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Golden Stubby – Round 19

Get your vote in for the #GoldenStubby for Round 19. Choose between Jon Giles, Adam Treloar, Matthew Pavlich, Harley Bennell or Patty Dangerfield for the coveted prize. This week is probably a special one as this guys helped you get to where you are in your finals this round.

Voting is now open for the DT TALK Golden Stubby for Round 19. This coveted prize will be awarded to the player who excelled on the weekend, taking into account price, form, opponent and whatever else tickles your fancy!

This weeks nominations (collected by @WarnieDT through Twitter) are:

  • Jonathan Giles (124). The big man did his job as our second ruck for the first few rounds until most of us upgraded him. Due to plenty of injuries floating around, some are stuck with him for the rest of the year. 118 last week and 124 this week, he is a worth nominee.
  • Adam Treloar (96). Third time lucky? Well in this time of need with forwards out (looking at Buddy and Robbo here), Treloar has been a rock… 106, 121 and now a 96 has seen him doing better than what Robbo would have anyway!
  • Matthew Pavlich  (144). Another great week from the SuperPav who has averaged 115 since the byes to be one of the best performing players. Wish I got on him!
  • Harley Bennell (156). I have a feeling we’ll be picking the high draft pick in our Dream Teams in the future as a premium. The kid can play and has shown it a couple of times this year. Would be handy if he kept his MID/FWD status.
  • Patrick Dangerfield (130). Kicking 3 goals and top scoring for the Crows was great… but he brought a few teams home in the last game of the round. Did you have him?
Honorable Mentions: Jobe Watson, Ben McEvoy, Devon Smith, Bryce Gibbs, Sam Gibson, Steele Sidebottom.

Who deserves the Golden Stubby for Round 19

  • Jonathan Giles (31%, 490 Votes)
  • Adam Treloar (10%, 152 Votes)
  • Matthew Pavlich (23%, 354 Votes)
  • Harley Bennell (12%, 190 Votes)
  • Patrick Dangerfield (24%, 370 Votes)

Total Voters: 1,556

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Stay tuned for the results. If you are a beer company looking at this, we’re looking for a sponsor of this awesome award (and much more brilliant exposure). Please contact us if you are a beer company and want to get on board





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