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2015 Prices

Western Bulldogs AFL Fantasy Prices 2015

Losing the experienced trio of Griffen, Higgins and Cooney probably wasn’t the Dogs plan A, but it’s made way for some young pups in our fantasy teams.

Jack Macrae (MID, $591,000)

Losing the experienced trio of Griffen, Higgins and Cooney probably wasn’t the Dogs Plan A, but it’s made way for some young pups in our fantasy teams.

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The Premium

Jackon Macrae: He was a fantasy coaches dream last year, the midpricer that becomes a premium scorer. If you want him this year though you are paying some serious cash with him nearly pushing the $600K mark at $591,000. He averaged 104 last year and scored over 110 on 9 separate occasions including a massive 168 against the Suns. Pricey?  Yes.  Unique? Very much so. It’d take alot of faith to pick him at that price, especially with the talent that’s now departed the kennel.

The Midpricer

Mitch Wallis: Fell out of favour (along with half of the Dogs list it seems) under his former coach.  If he can be let off the tagging roles this could see his $329,000 be the easiest cash spent in your salary cap. Back in 2012 just as a young pup he had 11 of his 19 games scoring 89 points or higher. With Griffen and Cooney gone from the midfield the dogs need someone to step up, and from my perspective Mitch is the man to do so. Maybe he’s this seasons Macrae.

The Rookie

Caleb Daniel: Although Frodo Baggins is taller than him Caleb’s a seriously good footballer. He averaged 20 touches and 2 goals a game in the national championships including one monster game of 27 touches, 8 tackles and 3 goals. Hello points! He also played nearly a dozen SANFL games last year too, so he has no problems handling the big bodies and at $157,000 he is priced nicely for a bench spot if he can crack his way into the dogs 22.

The New Position

Marcus Bontempelli: He’s part of the future of the doggies, and although he’s much more suited to another point scoring format of the game he could just about become anything. Scoring 2 tons in his debut year and now that he’s selectable as a Mid/Fwd at $392,000 he’s the most likely of all position changes at the Whitten Oval to succeed in fantasy this year.

The One to Watch

Mitch Honeychurch:  The Dogs have plenty of competition for spots and last year ‘Honey’ broke into the Dogs side a handful of times. Sitting at $179,000 this forward is a ball magnet who’ll get a chance to run through the midfield. He was one of the steals of the 2013  draft for the dogs and at this price he may just be one of the best under $200k for us in fantasy.


First NameSurnameClubPositionPrice
JackMacraeWestern BulldogsMid$591000
TomLiberatoreWestern BulldogsMid$559000
MatthewBoydWestern BulldogsMid$540000
LukeDahlhausWestern BulldogsFwd$494000
WillMinsonWestern BulldogsRuck$474000
RobertMurphyWestern BulldogsDef$418000
LiamPickenWestern BulldogsDef$415000
NathanHrovatWestern BulldogsFwd$405000
MarcusBontempelliWestern BulldogsFwd/Mid$392000
KobyStevensWestern BulldogsFwd/Mid$369000
StewartCrameriWestern BulldogsFwd$368000
LachieHunterWestern BulldogsFwd$356000
JasonJohannisenWestern BulldogsDef$356000
JakeStringerWestern BulldogsFwd$332000
MitchWallisWestern BulldogsMid$329000
EastonWoodWestern BulldogsDef$326000
ShaneBiggsWestern BulldogsMid$310000
DaleMorrisWestern BulldogsDef$283000
JordanRougheadWestern BulldogsDef$267000
LinJongWestern BulldogsMid$253000
JarradGrantWestern BulldogsFwd$245000
SamDarleyWestern BulldogsDef$237000
TomCampbellWestern BulldogsFwd/Ruck$233000
TobyMcLeanWestern BulldogsFwd$220000
LukasWebbWestern BulldogsFwd$217000
ToryDicksonWestern BulldogsFwd$205000
AyceCordyWestern BulldogsFwd/Ruck$198000
ClaySmithWestern BulldogsMid$194000
TomBoydWestern BulldogsFwd$192000
BrettGoodesWestern BulldogsDef$192000
DeclanHamiltonWestern BulldogsMid$179000
MitchHoneychurchWestern BulldogsFwd$179000
MichaelTaliaWestern BulldogsDef$161000
BaileyDaleWestern BulldogsFwd$160000
FletcherRobertsWestern BulldogsDef$159000
CalebDanielWestern BulldogsFwd$157000
JackRedpathWestern BulldogsFwd$157000
ZaineCordyWestern BulldogsDef$142000
JoelHamlingWestern BulldogsDef$120000
JoshPruddenWestern BulldogsMid$120000
MatthewFullerWestern BulldogsDef$120000
JordanKellyWestern BulldogsDef$120000
DanielPearceWestern BulldogsMid$120000
RourkeSmithWestern BulldogsDef/Mid$120000

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