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2014 Prices

GWS Giants AFL Fantasy Prices 2014

The first of the team prices and positions have been released today and we are able to see what the GWS boys will cost us. The big one is the price of the number one draft pick, Tom Boyd.

Here are the GWS Giants prices and positions for AFL Fantasy 2014. Initial observations see the first draft pick Tom Boyd come in at a whopping $262,900… much higher than the rookies have been in the past. Second pick Josh Kelly ($260,200) is $2,700 cheaper. Using the supposed magic number, Boyd is priced based on an average of approximately 48.5 whileΒ  Kelly is priced at 48.0 points. The other thing we’d been waiting for was to see if Toby Greene ($415,100) would gain DPP. Alas, he is still just a MID. Keep an eye on some of the cheaper players from GWS as they are one of the clubs most likely to blood some of the >$200K players throughout the season.

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CallanWardGWS GiantsMID$510200
AdamTreloarGWS GiantsMID$482100
HeathShawGWS GiantsDEF$441300
ShaneMumfordGWS GiantsRUC$423000
TobyGreeneGWS GiantsMID$415100
StephenConiglioGWS GiantsMID$413400
TomScullyGWS GiantsMID$406200
DevonSmithGWS GiantsFWD/MID$400500
AdamTomlinsonGWS GiantsFWD$399200
RhysPalmerGWS GiantsFWD/MID$394700
DylanShielGWS GiantsMID$390500
LachieWhitfieldGWS GiantsMID$385400
JonathanGilesGWS GiantsRUC$362600
JeremyCameronGWS GiantsFWD$360300
CurtlyHamptonGWS GiantsDEF$348700
StephenGilhamGWS GiantsDEF$337600
JoshHuntGWS GiantsDEF$327900
NickHaynesGWS GiantsDEF$313400
TimMohrGWS GiantsDEF$311400
TomasBuggGWS GiantsDEF$295000
PhilDavisGWS GiantsDEF$292300
ZacharyWilliamsGWS GiantsMID$291700
AdamKennedyGWS GiantsDEF$282100
DylanAddisonGWS GiantsFWD$276000
WillHoskin-ElliottGWS GiantsMID$268100
TomBoydGWS GiantsFWD$262900
JoshKellyGWS GiantsMID$260200
JacobTownsendGWS GiantsMID$245200
JedLambGWS GiantsFWD$243400
LiamSumnerGWS GiantsFWD$243300
MatthewBuntineGWS GiantsDEF$241200
CameronMcCarthyGWS GiantsFWD$227600
MarkWhileyGWS GiantsMID$209300
JonathonPattonGWS GiantsFWD$204100
RoryLobbGWS GiantsRUC$187000
LachlanPlowmanGWS GiantsDEF$178900
AidanCorrGWS GiantsDEF$166400
TimGoldsGWS GiantsDEF$158300
AndrewPhillipsGWS GiantsRUC$157200
NathanWilsonGWS GiantsFWD$150000
KristianJakschGWS GiantsFWD$146200
SamFrostGWS GiantsFWD$144200
JakeBarrettGWS GiantsMID$135500
TomDownieGWS GiantsRUC$135500
JonathanO'RourkeGWS GiantsMID$135500
SamSchulzGWS GiantsMID$135500
JamesStewartGWS GiantsFWD$135500

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Zeus

    December 6, 2013 at 1:54 pm

    Just looking through that – wasn’t Jonathon O’Rourke one of their top draft picks or something last year? Could he be a nicely priced rookie?


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