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Gold Coast-Hawthorn-Brisbane NAB Round 1 Review

The Suns, Hawks and Lions were the next set of teams to battle it out in the NAB Cup. Crutton Hutton had a good look at the teams and took some notes… see what he had to say.


The second last group of games of NAB Cup Round 1 saw the Hawks take a very inexperienced team up to the Gold Coast, to face the Suns and the Lions. Let’s take a look at the games to see who impressed, and who didn’t, in what was always going to be a highly relevant DT round robin of games.

HAWKS ( lost to SUNS (

It was a very sloppy start in humid conditions on the Gold Coast. In an error riddled game, in all reality quite a painful game to watch, the Suns beat the Hawks by a point with a kick after the siren. Brad Hill and Cyril Rioli looked very good through the midfield for the Hawks, and I expect Hill to get games this year. Ex-cat Jonathon Simpkin impressed in his first game in the brown and gold, and I think he probably is in the best 22-25 players at the club and will be given a chance early in the season – keep an eye on him. Matt Suckling had plenty of it, his disposal looked as sharp as ever and there is no reason why you shouldn’t pick him. Young Hawks Angus Litherland, Will Langford, Derrick Wanganeen and Sam Grimley impressed, however I would not expect to see them playing much senior footy this year given the depth of the Hawthorn squad – although Wanganeen showed a lot of poise and class for a young kid.

Broughton looked – Broughton-like. Proceed with caution. Turned the ball over a few times, and went missing for long sections of the game – but still managed a respectable 26 points. Gary Ablett showed his usual poise and class, and after rumours this pre-season he was struggling a bit with injury, he was Gary Ablett of old, and I for one will be making room to fit both he and Swan in my team. Harley Bennell is a star, and you could do a lot worse than picking him – if he was still a FWD he would be a lock. He was everywhere, rebounding from the D50 and kicked a couple of nice goals as well. Zac Smith was very good, and as discussed in #52 Pick Up, he should be considered this preseason for a spot in your rucks.

DT Scores:

Suns: Ablett 44, Bennell 40, Smith 38, Thompson 38, Russell 36, Harbrow 31, Brennan 30, Allen 27, Broughton 26, Shaw 26, Hall 25, Brown 20, May 20, O’Meara 19, Hunt 18, Warnock 18, Murphy 16, Swallow 16, Weller 15, Horsley 12, Hutchins 8, Day 5, Wilkinson 2.

Hawks: Smith 36, Rioli 32, Suckling 32, Shoenmakers 30, Hill 28, Puopolo 28, Stratton 28, Spangher 25, Cheney 24, Simpkin 23, Bailey 21, Gibson 21, Lake 21, Litherland 21, Wanganeen 20, Anderson 19, Breust 18, Langford 18, Lowden 13, Franklin 10, Gunston 10, Grimley 9, Kelly 6, Savage 0.

HAWKS ( lost to LIONS (

The main point I took from this game is the Lions midfield looks ready to take the next step. Brent Moloney looked very sharp in his first game, and now with a midfield that boasts Rockliff, Rich and Redden, the Lions could be knocking on the door in 2013. While we are on RRR – they are all absolute guns, and can be selected with confidence in 2013. Rocky should be in everyone’s team – he looked trim and fit and looks set to run through the midfield all year like he did in his fantastic 2011. LOCK. Patrick Karnezis looked very sharp across half back and ended up with 45 DT points, so at $238,500, might be an inspired selection – I know of one accomplished DTer who is already sold on him. Dayne Zorko looks set to prove his debut season wasn’t a flash in the pan, and looked very dangerous playing half forward, kicking two goals. Popular DEF rookie selection Sam Docherty didn’t show a lot, which is somewhat concerning – however Michael Voss did give him plaudits after the game. Josh Green looked very sharp running through the midfield and up forward for the Lions, and if he can shake the green vest, he might assert himself as an 80+ player this year.

Jed Anderson did some good things, including laying a nice tackle which resulted in a Luke Breust goal. Keep an eye on Jed – he came to the club with huge wraps, and Alistair Clarkson loves small, quick players who tackle well. As for Luke Breust, he backed up a good first game against the Suns with another good performance against the Lions, however I’m not sure if he will be pushed through the midfield enough to score you 90+ every week – wait until the senior Hawks (Mitchell, Sewell, Lewis, Shiels etc) are back over the coming weeks to see what role he plays then. Lance Franklin again failed to fire a shot – but that’s no real concern – we all know what is capable of when the real stuff starts.

DT Scores:

Lions: Rich 50, Karnezis 45, Moloney 42, Rockliff 39, Green 38, Golby 36, Banfield 34, Zorko 31, Patfull 30, Lisle 27, Martin 27, Paparone 24, Raines 23, Longer 22, Beams 20, Redden 20, Bartlett 18, Merrett 18, Clarke 16, Bewick 15, Docherty 14, Yeo 12, McGrath 6.

Hawks: Simpkin 43, Lanford 38, Gibson 36, Hill 36, Wanganeen 32, Franklin 29, Kelly 29, Hallahan 28, Roughead 27, Duryea 26, Anderson 25, Guerra 25, Cheney 21, Smith 19, Hale 16, Shoenmakers 16, Gunston 13, Breust 12, Grimley 10, Bailey 8, Suckling 7, Litherland 5, Ceglar 3.


LIONS ( defeated SUNS (

I’d had a few froffies by this stage, trying to make the night bearable, however, surprisingly there was enough in this game to keep me occupied. The Suns got off to a quick start with a couple of goals, but the Lions midfield proved too strong and classy. Super goals to Zorko and Moloney (who by this stage had forced himself into my DT) and a couple of fantastic marks by young Aaron Cornelius were the highlights, while Rocky and Redden were again pretty good. As my DT Shiva Draft Team Lions kicked away, the thought of having Pick 1 in my draft had me salivating (although that might have been the froffies). Ex-demon Stefan Martin looked very good for the Lions, after impressing in the first game as well. He was a good selection in 2011 – and he looks like recapturing that form. Mitch Golby backed up a very good first game with 42 points off half back, and after being a popular mid-priced selection in 2012, 2013 might be the season he shows us why.

GAJ was rested for this game. Broughton looked OK down back, and it’s a position I don’t mind him playing. Many easy +6’s to be had down there. Daniel Gorringe was the ruck in this game for the Suns, whilst Zac Smith was rested (vice versa in game 1). I’m not sure Gorringe is worth the extra 20K on Daw, Currie, Witts etc. DT Talks very own (I’m pretty sure the boys have claimed him) Jesse Lonergan showed a lot of poise for a kid, and you know that he will get games this year – monitor him closely over the next 3 weeks. Harley Bennell again did some nice things, and O’Meara again showed us why he will be a star – however these two didn’t quite looks the same in a team without GAJ.

DT Scores:

Suns: Brown 35, Weller 33, Lonergan 28, Rischitelli 28, Bennell 21, Brennan 20, Gorringe 20, Hutchins 20, O’Meara 19, Broughton 16, Harbrow 16, Lynch 16, Dixon 15, Taylor 13, Swallow 12, Wilkinson 12, Horsley 11, Allen 10, Boston 10, May 7, Sexton 5, Warnock 3, Gilbee 2.

Lions: Golb y 42, Polkinghorne 41, Rockliff 40, Martin 38, Cornelius 36, Lester 36, Bewick 35, Merrett 33, Rich 31, McGuire 29, Moloney 28, Yeo 27, McGrath 26, Redden 26, Banfield 22, Wrigley 21,  Zorko 20, Weardon 19, Beams 18, McKeever 18, Docherty 13, Green 6, Michael 5, Newell 2.

Players of Note:

Jarryd Roughead

Jarryd Roughead played CHB, rather than his usual ruck/FWD role, and he looked very good. He has been known to play back in stints at various stages throughout his career. With Brian Lake and Roughead down back, and with Ryan Shoenmakers (who has bulked up considerably) playing up forward, the Hawks team looked very different to the team of years past. At this stage though, it is too early to tell if it was NAB Cup experimentation, or if it will be implemented in season proper. I wouldn’t let it phase you with Roughead – he will still have stints in the ruck and up forward throughout the year – he is one of the best key position utilities in the competition.

Gary Ablett Junior

If you think he will show any decline in 2013, then you are wrong. He looked like GAJ of normal, and even if there is a niggle there, he will play though it and it won’t affect his play – he will still get 35 touches and kick a goal each week. With Harley Bennell and David Swallow now being shown the respect they deserve from their opponents, perhaps GAJ may not be as abused at stoppages as he has been in the past. Pick him, put the C on him, and let him do his thing.

Tom Rockliff

More like Tom Lockliff. He looks trim, fit and sharp, and he will average 110+ this year – guaranteed. Nothing else needs to be said.

Cyril Rioli

There is no doubting his potential – it’s the consistency and injury niggles that have plagued him over the years that are the concerns. Ran through the midfield consistently all night, and he is the classy, quick midfielder that the Hawks need to complement Mitchell, Sewell, Lewis etc. Looked fit and strong, and I think 2013 is the year that he becomes a premium, consistent scorer in your DT.

Jaeger O’Meara

Will be, and rightly so, the most selected player in 2013. His disposal let him down at times, but his toughness and class was there for all to see. Not only should you select him, but he is worthy of a starting spot on your ground in the early stages of the season.

Brent Moloney

I’m not normally keen on selecting mid-priced players; however this year Moloney will make me change my view on that. I think he will average 90-100 this year, and is the perfect complement to that Lions midfield. Kicked a huge 55m goal, and gathered possessions at will. Strongly consider.

DT Summary:

The Hawks took a very young side to the Gold Coast, and it was pretty hard to get a feel for them. Rioli, Roughead and Suckling all looked very good, while Jed Anderson and to a lesser degree Derrick Wanganeen might be worth a spot on your bench.

The Suns are DT relevant in 2013. GAJ and O’Meara are the obvious ones, however Harley Bennell, Zac Smith, Jesse Lonergan, David Swallow, Michael Rischitelli and Greg Broughton (I shudder as I write that) should not be scoffed at.

The Lions look to be highly DT relevant in 2013, with Rockliff, Redden, Rich and Moloney all very safe picks. It looks like Mitch Golby, Dayne Zorko and Stefan Martin will be worthy selections, while Sam Docherty deserves a spot on you bench – but you probably can’t expect much from him.

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