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Writers League Review – Week 4

Check out how our writers went this week! How would you have fared in our league?


DT Writers League Review

Welcome to week 4 Writer’s League review. This is where you’ll get to see exactly how your favourite DT writers teams are travelling and how you would stack up compared to them. There is no where for our writers to hide here! This week is a condensed version this week as a few of our coaches seem to be on media embago’s. Hopefully next week we’ll have this back.


Congratulations and Commiserations 

Our top scorer this week was ‘JedAnderson’s Army’ who dominated this week with a monster 2289 which has has given him a massive boost up the rankings, with Stevie J playing a starring role as a debut Captain!

Our lowest scorer this week was ‘Cousin’s Coke n Ice’ with an unfortunate 1925 which has seen him slide to the bottom of our ladder. Danyle Pearce, Luke Hodge and Paul Chapman all adding to his scoring woes this week.

Here is how our overall standings look after round 5. As always I’ve included last weeks positions so we can see if a team has risenfallen or not moved.




This week’s head to head competition wielded some interesting results.




So with that round out of the way, here is how our Head to Head ladder is shaping up. Check out the 10 coaches all locked on 1 win and 2 losses. It will be interesting to see how that pack separates over the next few weeks.


Screen Shot 2013-04-30 at 10.05.00 AM


Round 4 Fixtures

Jeppa’s Boys VS Calvinator 

Rockstars VS Tbetta Than You

anNEALEiation VS The Running Man

Warne Dawgs VS Wrath of McRath

Adzmans Aces VS Cousins Coke n Ice

destROY VS The Fear Boners

Dunny’s Destroyers VS The Rainmen Cometh

JedAnderson’s Army VS  Delerium TeeTees

Griff’s Fury VS Merv Gray Autos  

So where do you rank compared to our overall ladder? Who do you think will be tasting victory or defeat this weekend? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below. Or follow us on twitter to ask us anything or even join in on our league ‘smack talk’.

As always, Good luck to everyone this weekend!

… (except Tbetta)


Twitter Links

Roy – @RoyDT – destROY
Warnie – @WarnieDT – Warne Dawgs
Calvin – @CalvinDT – Calvinator
Chook – @ChookDT – Merv Gray Autos
Tbetta – @Tbetta9 – Tbetta Than You
Rainman – @RainmanDT – The Rainmen Cometh
RLGriffin – @RLGriffin85 – Griff’s Fury
Jeppa – @JeppaDT – Jeppa’s Boys
McRath – @McRathDT – Wrath of McRath
TeeTee – @TeeTeeDT – Delerium TeeTees
Adzman – @adzman78 – Adzmans Aces
Dunny – @pkd73 – Dunny’s Destroyers
JimmyBob – @jimbobholder – The Running Man
Aki – @Aki_DT – anNEALEiation
Tom C – @tomcraigie – JedAnderson’s Army
Leigh – @Douthteez – Cousins Coke n Ice
Crutton – @CruttonHutton – The Fear Boners
Anthony – @AnthonyDSmith86 – Rockstars






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