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The Friday Scramble

The Friday Scramble: Round 10

Well finally, most of us have come through Teams Selection unscathed. The only losers this week were the owners of Heater. We were also blessed with the selection of Redden and the near selection of Hall. But all the talk this week has been about trades, and being so close to the MBR’s should you really be trading and in what circumstances?

Another big week in DT.  At least this week we were saved from any season ending injuries, we just copped some rubbish scores from our Premos.  What is it with the DT Gods this year, they give us gold and then they take it away!  However, it appears as though from Team Selection last night the bad news subsided a bit.  We got Redden back and Hall was named on the extended bench for Sunday night.  Our big out seemed to be Heath Shaw.  Other than that I think we got away fairly well unscathed.  To be honest, what did you expect from Heater!

But…. this doesn’t mean there aren’t some big decisions to make again this week.  We will have a look at all of them…  Let’s Go!

Dodgy Downgrades

I have seen a lot of people talking about doing some downgrades this week and I think that a lot of people are doing this just for the sake of doing a downgrade.  My advice for people is that unless you really need to trade this week …. HOLD!  The main reason for this is that if you trade in a rookie this week and even if you have made sure that you have the trade fits your bye strategy, they may be a one week wonder.  This would then mean that you are going to cop an extra donut in round 11 over and above what you would have had anyway.

The main guys that people have been talking about are Sexton and Darley.  I certainly don’t think that there is anything wrong with these guys, however our GWS expert RL Griffin has told us that he doesn’t think that Darley has the greatest Job Security in the world.  So just beware of this.  As for Sexton, I think he could be a good player too.  If only they were one week later before they were on the bubble.  Just beware that you could be forced to trade again next week if you are carrying too many donuts.

Just make sure that you are really sure you need to make the downgrade before you do it.  My last piece of advice on downgrades is don’t try and catch a boat that has already sailed.  E.G Zorko.  The other thing that I have noticed that people have been talking about is trading down for cash.  People have said that the want to have the cash there ready for the bye weeks and then won’t have to use as many trades.  To me this is a false economy.  The have already used a trade to get the cash.  To me this isn’t too different from doing a downgrade / upgrade in the one week.

Most importantly you need to check Chooks Rooks to see what our Rookie GURU Chook has to say about those two boys.

 Iffy Upgrades

As many people have been looking at iffy upgrades as have been looking at dodgy downgrades.   Don’t just pick up a guy because he has bottomed out… his price is low for a reason! (eg Cloke)  Also don’t just take them because they have had a couple of good games and a low BE (eg Heppell a few weeks ago).  The guys that you are looking at bringing in should be the guys that were in your plans or are screaming out to be picked.

Chasing a score that happened last week won’t work!  A big score is gone!  Make sure that you aren’t making a Knee Jerk reaction.  I have seen a stack of peole wanting to chase a Low Score!  Travis Cloke has been on a lot of people’s trade tweets.  Everyone thinks that he is about to explode.  I just can’t see it!  He may be cheap, he may have had good games last year, but this year he hasn’t been anything to write home about.  And I can’t see this turning around.  All I can say is buyer beware!  Just because they are playing two of the lower clubs in the next two weeks doesn’t mean that he will suddenly dominate.  I reckon the ball will be flying over his head from all the half forwards and midfielders kicking goals…. Go Sidey!

As with the downgrades make sure that you need to make sure that you haven’t stuffed your bye week plans through any trades that you are looking at.

 Beware the GWS/Melbourne Curse

A lot of people have been sucked in this year by seeing someone have a great score when they have been playing against the Dees.  Then the following week they have put in a shocker/more standard score.  Case in point is someone that people were looking to use as a downgrade option and that was Tommy Walsh.  After scoring well in his first game against the Dees, he came back the next week against the Saints and scored a huge -3.

The other team in this equation hasn’t given up the massive scores like we had hoped is the Greater Western Sydney Giants.  A lot of peole have been playing their captains against GWS and they haven’t been getting huge scores.  Just make sure you have been over to visit Calvin’s Captains to find out who your best bet to put the big C on.

 Things to remember

  1. Careful goes it with your trading – if you haven’t got it by now, this week I am all about trades and being smart with them.  Don’t waste them and be ready for next week’s issues to be dealt with.
  2. Don’t whinge when your fallen premium scores badly – If you trade in a guy that isn’t playing well hoping they will turn it around, don’t complain when they dont!  However, if you trade in a gun who starts to suck, you go right ahead!
  3. If you have held on your injured premo’s don’t fold now – If you held Swanny and HeppD last week then don’t fold now.  Hold on!
  4. Heater…. what can you say – to be honest I don’t know how bad the injury is or how long he may be out for.  So I am not sure whether he needs to be traded or not.  Keep an eye on things today, but to be honest if you have held him this long you would be probably planning on keeping him.

This week seems like a bit of a holding pattern to me.  It has been a really strange week in DT.  We are all sort of waiting for the horror that is the multi bye rounds.  I know it is going to suck looking at low scores for the next 3 weeks, so make the most of this week whilst we can. 

There are two things that I am hoping for this weekend.  And they come in the form of Hall  and  Redden.  I am praying that neither gets the green vest and they both go up in value and do enough to hold their spots for next week (yes I know that this means Hall has to survive the cut tonight but I am giving confident vibes).

Good luck and happy DTing, catch me on Twitter for any last minute questions that you might have @pkd73






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