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Port Adelaide v West Coast NAB Cup Review

Aidan Theaker caught the Port Adelaide v West Coast game played in Alice Springs on the weekend and sent us in his DT observations.


So the last game of round three kicked of with West Coast playing Port Adelaide in the only game in the Northern Territory this year.

Port Adelaide 1.13.5 92 def West Coast 1.11.11 86


Port had to bring a near full strength team to Alice Springs, only missing Monfires, Gray, Cassisi and Brett Ebert from their best 22

Scores: Ebert 103, Boak 87, Cornes 79, Stewart 61, Hartett 60, Wingard 60, Moore 57, O’Shea 56, Schultz 53, Wines 53, Lobbe 50, Stevenson 49, Westoff 48, Heath 47, Trengrove 42, Jonas 42, Neade 35, Redden 33, Broadbent 32, Mitchell 31, Colquhoun 26, Pittard 18, Young 18, Carlile

Players of interest

Brad Ebert – Mid – $511,900 – Again busy with 19 touches and 11 marks. Could be a good unique in both formats of the game. Also had 5 tackles. I currently have him in my elite team.

Hamish Hartlett – Mid/Def – $421,400 – Had a dominant 1st half with 13 touches but was tagged out of the second half by Selwood. Could be a high scorer as long as the taggers stick to Boak and Ebert.

Kane Mitchell – Mid – $119,300 – Very quite game, had 3 touches and 5 tackles from 69% game time. Expected better after his last game. Give him one more chance before dumping him.

Ollie Wines – Mid – $156,700 – Played very well, seemed to have a lot more than his four tackles. His 5-11 K2H ratios could be an issue. Scoring and job security will worth the cash in my opinion.

Pittard and Colquhoun – Def – $132,600 & $102,700 – Both very quite due to them playing tight defence on LeCras and Hill representatively and Colquhoun even played on Darling for a while.

Jake Neade – Fwd/Mid – $108,500 – Hot and cold player, went to busts, must have scored all his DT points in a couple of 5 minutes bursts. With Monfries arriving, wouldn’t go near him


West Coast included Waters and Selwood for their first hit-out of the year. Wellingham, Naitanui, Kerr and Embley were missing from their starting 22 as well as Masten who didn’t play due to illness so West Coast played one player short

Scores: Kennedy 85, Shuey 72, Cox 69, Priddis 68, Schofield 67, Darling 67, Cripps, 63, Waters 61, Gaff 57, Scott Selwood 55, rosa 53, Brown 52, Smith 47, Hill 40, Glass 35, Hurn 34, LeCras 27, Mackenzie 26, Sheppard 25, Adam Selwood 22,’Butler 20, Lycett 8 McGinnity 5 (West Coast

Players of interest

Dean Cox – Ruck/Fwd – $512,400 – Spoon fed Priddis, Gaff and Rosa all afternoon. LOCK him in your team. No signs of getting old, with 28 hitouts, 5 free kicks and a goal in a shortened match

Josh J Kennedy – Fwd – $273,300 – Quite dominant up forward for the eagles, especially in the first quarter. Will play every week barring injury but don’t know if that alone is worth a spot, especially with Varcoe and Byrnes the same price but will more likely score more

Beau Waters – Def – $471,100 – played a heavy rebound game with Port looking to shut down Hurn. 12/3 K2H ratio is good as always. Could be a good POD over Grimes or Hepp D etc.

Luke Shuey – Mid – $488,100 – Was spoon fed by Cox all day, but could have kicked a bit more (8/13 K2H). 5 tackles is good, but still not worth a gig in your DT. Maybe Elite as a last mid or bench option.

Matt Priddis – Mid – $482,500 – Again, spoon fed by Cox, 12/5 K2H was surprising givin he normally handbills it out to Embley, Gaff, Rosa and co. but still not worth a gig in your DT. Maybe Elite as a last mid or bench option.

Mark LeCras – Fwd – $355,400 – Like Neade went in bursts, rust might have been a factor. Played some midfield time. Well held by Pittard and Colquhoun. On the ropes of if he is worth 100k more than Kennedy or Varcoe.


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  1. torkymonkey

    March 12, 2013 at 10:55 pm

    thanks for the review! these articles are great. Good man warnie

    • Aidan

      March 12, 2013 at 11:07 pm

      I’m the one that wrote it mate

      • Gabe

        March 13, 2013 at 4:30 am

        lol. It’s great!

  2. Matt

    March 13, 2013 at 5:22 pm

    Great write up Aidan. Was this a full 4 quarter game?

  3. Aidan

    March 13, 2013 at 7:36 pm

    The quarters had 18 minutes where the quarters didn’t stop, and that was followed by 5 minutes of ‘normal’ time

    • Aidan

      March 13, 2013 at 9:42 pm

      Where the clock didn’t stop*

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