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Hindsight is a wonderful thing – part two

If you remember back to the start of June, Pearcey sent us an article where he tracked a team that would be leading the competition by 2,500 points with 13 rounds to go. He revisits this with three weeks to go. How is it looking? Read on now.


At the end of Round 10 I wrote an article showing how you could put together a team that would:

–          Be leading the competition by a staggering 2,579 points
–          Have over $350,000 in the kitty
–          Have only undertaken 2 legitimate ‘upgrades’
–          Not have Dane Swan, Dean Cox or Buddy Franklin at any point during the season
–          Have won the highest scoring team of the round 7 times in the first 10 rounds!!!

So, how has that team performed over the next 10 rounds to the end of Round 20 – well it has gone from strength to strength! The results speak for themselves!



B Goddard      $513,400
B Houli           $445,900
M Hibberd      $451,300
S Burgoyne     $400,000
C Enright        $457,900
N Vlastuin       $370,700
D Terlich         $346,200
R Laird            $266,100


G Ablett          $612,300
B Stanton        $512,900
M Barlow        $535,300
A Swallow      $461,500
R Griffen        $488,100
R Douglas       $495,900
J Watson         $502,600
J O’Meara        $403,900
M Jones           $344,100
M Evans          $293,000


M Kruezer       $353,500
T Goldstein     $425,300
M Blicavs        $272,300
M Daw            $239,700


N Reiwoldt     $496,500
J Lewis            $466,200
J Bartel            $499,000
M Stokes         $456,600
J Kennedy       $401,500
S Johnson        $562,600
S Dwyer          $318,400
B Macaffer      $323,400

Total Worth     $12,716,100

Cap Left          $350,900

Points in front 2,579

Round 11:

Trades: S Burgoyne, M Evans out, Heppell, T Mitchell in
Captain: Tom Mitchell
Emergencies: Bye round – Best 18 plays
Cap left: $486,400
Weekly Score: 1913
Total Score: 25767
Highest ‘real’ weekly score: 2128
Highest ‘real’ season score: 23154
Points in front: 2631

Round 12:

Trades: Hibberd, Swallow out, Ibbotson, Ebert in
Captain: Brendan Goddard
Emergencies: Bye round – Best 18 plays
Cap left: $520,100
Weekly Score: 1911
Total Score: 27678
Highest ‘real’ weekly score: 2185
Highest ‘real’ season score: 25218
Points in front: 2460
(note: This would be the only week that the ‘real’ leader would actually gain ground)

Round 13:

Trades: Douglas, Watson out, O’Keefe, Hansen in (through Bartel DPP)
Captain: R Griffen
Emergencies: Bye round – Best 18 plays
Cap left: $717,500
Weekly Score: 2047
Total Score: 29725
Highest ‘real’ weekly score: 2101
Highest ‘real’ season score: 27014
Points in front: 2711

Round 14:

Trades: Houli, M Jones out, R Henderson, Boak in
Captain: Brad Ebert
Emergencies: Vlastuin, Heppell, Barlow, T Mitchell, Blicavs, Daw, Johnson, Lewis
Cap left: $708,900
Weekly Score: 2371 (would win weekly prize)
Total Score: 32096
Highest ‘real’ weekly score: 2360
Highest ‘real’ season score: 29120
Points in front: 2976

Round 15:

Trades: Bartel, Stokes out, Swan(!), Cloke in
Captain: Dane Swan
Emergencies: Vlastuin, Laird, Ablett, O’Meara, Goldstein, Daw, Reiwoldt, Johnson
Cap left: $673,700
Weekly Score: 2378
Total Score: 34474
Highest ‘real’ weekly score: 2480
Highest ‘real’ season score: 31258
Points in front: 3216

Round 16:

Trades: Vlastuin, Macaffer out, H Shaw, Rockliff in
Captain: Steve Johnson
Emergencies:   Terlich, Enright, Ebert, O’Meara, Blicavs, Daw, Hansen, Dwyer
Cap left: $553,300
Weekly Score: 2,379
Total Score: 36853
Highest ‘real’ weekly score: 2482
Highest ‘real’ season score: 33495
Points in front: 3358

Round 17:

Trades: Ibbotson, Stanton out, Ellis, J Selwood in
Captain: Gary Ablett
Emergencies: Enright, Shaw, Boak, Mitchell, Blicavs, Daw, Cloke, Johnson
Cap left: $685,300
Weekly Score: 2517
Total Score: 39370
Highest ‘real’ weekly score: 2521
Highest ‘real’ season score: 35834
Points in front: 3536

Round 18:

Trades: O’Meara, Dwyer out, Ward, Cox in
Captain: Tom Rockliff (Roy’s Boy!)
Emergencies: Terlich, Laird, Barlow, Ebert, Blicavs, Daw, Reiwoldt, Kennedy
Cap left: $670,200
Weekly Score: 2577 (would win weekly prize)
Total Score: 41947
Highest ‘real’ weekly score: 2528
Highest ‘real’ season score: 38245
Points in front: 3702

Round 19:

Trades: Mitchell, Kruezer out, Watson, Wellingham in (via Cox DPP)
Captain: Dane Swan
Emergencies: Terlich, Laird, Ebert, Boak, Blicavs, Daw, Reiwoldt, Lewis
Cap left: $786,700
Weekly Score: 2466
Total Score: 44413
Highest ‘real’ weekly score: 2481
Highest ‘real’ season score: 40580
Points in front: 3833

Round 20:

Trades: Blicavs, Kennedy out, Lobbe, Mayne in
Captain: Joel Selwood
Emergencies: Heppell, Shaw, Ablett, O’Keefe, Goldstein, Daw, Hansen, Cloke
Cap left: $710,300
Weekly Score: 2629 (would win weekly prize)
Total Score: 47042
Highest ‘real’ weekly score: 2399
Highest ‘real’ season score: 42774
Points in front: 4268

CURRENT TEAM (End of Rd 20):


B Goddard      $467,100
R Henderson   $423,600
B Ellis             $403,500
D Heppell        $440,100
C Enright        $421,700
H Shaw           $388,800
D Terlich         $361,300
R Laird            $335,100


J Selwood       $551,100
G Ablett          $532,200
D Swan           $585,000
M Barlow        $493,800
R O’Keefe      $463,400
R Griffen        $526,700
C Ward           $496,500
J Watson         $409,300
T Boak                        $442,100
B Ebert            $435,300


D Cox             $451,100
T Goldstein     $413,300
M Lobbe         $416,100
M Daw            $239,700


N Reiwoldt     $415,300
J Lewis            $443,100
L Hansen         $378,300
C Mayne         $436,000
T Cloke           $421,700
S Johnson        $553,400
T Rockliff       $502,200
S Wellingham  $371,800

Total Worth     $13,218,600
Cap Left          $710,300

So there you go – another 3 weekly wins (10 out of 20), a lead of over 4,000 points on ‘second’ and a highest weekly score of 2,629!

A total of 60 players have been used throughout the season with only 5 players lasting the distance so far (Goddard, Terlich, Barlow, Daw and Reiwoldt) and 6 players making more than one appearance in the team (Stanton, Boak, Watson, Kruezer, Bartel&Rockliff).

Obviously this team is calculated with the benefit of hindsight and it would be next to impossible to ride the ups and downs of players and jump on and jump off at the right time, but what can we draw from this article for 2014? Probably not a real lot but a couple of things could be:

–          A great starting team will go a long way to having a good overall ranking

–          Don’t worry about who you pick at R4 – you will never need to use their score

–          Hold on to your good rookies for as long as possible

–          Don’t be afraid to sideways trade – sometimes this could be the best option

–          It is OK to have money left in the bank, you don’t have to use every cent

–          Don’t have the attitude of ‘once bitten, twice shy’. If you have traded a player out you can always trade them back in (just don’t blame me if they burn you twice!)

–          Always follow ‘Calvin’s Captains’ – He won’t get it right every time but more often than not he will be on the money!

–          ALWAYS listen to the guys at DT TALK, they know their stuff!

With a 4,000+ point lead this team should coast to victory by the end of round 23!

Thanks again to the ‘Nix Dream Trader’ and ‘’ for the resources to help with this article.

For discussion on this article give me a follow on twitter  – @Pearcey47





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