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AFL Fantasy Match Day Preview Rnd 8

Cubbo’s match day preview looks at tough set of games this week, each for their own reasons. Firstly the Swan Vs Hawks matchup gives us a plethora of defensive and midfield options and on the other hand the lack of fantasy relevant defenders and forwards in the Demons vs Bulldogs game is causing just as many head aches.



A really tough set of games this week, each for their own reasons. Firstly the Swan Vs Hawks matchup gives us a plethora of defensive and midfield options and narrowing them down is going to be a very tough job. On the other hand the lack of Fantasy relevant defenders and forwards in the Demons vs Bulldogs game is causing just as many head aches. I think its nice to have a round where don’t have to scroll through either Essendon or Collingwood’s names for a change tho. If your team is on the bye this week maybe getting into the match day side of fantasy might keep you interested over the weekend so if you have 15 minutes spare set up your team and give it a crack !


The Hawks and the Swans have battled it out 5 times in the past 2 years so we’ve seen plenty of these matchups! This time round the Hawks look to be the stronger team and are coming off a 2 hour session of circle work last against St Kilda last Saturday. They have lost a couple of key players in Lake and Mitchell but I still think they have coverage enough to win this game. Buddy looks uncertain to play but all accounts say Kurt Tippet is ready to go and this should be a cracker at ANZ on Friday night. Very tough match day fixture due to the wide range of legitimate fantasy stars to pick from, especially in the backline, where anyone of 4 or 5 guys could be looked at! So here’s what I’ve come up with…

Jarrod McVeigh  

History against Hawthorn – 58,92,62,127,68

Average –  94

Last Week -122

Venue Average – 95

Jarrod McVeigh is one of those guys. had an impressive 122 last week to re-install our faith and his average is steady at 94 but the Hawks have been able to curb his scoring in the past… at least on occasion. 58, 92, 62, 127 and 68 in his last five Against Hawthorn highlights his inconsistency in these games so pick with caution. I’m expecting 90 something from him this week.

Grant Birchall 

History against Sydney – 92,89,81,50,67

Average – 88

Last Week -111

Venue Average – 89

Grant birchall is back in form and floating freely across half back picking up +6’s with ease. Had 111 last week without breaking much of a sweat. Birchall (and Suckling) should benefit from Mitchel and Lake’s absence and would be a smart pick this week.

Luke Hodge

History against Sydney -100,74,120,62,87

Average 96

Last Week 119

Venue Average – 74

Hodgey loves the tough games and will probably spend more time in the midfield with Mitchell out. Honest contributor and should have a decent day. Will be my first backline pick or might even steal a midfield spot. A bit risky I know but Hodge is capable of controlling a game and the team will look for him more with Mitchel out.

Matt Suckling 

Recent history Vs Sydney – 64, 76

Average 90

Last Week 120

Venue  N/A

So no venue average to speak of and a limited history against the Swans but Suckling has been continuing to find form this year. He is beginning to fit back into the Hawks structure well and is working in a similar role to Birchall. These two are really hard for me to separate but I think Suckling’s higher average so far and his tendency to float forward and have some shots from the arc  just puts him in front here.

Jordan Lewis  

History against Sydney – 70, 120, 82, 86, 108

Average – 98

Last week – 122

Venue Average 120

Lewis is the main man for the Hawks in the guts this week. Had plenty of it during his 200th last week and has worked his way up to a decent average (98). Four +100 games, a 99 so far this year and once again the absence of Mitchell should allow him to boost his numbers a little.

Josh Kennedy 

History against Hawthorn – 108, 93, 121, 92, 113

Average- 102

Last Week – 116

Venue Average – 90

Kennedy has been very consistent in Hawthorn vs Sydney Match ups and hasn’t scored under 90 in their last 5. Probably first midfielder picked this week and might be C material. Highest 2014 average of anyone on the ground in this game and like Lewis, has 4+100’s and a 99 so far this year.

Kieran Jack 

History against Hawthorn- 128, 98, 106, 89, 80

Average – 93

Last Week- 106

Venue Average – 80

Jack is an outside chance for a pick this week due to showing good consistency against the Hawks in his last three games against them. Got up over 100 last week and has worked a last three game average of 106 so is showing some form.

Luke Parker

History against Hawthorn- 71, 90, 92, 48

Average – 97

Last week -97

Venue Average -76

Parker has only put up one sub 90 performance this year and has become a very solid forward line contributor for the Swans. His history against Hawthorn isn’t the best and his venue average @ ANZ is also cause for concern but Parker is in good form and is boasting a last 5 games average of 102. His consistency this year gets him a forward line spot over Luke Breust by a whisper.

Jack Gunston

History against Sydney – 106, 92, 98, 61, 43

Average – 95

Last Week – 113

Venue Average – 92

Gunston I have spoken about many times this year and have locked him in to just about all Hawthorn games this season. He is a producer in every way. He kicks goals (often), works hard as an up the ground option, and was even floating way back in defence last week. Always finds a way to get his touches and on occasion kicks a bag. Solid history against the Swans and is in form so just lock him in to your forward line.

Shaun Burgoyne

History against Sydney – 87, 92, 67, 100, 107

Average – 97

Last Week – 122

Venue Average – 92

Burgoyne has flown under the radar a bit this year but has been quietly contributing solid output. He is running through the midfield regularly and working the length of the ground week in week out. Not getting on the scoreboard as much this year tho but if he can … watch out! Another outside chance for a spot but not a lock by any means.

Ben McEvoy for the ruck slot in this game… hands down. Pyke or Derickx (If Tippet is back one might miss) are your options for Sydney but really there is not much need to go into this. McEvoy will be the highest scoring ruck on the ground… unless Hale kicks a bag up forward.


Melb Vs WB

Hmm ok so with Western Bulldogs season looking grim after loosing to Essendon last week they will want to make short work of Melbourne and get back to the business of stringing together wins but Melbourne will certainly have other ideas. The Demons will see this as a winnable game and that usually means they will play a better, more attacking brand of footy. The Bulldogs should walk away with the chokies but I really think Melbourne will push them! In terms of fantasy… well um… outside of a few midfield stars and one fwd small man its pretty barren out there. So we will take a look at some names that wouldn’t get a sniff in your classic … but might just make at least 1 fantasy team this year.

Tom Liberatore

History against Melbourne – 148, 144

Average – 95

Last Week 110

Venue Average – 144 (1 game)

Lil Liba is the man this week. 110 and 111 in the last two weeks and massive scores against Melbourne in his last two make it very hard to look past him. With Macrae’s fall off in the last 2 games (89, 88) Liberatore gets his shot in the midfield. In form, likes playing Melbourne and should run free… ish.

Mathew Boyd

History against Melbourne- 129, 90, 84, 93

Average- 108

Last Week- 94

Venue Average – 90

94 last week was a little down but it wasn’t a particularly high fantasy scoring game. Boyd is the best midfielder on the ground in this game and really deserves a selection. Quality at quantity again this year and will probably pick up the C for me. An ok if not slightly underwhelming record against Melbourne but did give 129 last ride around so nothing too concerning. Rain or shine Boyd should be good.

Nathan Jones

History against Western Bulldogs – 77, 78, 77, 85

Average – 107

Last Week – 63

Venue Average – 85

Not a lot of support for Jones this week outside of his current average this year. No +90’s against the Dogs and a poor effort last week. I still think Jones is a chance to be the highest scoring Melbourne player on the ground but not sure that will earn him a midfield spot.

Liam Picken

History against Melbourne – 94, 101, 87

Average – 83

Last Week – 71

Venue Average N/A

Picken doesn’t get spoken about much in Fantasy terms but is looking like a decent pick this week due to a lack of defensive premiums. Picken is an honest footballer and has been a solid player for the Dogs for some time now but it’s his history against Melbourne that pricked my ears this week. Seems to be one of his favourite sides to play against and if history is anything to go by you should be looking at a 90 ish score. Not great …but better than the rest.

James Frawley

Hisstory against Western Bulldogs- 50, 91, 79, 52

Average – 81

Last week – 44

Venue Average– 73

Frawley’s inconsistency is probably going to keep me away here. I know he can pull +100’s especially against the bottom half of the comp but when I get the chance to pick a well-respected, hardworking, experienced footballer who doesn’t get the wraps he deserves like Bob Murphy I’m going to jump on it so it’s a pass on Frawley for me.

Robert Murphy

History against Melbourne – 109, 94, 80, 78

Average – 76

Last Week – 70

Venue Average – 94

I like Murphy this week. What I said above aside, Murphy has been increasing his output against the Demons over the last 4 games and has the potential to put up a +100 this week. I’m sure lots of people might disagree with me here but I’m going with him anyway. Wish us luck! Just note tho Frawley is capable of higher scores than Murphy but has been so up n down I just can’t go there.

Jack Watts

History against Western Bulldogs – 57, 105, 69

Average – 69

Last week -67

Venue Average – 63

There is really nothing pointing to a big day from Jack here. Pass.

Luke Dalhaus

History against Melbourne – 77, 53, 84, 71

Average – 99

Last Week – 120

Venue Average – 53

The DTtalk boys have been pumping him up all week and I am right behind em here. Absolute gun of a kid and an easy lock for us this week. Easiest decision of the week for me and should be your first forward picked. Not a great history against Melbourne but his current form overrides these concerns. 3 +100’s and 2 +90’s so far this year … he should give you another +100 this week.

Shaun Higgins

History against Melbourne -23, 100

Average – 85

Last week – 108

Venue Average – N/A

Higgins will get my 2nd forward slot this week. He has been a little inconsistent but his work rate remains high and he should be in the thick of it this weekend. Once again a lack of other options has forced my hand here and only because the game is against Melbourne am I happy to back him in.

Will Minson

History against Melbourne – 110, 110, 93

Average – 76

Last week -71

Venue average  -110

Minson for the ruck slot! He kills Melbourne and should be the highest scoring ruck on the ground by a mile. Lock!


Ok so there it is. Let me know what you think of the new format in the comments !






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