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Kings of the World

Pikey offered his fantastic graphic design services to put together the awesome banners for the top of our site. He is not only a great designer, but he has just published his first novel – a sci-fi comedy titled Kings of the World. Find out more about the book and how he is a top bloke donating proceeds to finding a cure for Rhett Syndrome.

Our friend Matt Pike offered his skills and expertise when we were putting together the new look site. He was keen to help us out with an awesome new banner design for the 2013 season – it’s probably the first thing you see everyday when you log onto DT Talk. We love it and we hope you guys do too. Pikey has just released his first novel, Kings of the World and we wanted to help spread the word for what is not only a great read, but he’s doing it for a great cause too. Thanks again for the banners Pikey and let’s hope the DT Talk community gets behind this project. Read on below to see what it’s all about. – Warnie, Roy and Calvin.


Hey DT Talkers,

Let me introduce myself – I’m Matt Pike – I’ve been coming to this site for years – I’m not a prolific poster but am a regular, if somewhat average, DTer -17k overall this year (If I do post a comment, you’d be best to ignore it anyway). My biggest contribution to the site was the header redesign, which I gave Warnie and the boys a hand with in the pre-season.

In my spare time I write and my debut novel, Kings of the World, a sci-fi comedy has just been released and the awesome DT lads have kindly given me some space to promote it.

I know what you’re thinking – fantasy footy and sci-fi comedy – they just go together – I know, right! It just fits – like Wayne Carey in a Crows jumper, like Mark Neeld in a coaching box, like Lewis Stevenson as a captain loophole – synergy.

Hopefully you check out the kick-ass trailer some very talented friends and I have put together. If you like what you see, put a few dollars towards some seriously entertaining, cringe-worthy, humiliating, embarrassing laughs – and all for less than the cost of a decent coffee.

And here’s the best bit. As an indie author I’m not paying for agents and publishers, all that money will be going to finding a cure for Rett Syndrome.  What’s Rett Syndrome? It’s a cruel neurological condition that affects mostly girls and impairs their ability to walk, talk and use their hands in a meaningful way. My youngest daughter, Abby, has Rett Syndrome.

Anyways, I’ll stop dribbling and say thanks for your time and, this weekend, when your cursing your defensive doughnuts and need something to feel good about, head over to (that’s .co), buy an awesome read, kick back, feeling pious that you’ve done your good deed for the day and you’re damn-well loving it!

DT Talk Discount:

If you pop in the following code on purchase, you’ll get a 40% discount – you’ll pay $2.99! …it would also be massively appreciated.
PURCHASE (all digital formats)

Pikey. Out





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