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AFL Dream Team 2013 Radar

So, 2012 has ended. We now need to cast out eyes towards the AFL Dream Team 2013 season and Calvin and Roy have been crunching numbers looking at the best picks of the 2013 Dream Team season. Clearly the greatest article for your pre-season preparation!

So, 2012 has ended. We now need to cast out eyes towards the AFL Dream Team 2013 season and Calvin and Roy have been crunching numbers looking at the best picks of the 2013 Dream Team season. Clearly the greatest article for your pre-season preparation!


Matthew Leuenbeger (Brisbane) – The big burger played just 3 games (64, 99, 7) in 2012 at an average of 57. He dropped 54k over this short period and will receive a 30% discount with his limited games (priced at an average of 40). Burger averaged 98 last season and will be the most selected ruck in the 2013 AFL Dream Team season.

Mark LeCras (West Coast) – The biggest thing here is… LeCras didn’t play in 2012 and will therefore receive a 50% discount of the 86 he averaged in 2011. LeCras did his knee in pre-season of this year after averaging 16d and kicking 47 goals the year before. He’ll be priced at an average of 43 and will be named as a forward (maybe DPP). Watch his pre-season and NAB Cup games… then lock him in.

Dayne Beams (Collingwood) – Beamsy took his game to a whole new level this year eventually averaging 116 for the season. Even though Beams is a candidate to lose his DPP he looks set to continue his development and will undoubtedly be one of the top 5 scorers next year as well as being one of the few players worthy of a walk-up captain title. Although he will come at a hefty price, it is hard to ignore is final 5 game average of 124, making him a bargain if you think he will continue to improve.

Bryce Gibbs (Carlton) – New coach, new role. Gibbs has been whinging all year about his defensive role and begging for more midfield time (or was it his DT coaches). In 2011, Gibbs received this midfield time towards the end of last season and averaged 121 in his last 8 games. He’ll be priced at his average of 92 from this year and after averaging 115 in his last 5 games of this year, he’s certainly one to watch. Especially if he’s DPP.

Luke Ball (Collingwood) – After averaging 96 last year and starting 2012 well with scores of 110 and 86, Ball was unlucky in copping a season ending injury in round 3 while on a score of 26 which effectively dropped his average for the season to 74. Given that average and taking into account the large amount of footy he has missed, Ball is expected to be discounted to an average of around the 52ppg mark which would make him a massive bargain that would be hard to ignore, especially given 2013 will see the return of the mid priced player.

Trent Cotchin (Richmond) – is now one of the superstars of the competition and one of the few that can be categorised as un-taggable. Cotchin averaged 110 for the season which is impressive, but it was his last 10 games where he upped the anti, absolutely dominating during this period where he didn’t drop under 100. His average over the last 5 games makes him a bargain in 2013 due to an average of 124 which included scores of 145 and 152. He is now in the top bracket of premium mids.

Tom Rockliff (Brisbane) – dropped $207,300 from his starting price after averaging just 94, way below the 112 he averaged in 2011. Rocky spent way too much time as a forward this year (and we’re hoping for a DPP)and if he gets more mid time in 2013, he’ll be one of the best buys going around.

Andrew Embley (West Coast) – Yeah he’s getting old (31 in 2013) but he must be looked at. He averaged 57 this year after averaging 94 and 92 in 2010/11. Embley only played 6 games this year (injuries) playing the last 4 in concession with 94pts in his last game against the Hawks. Embley was also subbed and on top of that he will receive a 10% discount off his low price and will be a wicked pick despite his age.

Travis Cloke (Collingwood) – Had a stinker of a season to average just 74 for the year. A large drop of 22pts a game from 2011. This was due to many reasons but the biggest being 19 goals and around 40 marks less for the year. Cloke was a premium forward last year and will be picked by many in 2013 hoping that he can get back to his best. Cloke is also rumoured to leave Collingwood and join the up and coming Blues… this makes him even more tempting.

Liam Shiels (Hawthorn) – After averaging 103 last year, Shiels was given a more defensive role which really hurt his DT numbers. He dropped 175k this year to average 79. Bargain if his role changes.

Just Missing the Cut

Shane Savage (Hawthorn) – Savage shone in 2011 to average a 77 but couldn’t back it up this year. He averaged just 55 to drop a massive $200,500. He’s a proven ball winner who averaged 25d, 2g a game between rounds 13-16 in 2011. Certainly one to watch as he heads into his 5th year in the system.

Patrick Dangerfield (Adelaide) – Superstar! In 2011, Danger averaged 71 and shone in 2012 with an average of 102. Now, it is unlikely that Dangerfield will be named as a forward (DPP) next year but after averaging 121 in his last 7 for the year, he’s worthy of a midfield spot in your team.

Adam Treloar (GWS) –  Treloar finished the season like a house on fire! In his last 5 games he averaged 104 points per game compared to his season average of just 82 which makes him a bargain. There is always the concern of second year blues, but this kid showed he is an absolute magnet when freed up. His last 6 games did not produce a score below 94 and included scores of 106, 112 and 121. A lock in the forward line if he maintains DPP in your 2013 AFL Dream Team.

Jaeger O’Meara (Gold Coast) – This 18-year-old was too young to play AFL this year but was allowed to play four NAB Cup games despite not officially being on the team list until 2013. He is a bloody jet! He had groin surgery in July and will be one of the most selected rookies many AFL Dream Team’s in 2013!

Sam Gibson (Kangaroos) – Gibbo put his hand up as one of the all time great mature age recruits for our DT’s. He finished the year with an impressive average of 91 but what catches my eye here is that he averaged 111 in the last 6 games despite an out of character 60 in that time. His other scores in during the run home read 133, 108, 114, 118 and 130 which put a lot of our premiums to shame, so he will effectively be priced 20ppg below his last month and a half of footy.

Nathan Bock (Gold Coast) – He is the captain of the GC backline and was on fire last year averaging 80 but actually averaged 95 in his last 6 for the year. He only played 4 games this year (avg.61) and will receive a 20% discount in 2013 pricing him at an average of 49. He’s a bargain despite turning 30 next year.

Brent Macaffer (Collingwood) – Due to a horrible run of injuries, Caffa presents as a possible bargain for 2013. Way back in 2010 he averaged a solid 75 over 21 games but since then has only managed 4 games in 2011 for an average of 53. If he can have a good pre season and is in the mix for selection, he will basically be rookie priced and primed for the taking.

Brent Prismall (Essendon) – After not playing a game in 2012… Prismall will be discounted massively in 2013. He averaged 62 last year from just 8 games meaning he’ll be priced at around the average of 30 in 2013. Prismall is a ball winning machine when he’s not out of favour with the Essendon coaches and has averaged 96 in both the 2009/2010 seasons. The biggest thing here is… Prismall has only played 35 games in 3 years but man o man, he’s worth looking at for sure.

Sam Docherty (Brisbane) – Although this kid hasn’t played a game yet, he’s a worthy inclusion in your list as a rookie. He’ll be 19 next year and was the #12 pick in the 2011 draft. He was named as the emergency  on numerous occasions this year and is one to watch over the pre-season.

Robbie Gray (Port Adelaide) – Twanged his knee after just 2 games this year to average 67. Last year Gray averaged 81 but in 2013 he’ll be priced at an average of just 47 due to his discount. I’m not much of a Robbie Gray fan, but if he’s DPP he will tempt many DT coaches for sure.

Mitch Banner (Port Adelaide) –  In 2011 Banner averaged 71 for the season which included scores of 116 and 122 in his last 5 games. After not playing a game for the Power this year, he is definitely one to watch as he could be priced as low as a 35 point average.

Toby Greene (GWS) – Very rarely do we recommend a young kid who has fired after his first year but this lad is an exception. In his first year of AFL footy, Green averaged 96 and will therefore come with a solid price tag in 2013. But, he averaged 111 in his last 5 games of the year and 123 in his last 3. The kid is an outright jet and will be over-looked by many next year due to his deserved price tag, but may just average 110+ in his second year.

Daniel Menzel (Geelong) – After a horrible couple of years which saw young Geelong star Menzel cop serious knee injuries, he should play at some stage during the 2013 AFL Dream Team season but at what stage remains to be seen. Often likened to Stevie J, this kid is a gun and after averaging 64 in 2011, he should be priced around the 30-40 point mark and could prove to be a very handy downgrade option throughout the season.

Brent Moloney (Melbourne?) – After just 15 games this year, Moloney struggled with the Demons to average just 60. In his last 4 years of footy, he has averaged 86, 88, 81 and 88 in 2011. He also averaged 23d, 6t last year… way ahead of the 17d and 3t from 2012. He’s 29 next year and rumoured to be leaving Melbourne in 2013 and another guys who will relish the change to a new club.

Josh Kennedy (West Coast) – Averaged 79 last year and only scratched together 52 points a game in 2012 due to injuries and only playing 7 games. From what we can gather, Josh will not be discounted next year but is certainly worth considering.

Michael Rischitelli (Gold Coast) – He only averaged 63 this year from only 14 games after a solid 2011 season of averaging 96. He averaged 96 in 2010 as well before being traded by the Lions. So based on these numbers, he’s 30pts below what he should/could be getting. Certainly one to watch.

Michael Evans (Melbourne) – Scored 112 in his first game in 2011 to have everyone liking their lips. He then went 58, 83 before injuring his back/hip to score a 24. He didn’t suit up at all this year meaning he’ll receive a 50% discount and if he shows up for the NAB Cup… he might be a perfect bench option for his price.

Hamish Hartlett (Port Adelaide) – This kid is talked up as being the next big thing and one day he’ll go bang like Cotchin did this year. He averaged 81 this year and 88 in 2011. The year his hammy’s can hold together might just be the year he shows us what he is truly capable of.





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