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2014 Bye Planner

Bye Planner – now available for Beta Testing.


The Bye Planner spreadsheet is available.  Consider this a Beta test version.

It will be updated later this week after all Round 6 scores are in.  So come back to this article for an updated version.  I will also add to the article with more information.

If you find any issues please make comments below or tweet to me @NixTrader.  I haven’t done much testing so there will probably be some bugs.

Many thanks to Matt @neilsatis for giving me his typed up AFL Fixture that this spreadsheet uses.

The Bye Planner is is an MS Excel 2007 spreadsheet.  It will run on recent versions of MS Excel installed on a Windows PC.

Here is link to file

Bye Planner R6


The Bye Planner is for AFL Fantasy, but it will work for Real Dream Team as they use the same scoring (I think).  Supercoaches might find it slightly useful to keep track of byes but all the scoring will be wrong.

How to use it:

  • Downloaded the file and save it to your hard drive.  Then open the file in MS Excel 2007 or later.
  • Make changes in the Green cells to put in your own players.
  • In the Bye rounds section – use the green drop down box to adjust for players who are not available.
  • Make notes in the bottom section about your strategy for the bye rounds – who you will trade in or out and what impact that will have on your scores.
  • You can copy all the green section blocks to the updated file, so you will not have to start again in an updated version.


Technical Notes:

  • This is not an app.  There will never be an app for any platform.
  • This file will not run on iPad or any other tablets.
  • Many apps or pieces of software that claim to open Excel files do not support all the Excel formulas including lookup formulas – so they probably will not fully support this file.
  • Even MS online excel on OneDrive (cloud) may not support all the formulas.
  • There will not be a Supercoach version.








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