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NBL Dream Team – round 8

The first round without any teams doubling up since round two made for some low scores but a host of close league matches. Perth get to go around twice this week, so load up on Cats. Wild ones.

Looking Back (Round 7 Review)

Studs and Duds

Clearly, Ben Madgen doesn’t have Seth Scott in his NBL Dream Team. When the tenacious Sydney guard’s badgering of the big Melbourne import drew a retaliatory shunt and subsequent ejection in the closing game of round seven, it left Scott stranded on just 26 Dream Team points – the first time the sweet-shooting forward has dipped under 30 points this season.

The decision to send Scott for an early shower turned more than a few league matches on their head as the absence of any two-game players helped produce a closely contested round of Dream Team action.

Madgen himself was again one of the stars of the show, amassing 44 Dream Team points to rank alongside the likes of New Zealand Breakers pair Cedric Jackson (46) and Alex Pledger (42), and Wollongong pace-setters Oscar Forman (46) and Adris Deleon (42).

The only two players to better those scores were Adelaide centre Daniel Johnson and his Sydney counterpart Ian Crosswhite, with the former grabbing 52 points in the first match at Perth Arena and the latter rewarded with 48 points for his double-double in the Kings’ fiery Capital City Clash.

While Johnson’s dominant 21-point, 15-rebound performance landed him back-to-back half-centuries, Sydney forward Darnell Lazare recorded just 10 points for the second consecutive week, as a series of missed shots in the first quarter curbed the Kings import’s scoring.

Equally ineffective in round seven were Cairns duo Cam Tragardh and Jamar Wilson, who couldn’t muster more than 8 and -2 respectively in the Taipans’ second-half surrender to Wollongong on Saturday night.

Looking Forward (Round 8 Preview)

Pick Me, Pick Me!

While not plunging to the same depths as Tragardh or Wilson, much-hyped Melbourne import Jonny Flynn again failed to live up to the huge expectations placed on the former NBA guard, scoring 18 Dream Team points to go with his 24 on debut.

Despite his relatively paltry returns so far, Flynn remains a sensible selection, with his points-sapping field-goal percentage and high turnover count certain to improve over the coming weeks.

They may have dropped their past three games but Perth players loom as critical additions to your team this week as the Wildcats front up for a pair of games in round eight. The first of those – the hosting of ladder leaders and reigning champions New Zealand – falls on Thursday night, so make sure you’ve got your trades sorted before the earlier-than-normal lockout.

An ill-timed bye for the streaking Adelaide 36ers might tempt you to cut some of Marty Clarke’s men from your squad, but keep in mind that they have a glut of potentially profitable games – eight in five rounds, to be exact – immediately after their break.


Double-Points Decision

The recent form of Breakers ball-handler Cedric Jackson makes him hard to ignore, but the fact that his second-lowest score this season (34) came against Perth – this week’s opponent – combined with the extra game for the Wildcats gives forward/centre Matty Knight the edge in captaincy calculations.

While Knight managed just 24 points in the Wildcats’ loss to Adelaide last round, he enjoyed a 46 before that and produced a season-high 48 in the opening-round win against New Zealand.



  1. Sam

    November 22, 2012 at 5:47 pm

    Trying to get a solid line-up this week as I missed out on Cedric Jackson’s score by placing the C on Tragardh. I’ve planned two trades, Cadee for Lisch and Garlepp for Trueman. Here’s my lineup:

    FORWARDS: Tragardh, Ballinger (Steindl, Trueman)
    CENTERS: Pledger (Hinder)
    GURADS: Jackson, Lisch (Madgen, Flynn)

    I think I’ve loaded up on my guards a bit too much. I don’t know who to pick out of Lisch, Jackson, Madgen or Flynn. From memory Jackson played well against Perth in rd1 and he’s in good form so ill give him a starting spot. Lisch plays twice so he is definitely a worthy starter. Madgen plays well against Cairns so he is quite worthy too. Flynn can be eliminated because I don’t have the trust and I’m expecting a 25, 35 at best which is not enough considering the options available. Thoughts???

    • AFL _The Greatest Game!

      November 22, 2012 at 6:21 pm

      I’d go with with Jackson and Lisch too, but Jackson had his second lowest score vs Perth this year and this time its going to be in perth, so its a tough call. I had a HORRIBLE HORRIBLE Rnd 7 and slip all the way to 525th, hoping for a much better score this week!

      Here is my team heading into Rnd 8:
      Fwds: Knight, Wagstaff (Ballinger, Hire)
      Cnts: Pledger (Allen)
      Grds: Madgen, Flynn (Henry, Gliddon)

      Next week im looking at going Pledger to Johnson and the week after that i’ll go Madgen/Henry to Jackson/Corletto or Bruton for their upcoming doubles.

      • Sam

        November 22, 2012 at 7:25 pm

        solid team. We’ve got quite different starting line-ups which will be interesting. I’m 488, 37 spots ahead of you. U’ve got a red hot chance of pulling back the margin, good luck for round 8!

    • AFL _The Greatest Game!

      November 22, 2012 at 6:21 pm

      Oh and Sam remember this week its a 10pm lockout TONIGHT this week

      • Sam

        November 22, 2012 at 7:23 pm

        thanks almost forgot

  2. Sam

    November 22, 2012 at 7:43 pm

    I thought of something interesting that I could do next week. I could possibly swap Tragardh and Hinder, bringing Tragardh into my centers and then trading him for Johnson. That would leave my squad like this:

    FORWARDS: Ballinger, Steindl (Hinder, Trueman)
    CENTERS: Johnson (Pledger)
    GUARDS: Jackson, Madgen (Lisch, Flynn)

    That would leave two of my three lines at their peaks and my forward line in a mess. I don’t think wither of these guys will rise too much in money so i’ll have to find someone in their range or downgrade my centers or guards. could it work?

    • AFL _The Greatest Game!

      November 22, 2012 at 8:37 pm

      I don’t think having two premo centre’s with that weak Fwd line will work

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