzelGeelong CatsFwd$142000
JoshCowanGeelong CatsMid$142000
CameronDelaneyGeelong CatsDef$142000
JarradJansenGeelong CatsMid$123000
JakeKolodjashnijGeelong CatsDef$120000
JamesTooheyGeelong CatsDef$120000
MichaelLuxfordGeelong CatsFwd$120000
ZacBatesGeelong CatsMid$120000
TomReadGeelong CatsFwd/Ruck$120000
PadraigLuceyGeelong CatsRuck$120000

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