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Calvin’s Captains – Rd. 18 (Loop Hole Edition)

The split round his here and there’s an opportunity to use a captaincy loophole… however, it is a tough round for it and Calvin has all of the loophole advice you need to make sure you get it right!

Before you get stuck into this, make sure you have checked out the FULL VERSION of Calvin’s Captains over at the for a full and more comprehensive views on all players.

Now, I’d like to explain the LOOP DE LOOP HOLE for all those thousands of people who have been asking.

Who will you be locking in as your AFL Fantasy captain for Rd. 18?

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  1. Make sure you know what you are doing, so read this carefully
  2. Teams will be locked away each Friday night for that week’s round. 2 Lock-outs meaning we have flexibilty in making adjustments nect week. So…
  3. Select a VC from the first half of the split round
  4. Place your C on a guy playing in the second half of the round (next week)
  5. If you like the VC score, put a guy NOT playing on your field and give him the C, making sure you have an emergency clicked in this position to cover him.
  6. This will mean your C scores a zero which is replaced by the VC who you liked and you emergency covers the C as well.
  7. If you don’t like the VC score, then pick a captain as you usually would… making sure you haven’t placed the C on a guy who has already played


  1. You don’t understand or you can’t read and you mess it up
  2. Make sure you look below at some scenarios of what people usually do wrong.
  3. If you do use the Loop Hole, you will not have any cover in that position meaning you will be massively screwed if there are any late withdrawals.

Will you be using the Loop Hole over the split round?

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Righteo… so now I’m going to run you through some situations that are commonly discussed and messed up during this process.



Can you spot what went wrong here?

This is the most common error for people when they are using the Loop Hole option.

Yes, Kurt Aylett won’t play, but with Essendon playing in the first week, means that he is LOCKED in and you can not move your ‘Captain’. This means that the guy you took a long shot on (Barlow) will be cemented in as your captain for the week.

This also means that, you now have NO cover in the backline heading into the second half of the split round. Terrible move!



Nothing is extremely wrong here, but this person has selected two people who are playing in the first week, meaning that they are now LOCKED in and that you have no movement heading into the second half of the split round.

Picking Stevie J as the VC is a top call, but floating the ‘C’ on a guy who plays in the first half is just stupid… unless you actually wanted that guy locked in as your ‘C’.



What you see here is the almighty team Calvinator and the options I am faced with this week.

As you can see, my bench is weak and with so many people playing or not playing in the opening half of the split round, the Loop Hole isn’t really an option for me. Way too many bench people in the first week really hurts me.

UNLESS, I use O’Brien next week and place him as my captain (next week) if I am happy with the VC score from Stevie J or Barlow (I’d actually go Barlow first here – see top 5 VC’s below).

This could be easily done as I could swap him another guy playing next week like Pendlebury or Beams.

This would mean that I wouldn’t have any midfield cover though heading into that last week. If you do exploit the loop hole then you too, will not have cover!

With all this said and done, I’m probably going to do a luxury trade and dump O’Brien this week ha ha. I need cover and at this stage he can be traded to a guy like Honeychurch (first half split round player) as he is at least getting games and making some cash.

This means, I will have no bench options to use as a C even if I liked the score I got from my VC.

At the end of the day, if you are confused or you don’t really like going into the second half of the round without cover… don’t do it.

top 5 vice

For those who are tackling the Loop Hole, who will you be placing your VC on?

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