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‘Par’ – Round 16

Here we go again… PAR for Round 16 is here. Did you reach it for this week? Get in there and check out how this is calculated and post your score

This is based on the scores from the teams who are ranked in the top 5k overall and averaged out. We thought this gives the best indication of the ‘better’ teams so we can all gage our weekly efforts based on theirs. We think this number is about right… therfore ‘par’ for each round and will be posted here in DT TALK shortly after each round (thanks to Virtual Sports). There’s no point averaging the top 25k or everyone in the competition as some of these guys would probably forget to do their teams. So the top 5k average is the mark.

If you don’t think this is a fair indication, then ppffthhh. Take it for what it is.

For those (like me) who play that other silly game The SuperCoach ‘PAR’ was 2302pts

Get onto the Assistant Coach and SuperGold for more of these amazing facts





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