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New DPPs ahead of round 16

Kieren Jack, Nick Dal Santo, David Zaharakis, Mitch Duncan and a few new RUC/FWDs lead the latest player position adjustment where 18 players have gained DPP. See the list now.

A further 18 players have been awarded Dual Position Status, that is, had a position added. Click here to read the full article from Roy over at

Discuss the new DPPs in the comments.

PlayerClubCurrent positionChanging toPrice 
Petterd, Ricky RichmondDEFDEF/FWD$   403,656
Everitt, AndrejsCarltonDEFDEF/MID$   372,540
Dal Santo, Nick North MelbourneMIDDEF/MID$   432,554
Thomas, Dale CarltonMIDMID/FWD$   375,364
Zaharakis, David EssendonMIDMID/FWD$   539,318
Salem,Christian MelbourneMIDMID/FWD$   173,838
Bennell, Harley Gold CoastMIDMID/FWD$   464,679
Cox, Dean West CoastRUCRUC/FWD$   452,473
McIntosh, Hamish GeelongRUCRUC/FWD$   391,683
Naitanui, Nic West CoastRUCRUC/FWD$   402,496
Lycett, Scott West CoastRUCRUC/FWD$   275,175
Impey, JarmanPort AdelaideFWDDEF/FWD$   250,797
Howe, JeremyMelbourneFWDDEF/FWD$   385,299
Yarran, ChrisCarltonFWDDEF/FWD$   361,394
Harbrow, JarrodGold CoastDEFDEF/MID$   419,088
Jack, KierenSydney SwansMIDMID/FWD$   534,325
Duncan, MitchGeelongMIDMID/FWD$   479,657
Ryder, PaddyEssendonRUCRUC/FWD$   425,846





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