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The Sunday evening knee jerk – Round 18 edition

Round 18 knee jerk time, anything to vent.. do it here.

It’s nearly that time…. A couple of rounds left until the finals, anyone starting to panic yet? It’s like being at school….. We have spent the year stuffing around flicking elastic bands at people instead of paying attention… then we realise its nearly time for exams. So for the past few weeks we have been cramming like crazy, busily trading, perfecting, making the finished team….soon the finals will hit; the big exam. Did I do enough? Did I study the right things? Is it too late to try and cheat?? Most of us have crammed all we are going to cram and our team is ready to go, too late for last minute changes, ready or not here we come finals! Before we look too far ahead, let’s have a quick look at what happened this weekend, lets knee-jerk.

The Legend

It’s around this time that the legends start to steadily separate themselves from the years pretenders, All those players that we thought were guns earlier in the year have dropped away leaving us with the same old suspects smashing out ton after ton. Effectively the DT season is a nightclub… Everyone looks good in the dark… But its 4AM closing time and the lights have just been flicked on. The bird you thought was good looking actually has 3 eyes! You thought Stanton (62), Sloane (77) and Grimes (81) were guns… they aren’t. So who has stayed a glamour as the lights turned on? Who is our legend this week?  Well we had some nice numbers, Swallow (160), Swan (159), Ablett (152), Riewoldt (133), Goddard (120 and back in form!) But I’ve really got to give it to Treloar (121) this week. The guy has really slipped under the radar and is saving our bacon  as he fills in for our injured stars. Last weeks 109 was where we thought his ceiling was but we were pleasantly surprised! As the season wears on his average is pushing 80 and will stand well against most other rookies of the year. thanks Adam, and thanks Sheeds for not resting him!

The Sunday chop

I was so impatient; I was that guy who walks off the train with the unlit cigarette already in his mouth… just can’t wait 5 seconds to light up. All I wanted to do was dump Clokes arse from my team, and I could hardly even wait for lock out to do it. Then as the week went by I started hearing reasons why I shouldn’t do it….. Oh but he’s playing GWS!  Oh but the contract talks have stopped! I’m like the poor old wife who gets beat up by the drunken husband but keeps giving him another chance and believes his every sober excuse. After Thursday teams my hand was forced anyway…. He played, but I can assure you he wouldn’t have if he wasn’t needed. Shock horror, he scored a 125!!, the giants played him into form! (or he has been scared into form by Collingwood calling his bluff on the contract talks) Why is he in the chop section you may ask? Well I am so used to putting him in the chop category that I just left him here….. 3 more like this mate and ill let you out on day release.

The Clown

I’d love to call Jacobs a clown for not toughing it out and giving me a second zero.. but he has been great for me this year so i can’t. I’d love to call the Richmond defence clowns for letting McLean get one through from outside 50 (cant kick over a jam tin) but i can’t cause my team let in 27 on Friday night. I’d love to call so many people clowns but.. i’m a clown. I admit it, my experiment to go without Swan has backfired horribly and i’m coming out of it looking like the biggest clown ever. Each week i sit there cringing each time i look at the Collingwood scores… he always gives me hope.. he may be on about 20 in the first quarter but at some point the after burners come on.. and hes gone……. and so are my chances of winning anything. Next year FIRST PICKED.

The this game sh*ts me

The definition of frustrating…. Trying to get the plastic wrap off your rolled up delivered newspaper then finally getting it off and having to read it like a parchment because it keeps rolling up on you…Definition of DT frustration… Tom Couch. Without putting too finer point on it I am f***ing pissed off! Nobody else believed in Tom, everyone ditched him, but we stuck together… Like good waffles do. I held on to Tom through his darkest hours… week after week after week…. Through the non-selection, through the demotion… All of it! I Stood by Tom and let him get a free ride on my bench. It cost me 3 donuts through byes but it’s not about that, I’m a humanist, I care for people. Finally Tom got himself a game, and I was first to congratulate him, but it just so happened I had Treloar and Zorko also playing so I let he and Treloar get acquainted on the bench. Week 2 I again let him get used to things in my team, he sat on the bench again with Treloar but expressed that he was ready to play this week. So here we are…. Robbo, Buddy and Sidey are all out… Tom, step up.. It’s your time to shine!!! I need you to play in the forward pocket and ju….. Excuse me… You’re what? You’re not playing??? *sigh* another zero thanks to couch……and to rub it allll in just a bit further I have Gibson (133) stranded on the mid bench while teams with lesser coverage get the bonus on the field…..

And that’s why this game sh*ts me.

The Other bits and pieces

Thanks for all the support for our new website, we have having loads of fun making it and loving the comments on the site and twitter. If you haven’t visited yet and love fantasy premier league, or are keen to give it a crack this year come and say hello.

So that’s about it for the knee jerk this week, we are one step closer to the finals, let’s hope we can get some of our big names back! I’ve scored around 2220 this week with 2 donuts…. it must be a crap score because ive been beated by a league muppet who can’t play…How about you? Got any clowns, legends, chops or reasons why this game sh*ts you? Get it out now!

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