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NBL Dream Team: With Wortho

Dual Olympian and Australian basketball legend Mark Worthington had a look at the recent NBL pre season tournament to give DTTALK fans an exclusive preview of the best buys leading into the season opener. Get around the big fella, he is a superstar!

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With AFL Grand Final weekend upon us and another season of AFL DT behind us we find ourselves lost Monday through Friday with a huge void of DreamTeam action…The injury updates, the tribunal decisions and the crunching of the numbers to see if your favourite DT’er is gonna have a blinder this week against his opposition. Well drag yourselves out of the mud and dust yourselves off as we at DT Talk ( are jumping on the NBL Dream Team wagon. Many of our favourite AFL players are huge basketball fans so what better way to stay in DT touch than to have an offseason refining your skills. The NBL just had there preseason tournament and we might have seen a few players that stood out while a few diamonds in the rough also appeared. We are here to give you an insight on some of the players you might wanna look out for.


Shawn Redhage (Perth Wildcats) – $127,900

The Co- captain of the Wildcats was named MVP of the preseason tournament on the weekend. Commonly dubbed “The scoring machine” Shawn has always been a very consistent scorer. Last year he was a little down on his numbers after coming back from what most thought was a career ending broken hip but looks to have regained his touch that has made him a 6-time club MVP at the historic Wildcats franchise.

Thomas Abercrombie (NZ Breakers) – $154,000

Abercrombie enjoyed stepping out of Kirk Penny’s shadow last season and repaid his coach Andrej Lemanis by being selected in the NBL All-star 5 last season. Averaging 15.2 points a game last season combined with the fact they loss Gary Wilkinson to Estonia, Abercrombie will be heavily relied on again this season. Be cautious of his ankle injury to start the season but I have him as a must this season.

Seth Scott (Melbourne Tigers) – $116,700

Scott had and up and down pre season tournament but coach Chris Anstey likes him so far. I couldn’t go pass his last game where he had 24 points and 21 rebounds. He did however have 7 turnovers to go with it but knowing Anstey I’d expect him to help refine his value for the ball while putting him into an offence to allow him to succeed. If 20/20 games become regular for this import i’d expect him to be a DT All-star.


Daniel Johnson (Adelaide 36’ers) – $180,200

With 7 footer Luke Schensher coming back to Adelaide I thought DJ’s number would suffer but that was put to rest when he exploded for 32 points in the opening pre season game. The ever quiet in nature Johnson has improved on his number ever year after serving his apprenticeship under former 2 time NBL MVP player and current tigers coach Anstey. I high volume shooter and quality rebounder DJ produce great DT number week in and week out.

Alex Pledger (NZ Breakers) – $114,100

“Chief” is now the number 1 centre in NZ after the departure of Wilkinson and the breakers have placed the faith into Pledgers hands. After averaging 8.6 points and 5.3 rebounds a game last season i expect with his increased court time to have increased output. His size is only rivalled but Schenser in the NBL and I expect him to have a break out season.


Kevin Lisch (Perth Wildcats) – $166,100

Last seasons MVP for the NBL should definitely be high on your priority list in NBL DT. Averaging 17.3 points a game last season Lisch helped steer the Wildcats to one win away from winning the championship. With a similar roster to last season look for last years MVP to get similar looks and feel even more comfortable with his teammates as he has become the man at the Wildcats. Lisch also has a very underrated passing game which see’s him rack up the assists as well.

Cedric Jackson (NZ Breakers) – $191,300

Cedric the entertainer is a triple double waiting to happen and is very effective during all games. His scoring, passing and rebounding game is over shadowed that he possibly the best since Darryl MacDonald at picking someones pocket. Look out for him again this season as he looks to make the Breakers the first team since the Sydney Kings to 3-peat.

Jamar Wilson (Cairns Taipans) – $151,000

The pint size point guard up in FNQ did everything for the snakes last season. If the Taipans want to make it back to the finals this season they need a huge year from him and to bring his all round game to a higher level in 2012/13 season. Coach Aaron Fearne has revolved his offence around Wilson’s ability to play off the on ball. I see him with a few massive games this season.

Those are what I consider to be this year’s premium players. As for the dark horses here is my list.


Tom Garlepp (Sydney Kings) – $49,100
Greg Hire (Perth Wildcats) – $43,500
Clint Steindl (Cairn Taipans) – $49,100


Ben Allen (Townsville Crocodiles) $43,500
Matt Burston (Melbourne Tigers) – $66,100


Jason Cadee (Adelaide 36’ers) – $62,500
Rhys Martin ( Wollongong Hawks) – $101,400
Corey Webster (NZ Breakers) – $49,100

Hope you join NBL DT this season. To signup go to and get your mates involved!

Cheers, Wortho!

Unlike the AFL, the NBL teams have different games on a week to week basis. Some teams my have a ‘bye’ as some others double up. These are the rounds for you to get busy and load up (especially with your captain selection). Enjoy this handy resource.

Thanks heaps to Wortho! If you’re not following him on twitter… get around the gun! @Wortho44 and for all your AFL and NBL DT needs don’t forget to follow @DTTALK @RoyDT @CalvinDT @WarnieDT and visit





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