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AFL Dream Team Rising Star 2012

The Official NAB Rising Star award is happening today, but we want to award the best AFL Dream Team rookie the ‘Chook Medal’ for their efforts in DT this season. You have your chance to vote 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 for who you think were the best rookie performers for the year from the list of 16 players we have put up. VOTE NOW!

It’s NAB Rising Star day today so it’s time for us to cast our votes for the AFL Dream Team Rising Star … the Chook Medal (please suggest a better name for this, but make it something to do with our outgoing Rookie Expert Chook!).

Our criteria is quite simple, the players needed to be in their first year of AFL Dream Team to be eligible.

TO VOTE you need to comment on this article with a 5, 4, 3, 2, 1. (Follow what I do in my first comment).

The list of 16 eligible players for the award are as follows:

  1. Sam Gibson (MID), North Melbourne. +$353,500. 12 games.
  2. Toby Greene (MID), GWS Giants. +$350,100. 19 games.
  3. Adam Treloar (MID/FWD), GWS Giants. +$323,000. 18 games.
  4. Dayne Zorko (MID/FWD), Brisbane. +$304,200. 16 games.
  5. Jonathan Giles (RUC), GWS Giants. +$276,300. 20 games.
  6. Dylan Shiel (MID), GWS Giants. +$246,800. 12 games.
  7. Clay Smith (MID), Western Bulldogs. +245,400. 16 games.
  8. Taylor Adams (MID/FWD), GWS Giants. +$233,000. 15 games.
  9. Tory Dickson (FWD), Western Bulldogs. +$205,100. 17 games.
  10. Lee Spurr (DEF), Fremantle Dockers. +$198,000. 11 games.
  11. Tomas Bugg (DEF), GWS Giants. +$196,500. 18 games.
  12. Devon Smith (MID/FWD), GWS Giants. +$189,200. 20 games.
  13. Steven Morris (DEF), Richmond Tigers. +$174,900. 21 games.
  14. Sam Shaw (DEF), Adelaide Crows. +$164,200. 12 games.
  15. Brandon Ellis (DEF), Richmond Tigers. +$160,700. 21 games.
  16. Kyal Horsley (MID), Gold Coast Suns. +$162,00. 13 games.

Please cast your votes (at the start of the comment) and then discuss the award or anything else to do with the rookies after your votes to make it easier for us to compile them. Voting will close on Sunday.





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