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Leftys In-Vestments Round 9

Welcome to Lefty’s In-Vestments for round 9, where once again I will have a crack at picking the dreaded green vests for each weeks games. Like every Thursday night I have assessed the team line ups, looked at the green vests for each team, and tried to work out the most likely starting sub candidates.

LeftysInvestmentsWelcome to Lefty’s In-Vestments for round 9, where once again I will have a crack at picking the dreaded green vests for each weeks games. Last week was a horror for me – back to work after a holiday in Phuket and Singapore for 2 weeks, my vests selections were way off with only 2 of my first choice subs and 3 of my second choice picks correct. Pretty average 5/18 thats not even 33% so I apologise for that effort. On a small upside my number 1 pick was correct again with Sheppard donning the vest on Friday night. Apparently someone took an easy chest mark and slotted from straight in front near the end of that game to seal an easy win? Isnt that what happened? If you haven’t already, check out @JeppaDT‘s twitter video which shows this moment perfectly.

Like every Thursday night I have assessed the team line ups, looked at the green vests for each team, and tried to work out the most likely starting sub candidates. As usual I will also try and outline the Sunday teams likely green vests from the squads of 25 (good bloody luck I hear you say and I agree!) but that is the price you pay for a social life on Friday nights and no computer access!

So here we go – Round 9


Adelaide Crows

2013  Subs – Martin, Porplyzia, Vince, Porplyzia, Laird, Wright, Lyons, Porplyzia

Patterns – Surprisingly (insert irony) runners who can hit the scoreboard are the rage (apart from Martin round 1)

Lefty’s #1 Sub – Callinan

Lefty’s #2 Sub – Laird


Brisbane Lions

2013 Subs – Beams, Karnezis, Polkinghorne, Paparone, Docherty, Green, Black, Mayes

Patterns – None that I can see. Backs, forwards, mids no-one is safe from Vossy’s green gaze. Shake a magic 8 ball for a number?

Lefty’s #1 Sub – Green

Lefty’s #2 Sub – Mayes


Carlton Blues

2013  Subs – Joseph, McLean, Buckley, Joseph, Betts, Cachia, Cachia, Menzel

Patterns – Mick has used the vest to introduce rookies the last 3 weeks and this may continue given Cachia’s success?

Lefty’s #1 Sub – Bootsma

Lefty’s #2 Sub – Cachia


Collingwood Magpies

2013  Subs – Dwyer, Seedsman, Fasolo, D. Thomas, Goldsack, Kennedy, Mooney, Kennedy,

Patterns – The speedy scorer type is the favored option for the black and whites, not good news for those of us with Dwyer and Kennedy.

Lefty’s #1 Sub – Krak

Lefty’s #2 Sub – Seedsman


Essendon Bombers

2013  Subs – Zaharakis, Kommer, Colyer, Winderlich, Myers, Hocking, Lovett-Murray, Howlett

Patterns – Seems to be a rotation policy at the bombers with no repeat offenders and everyone from half backs to forward pockets getting a go in green.

Lefty’s #1 Sub –Baguley

Lefty’s #2 Sub – Jetta


Fremantle Dockers

2013  Subs – Sutcliffe, Sutcliffe, Sutcliffe, Neale, Suban, Sutcliffe, Crozier, Mzungu

Patterns – Young Sutcliffe must get nervous when they get around green vest time after donning it already 4 times this year.

Lefty’s #1 Sub – Simpson

Lefty’s #2 Sub – Crozier


Geelong Cats

2013  Subs – Horlin-Smith, Stokes, Caddy, Caddy, Hunt, Horlin-Smith, Schroder, Hunt

Patterns – With 3 multiple offenders the Cats seem to have a small pool of dedicated vest specialists they like to pick from.

Lefty’s #1 Sub – Caddy

Lefty’s #2 Sub – Smedts


Gold Coast Suns

2013 Subs – Matera, Brennan, Russell, Russell, Hutchins, Hall, Matera, Russell

Patterns – Russell has been Blueys whipping boy so far with 3 greens but Matera also has 2 and doesnt seem to have the legs of last year so may find himself in kermit land more this year.

Lefty’s #1 Sub –Russell

Lefty’s #2 Sub – Matera


GWS Giants

2013 Subs – Adams, Hoskin-Elliot, Reid, Miles, Bugg, Williams, Williams, Shiel

Patterns – Will use the vest to ensure young bodies are not over taxed, expect the mids to get the vest in the second half of the year

Lefty’s #1 Sub – Hampton

Lefty’s #2 Sub – Smith


Hawthorn Hawks

2013 Subs – Anderson, Savage, Gunston, Savage, Savage, Simpkin, Simpkin, Puopolo

Patterns – Leg speed with the ability to hit the scoreboard are the focus for the Hawks

Lefty’s #1 Sub – Osborne

Lefty’s #2 Sub – Hill


Melbourne Demons

2013 Subs – Blease, Rodan, Toumpas, Davey, Davey, Kent, Davey, Bail

Patterns – Seems to be mainly the province of the elder forwards at the Demons?

Lefty’s #1 Sub – Byrnes

Lefty’s #2 Sub – Bail


North Melbourne Roos

2013 Subs – Anthony, Jacobs, Wright, Anthony, Anthony, Hine, Wells, Gibson

Patterns – North seem to value mid field run more than goal scoring ability in choosing their greenies

Lefty’s #1 Sub – Wright

Lefty’s #2 Sub – Black


Port Adelaide Power

2013 Subs – Mitchell, Mitchell, Mitchell, Gray, Gray, Stewart, Mitchell , Mitchell

Patterns – If Kane is playing he gets the vest. Otherwise whoever is coming back from injury seems a chance.

Lefty’s #1 Sub – Mitchell

Lefty’s #2 Sub – Colquhuon


Richmond Tigers

Last  Subs – Nahas, Ellis, Ellis, Ellis, Nahas, White, Foley, White

Patterns – White, Nahas and Ellis have all had multiple green vests so if you can make sense of that let me know what the pattern is?

Lefty’s #1 Sub –Lonergan

Lefty’s #2 Sub – White


Saint Kilda Saints

2013 Subs -Dennis-Lane, Schneider, Ray, Ross, Saunders, Murdoch, Webster, Siposs

Patterns – Rookies coming in seem to be popular vest picks for Watter’s boys in 2013

Lefty’s #1 Sub – Saad

Lefty’s #2 Sub – Ross


Sydney Swans

2013 Subs – Armstrong, Bird, Bird, Morton, Jetta, Lamb, Lamb, Bird

Patterns – Well Bird and Lamb have 5 of the last 7 between them so hard to not pick them when they are in the 22. Morton fits the mould better though for mine.

Lefty’s #1 Sub – Lamb

Lefty’s #2 Sub – Bird


West Coast Eagles

2013 Subs – Embley, Dalziell, Cripps, Dalziell, Cripps, Naitanui, Dalziell, Sheppard

Patterns – The fringe half forward runners in the team are the favored option for the chemist from the west (Nic Nat was coming back from injury lay off)

Lefty’s #1 Sub – Sheppard

Lefty’s #2 Sub – Hill


Western Bulldogs

2013 Subs – Smith, Stevens, Smith, Stringer, Macrae, Wallis, Cross, Smith

Patterns – Smith has 3 greenies to his name as the only multiple vest winner for the dogs. I expect the likes of Gia and Murphy to cop them in the 2nd half of the year to help develop the kids?

Lefty’s #1 Sub – Hrovat

Lefty’s #2 Sub – Lower


So there you have it – my views on the likely vests for round 9 and a brief summary of what each clubs vest strategy seems to be. Hope this helps you in deciding who to start on the field (or even trade in/out) but please remember this is a ‘best guess’ article and I am just presenting my views and trying to apply some logic to the likely scenarios. In other words send praise when I get it right but no sooking if I guess wrong haha!

My number one vest pick for the weekend – Bloody tough this week but I will go with Baguley from the Bomber’s.

Good luck – and feel free to tweet me when I get it right/left (see what I did there?!) over the weekend




  1. Jack

    May 23, 2013 at 9:02 pm

    is it safe to bring gibbs in?

    • Albert Lloyd

      May 23, 2013 at 9:28 pm

      Has a BE of 150 so wait a few weeks.

  2. Joshua Sio

    May 23, 2013 at 9:20 pm

    Seeing as I ignored your mayes pick last week, I don’t think I’ll make the same mistake again. Caff it is.

    • Lefty

      May 23, 2013 at 10:29 pm

      Caff should be safe from the vest with all the senior pies out- I hope anyway!

      • Stange

        May 24, 2013 at 11:04 am

        Caff should be safe regardless for the specialist role he now has in the team. Also, he is not particularly speedy, and therefore doesn’t fit that mold of being an injection of speed partway into the game.

  3. Rubitonurnuts

    May 23, 2013 at 10:42 pm

    For what it’s worth:

    Collingwood – Clarke
    Sydney – Lamb

    Port – Colquhoun
    Geelong – Hunt

    GWS – Hampton
    WCE – Hutchings

    StK – Siposs
    WB – Hrovat

    Bris – Michael
    Carl – Bootsma

    Rich – Lonergan
    Ess – Kommer

    Hawks – Dureya
    GC – Horsley

    Freo – Simpson
    Melb – Bail

    NM – Siearokowski
    Adel – Porps

    • Lebron

      May 24, 2013 at 12:12 am

      Brisbane’s Michael is a ruckmen so he will not get vest?

      • Stange

        May 24, 2013 at 11:06 am

        It is possible for Michael to wear the vest:

        1. it is Voss – enough said!
        2. Longer played a couple of games after round 3, and wore the vest as a ruck

    • Jason

      May 25, 2013 at 9:57 am

      Hoping Hutchings doesn’t get the vest. I wanna good downgrade target who could rise at least 75k in price when they are on the bubble.

  4. Matt

    May 23, 2013 at 11:01 pm

    Hill has about 0 chance of being the sub haha.

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