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Hot and Cold: Round 16

We are back for another week and it was another huge week for most people. The stretch run is on and we are looking to make moves up the rankings and also up in our leagues.


We are back for another week and it was another huge week for most people. The stretch run is on and we are looking to make moves up the rankings and also up in our leagues.

In regards to some comments saying that some players in the cold section had good games, I’m just putting in players that are fantasy relevant as some players get like 20 points but have no fantasy relevance at all.

Also guys if there is any players I have missed that you would like to see on here. Let me know either on the comments or follow me on twitter @corka23 love some feedback and anything else you would like to see in the article.

Adelaide Crows

Who’s Hot: Sam Jacobs was massive, set an AFL record for hitouts (61) and scored a huge 122. Ricky Henderson stepped in the depleted Crows forward line with 120 points and 6 goals. Sloane (92), Thompson (90) and Dangerfield (89) were good without being great. Sam Shaw was solid with 74 after a few quiet games

Who’s Cold: Kurt Tippett was subbed again with 13 with concussion and may miss this week after a few head knocks in the past couple of weeks.

Interesting breakevens for the week.

Thompson 117
Sloane 123
Dangerfield 109
Van Berlo 120
Shaw 19
Porplyzia 54
Jacobs 42


Brisbane Lions

Who’s Hot: How good is Dayne Zorko another monster game with 140! Jed Adcock was great with 111 and Tom Rockliff had a solid 96.

Who’s Cold: Jack Redden struggled to 66 causing a massive breakeven this week (see below) and Jonathan Brown had a shocker only managing 46.

Interesting breakevens for the week:
Adcock 81
Zorko 79
Drummond 68
Redden 153
Rockliff 114
Brown 86
Hanley 48


Carlton Blues

Who’s Hot:. Carrazzo (114) and Robinson (109) were once again fantastic but it was Chris Yarran who returned to his best with 94 and he is a very cheap option as a defender if he can maintain that for the rest of the season, if I had the trades I would probably take the risk.

Who’s Not:Kade Simpson had 46 and was subbed after being smashed by Sharrod Wellingham and his run of consecutive games is over and Andrew Walker only had the 63

Interesting breakevens for the week:

Judd 59
Carrazzo 52
Gibbs 45
Bootsma 73
Kruezer 76
Yarran -20

Collingwood Magpies

Who’s Hot: Not a huge night for Swanny notching 106 while Dale Thomas came back to form with 105 and Sidebottom had a respectable 94

Who’s Cold: Marty Clarke again stunk it up and looked shocking on his way to 63. Jamie Elliot and Marley Williams came back down to earth with 43 and 34 respectively although Williams was injured during the game. While Jackson Paine was subbed after only 37 points.

Interesting breakevens for the week:
Pendlebury 193
Shaw 124
Sidebottom 127
Beams 161
Clarke 83
Elliot 43
Swan 129
Cloke 99
Williams 49


Essendon Bombers

Who’s Hot: Courtaney Dempsey was great with 96 for those who still have him and David Hille turned back his dreamteam clock with 104
Who’s Cold: Watson (82) Ryder (80) Heppell (79) and Stanton (74) were all below par this week and those who took the punt on Michael Hurley will be disappointed after he was subbed with a hamstring injury after scoring just 35

Interesting breakevens for the week:

Watson 135
Stanton 141
Heppell 94
Dell’Olio -19
Ryder 98
Dempsey 39


Fremantle Dockers
Who’s Hot:
Matty Pavlich was again huge for the Dockers and scored 144 and Michael Barlow again was great with 95 and Chris Mayne had a rare dreamteam ton with 117

Who’s Cold: Greg Broughton again struggled to only 59 points and those who kept Paul Duffield would be bitterly disappointed with him only scoring 30 and Stephen Hill struggled to with 39 

Interesting breakevens for the week:

Broughton 105
Johnson 68
Duffield 130
Griffin 69
Pavlich 57
Barlow 93
Spurr -32


Geelong Cats

Who’s Hot: Paul Chapman was amazing with 132, Joel Selwood was great in the last and finished with 105 and Christensen had a solid 86 and Billie Smedts to with 71
Who’s Cold: Steven Motlop struggled with only 51

Interesting breakevens for the week:

Smedts 10
Johnson 141
Chapman 90
Christensen 60
Selwood 93
Bartel 102
Enright 78


Gold Coast Suns

Who’s Hot: Gary Ablett struggled in the first 3 quarters but ended up with a massive last quarter finishing with 104 and Harley Bennell had a great 91.

Who’s Cold: Kyal Horsley again struggled with only 48 and Zac Smith continues to struggle to 57 and Karmichael Hunt had a poor game only scoring 36

Interesting breakevens for the week:

Horsley 82
Ablett 153
Hall 15
Bennell 88

GWS Giants

Who’s Hot: Toby Greene continued his outstanding year with another 125 and Devon Smith was great for those who had him cover for Pendles finishing with a fantastic 92 and Coniglio was again solid with 88
Who’s Cold: Jon Patton (22) and Jeremy Cameron (27) both struggled with little supply to their forward line and James McDonald was subbed after only 31 points.

Interesting breakevens for the week:

Giles 77
Trelor 83
Smith  36
Coniglio 33
Greene 38
Patton 59
McDonald 99
Bugg 72


Hawthorn Hawks

Who’s Hot: 11 Hawks past the ton this week against the Giants with Cyril ending up with a huge 159 and Roughead tore up the second half and finished with 139.

Who’s Cold: Everyone would be very disappointed when Buddy was subbed after only 72 points and Shane Savage started well and didn’t convert only scoring 48

Interesting breakevens for the week:

Birchall 73
Franklin 159
Mitchell 89
Lewis 51
Rioli 46
Suckling 70
Roughead 68


North Melbourne Kangaroos

Who’s Hot: Andrew Swallow had another huge game scoring 134 and Boomer Harvey (102) again played a fantastic game and Sam Gibson had a respectable 79 as well.

Who’s Not: Todd Goldstein struggled against the Eagles ruck duo only scoring 55 and Drew Petrie virtually had no impact on the game with an ineffective 46

Interesting breakevens for the week:

Petrie 118
Grima 111
Wells 97
Gibson -64
Goldstein 120
Harvey 85
Adams 62

Melbourne Demons

Who’s Hot: Colin Sylvia was amazing again with 103 and I am convinced that he is back and with a soft run home could be a great F7 option. Nathan Jones was decent again scoring 99

Who’s Not: It’s time to go James Magner, only scored 13 and was subbed in the 3rd quarter. Those with Brent Moloney would be filthy after a sub affected 24

Interesting breakevens for the week:

Watts 110
Jones 92
Grimes 124
Sylvia 21
Magner 105


Port Adelaide Power

Who’s Hot: Darren Pffeifer scored a respectable 78 the same with Brad Ebert 80 and Troy Chaplin? Yes Troy Chaplin scored 110 points

Who’s Cold: John McCarthy struggled to 51 and Chad Wingard was subbed after only scoring 30, John Butcher had a shocker with 28

Interesting breakevens for the week:

Wingard 47
Redden 59

Ebert 137
Pffeifer 35


Richmond Tigers

Who’s Hot: Tuck (117), Cotchin (106), Deledio (105), Grigg (120) were again superb. While Maric and Riewoldt both had a solid but not great 88.

Who’s Cold: Chris Newman only had the 73 which is not a bad score but we expect more from him, and those looking at Tom Derickx as a ruckman downgrade scored only 47 after a very strong start.

Interesting breakevens for the week:

Martin 63
Cotchin 97
Deledio 110
Maric 118
Morris 55
Ellis 47

Tuck 86


St Kilda Saints

Who’s Hot: Nick Riewoldt was amazing for the Saints and scored a massive 135 and Nicky Dal had another great game with 105 and Ben McEvoy appears to be back with 91 points\

Who’s Cold: Jack Steven (48) was so filthy with his performance he went out and got drunk and will miss next weeks game and Sam Gilbert continues to struggle only scoring 55

Interesting breakevens for the week:

Dal Santo 107
Riewoldt 84
Saad 62
Milera 92
Fisher 72
Hayes 73
Goddard 118

Sydney Swans

Who’s Hot: Jarred McVeigh was again humongous this week (141) and Adam Goodes is back to his best with 137 this is the last week he will be this cheap and Sam Reid had a great game with 95.
Who’s Cold: Shane Mumford is still showing signs of his bad back mustering only 69 and Jude Bolton (69) was poor as well

Interesting breakevens for the week:

O’Keefe 89
Goodes 48
Kennedy 85
Jack 108
Malceski 74
Jetta 80


Western Bulldogs

Who’s Hot: Matty Boyd again was huge with 133, while Brain Lake had a great 89 and Lindsay Gilbee finally came back and scored a respectable 82.

Who’s Cold: Ryan Griffin struggled to only 69 and those who traded Jon Giles to Tom Campbell would be disappointed after only 38 points from the young ruckman


Interesting breakevens for the week:

Lake 84
Smith 2
Dickson 68
Boyd 79
Griffin 137
Hargrave 99


West Coast Eagles

Who’s Hot: Dean Cox had a monster game with 148 and winning the Eagles game which he has done many times now. Matt Priddis appears to be back to his best with 141 and Daniel Kerr (114) had a great 200th game.

Who’s Not: Jack Darling had a shocker this week with only 45, and after a huge game last week Andrew Gaff only scored 46

Interesting breakevens for the week:

Naitanui 96
Waters 80
Cox 48
Shuey 83
Darling 77
Selwood 99
Brennan 5
Gaff 118

Thanks guys, ill be doing this every week for the rest of the season would love some feedback and you can follow me @corka23 on twitter





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